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Advertise Your Own GTA Game

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Posted 02 April 2005 - 01:53 AM Edited by CJ'S Dead Brother, 21 May 2005 - 12:05 AM.

user posted image

( cookie.gif cookie.gif to Farrugia for the logo)

Ok this should be a fun thing to do. I was thinking that we have a “Advertise Your Own GTA Game” competition. Advertise your new game as if it was coming out soon, you make up the name of your game, the name of your cities, your characters that will be in the game. You can describe them as well and the AI, add new cars if you like, tell what the story will be about. What kind of weapons you will have, you can add new game play; you can give some of the missions that will be in the game. And don’t forget about the music. The more you describe about your game the better, and the members on here will vote for which game they think is the best.

You don’t have to post the whole game all at once. When we get all the members who would like to participate, a dead line will be giving to finish up your game for good. If you don’t finish by the dead line you will be judge on what you have.

You can post as much info about your game anytime you want, just edit and add more about your game. If you finished before the dead line put it at the bottom of your post. You are not allowed to post anymore once you post your done. If so you will be disqualified, if you copy somebody’s idea you will be disqualified (cars, weapons states and countries or ok). Sorry but you can not copy somebody elses cities.

VOTING MEMBERS: Ok it was brought to my attention that it would be better to vote for three. Also if you don't want to post your vote, you can pm me with it as well. Just put the top three names you are voting for in your post or by pm. Put them in the order you like them, it will be a point system so 10 for first, 5 for second and 1 for third. If it is known that you have changed your vote then it will not count. You may comment on anything in the competition Enjoy!

*List Of Competitors*

Burning Ice, simoncampbell, tomtyke, GTABAG, PresidentKiller, PhusioN, Arthazzz, Spanx, NeonHandshake, D Angle, The Goldeneye, Tril, SNOMANE, Slim Trashman, FLCLjazz, CJ'S Dead Brother, Randoman, D JONES, big billy123, Jamie O'Dea, Pojosama, Krackhead80s, Jackington


*The DEAD LINE* is MAY 5th

Burning-Ice(GTA: Europe) Come on and see what goes on with Mike Simonvich in Lindon.
SimonCampbell(GTA: New Zealand) Come on and elope with Vito Ramon to New Zealand.
PresidentKiller (GTA: HOPE CITY) What's the big deal you ask? Juan Lopez is about to find out in Mexico.
Spanx (GTA: Sin City) Do you know Rex Harding? Well take to the streets of Sin City.
The Goldeneye(GTA: Dead ON Arrival) I bet you never seen Liberty City this bad? Charles Fredrick has.
CJ'S DEAD BROTHER(GTA: THE FORGOTTEN CITY) Your hometown has disappeared or has it?
NeonHandShake(GTA: AUROPA) They destroyed his boxing career, see why Jonny Kaye is in the toughest fight of his life.
D-Angle (GTA: Import/Export) Charles Higgs is getting out of jail, and the market is wide open now, find out if he will fly straight.

Phusion(GTA: Vagen City) A city with a social life, Jack "Kwikky" Grindale is well and alive.
Snomane(GTA: NEW HOPE) Come find out why Briston is responsible for destroying his hometown.
GTABAG(GTA: Fortune Cookie China) Come down with Ran Fa Li to Chang Chang Titties where nobody knows your name.
Tril(GTA: Welcome Back To Liberty) Do you remember any of these characters? Find out if you do.
RandomMan(GTA: NEVARRE) Its time to destroy Windfield, France here I come.

Mattyp (GTA: Cither City) Come find out what gangs runs in these cities.
D Jones (GTA: Liberty City) Rick Francisco is trying to stay alive, find out why he may be sleeping with the fishes.

Arthazzz(GTA: Chicago) Find out why this thug James Torent is on his way to Chicago.
Jamie O'Dea(GTA: Verona) Imagine coming home to your family and there dead, what do you do? Ryan Calvano has an idea.

Krackhead80s(GTA: HARROW SCHOOL) A war is going on at a high school and Dan Stewart is caught in the middle.
Pojosama (GTA: The London Connection) One of the most dangerous places to be, who has the guts to walk these city streets?

Jackington(GTA: Brotin Unleashed) Why are things not going smoothly for Ashton Playa? Come to Donlon and find out.

Goldeneye 18pts.
PresidentKiller 115pts.

user posted image
185 pts.

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Posted 02 April 2005 - 02:07 AM

I think this would be better suited to the GTA:NeXt forum.

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Posted 02 April 2005 - 02:09 AM Edited by Burning-Ice, 07 April 2005 - 04:56 AM.

I think this is a pretty good idea. When I get some extra time on my hands I will try it.

Edit: 'Spot Reserved'

Name: GTA: Europe (Just claiming the title)

(Writers Note: I have organized each part of this game into 'stages', the first stage is Lindon(London) which is half done so I will post what I've done)

Stage One- Lindon


(Read Mikes 'Character' for the Introduction)

Mike begins working for Leo at the BS Pub the next day, During the next couple of weeks (in the game), Mike’s job is to keep the pub safe and to give ‘packages’ to people all around Lindin and eliminate anyone who gets in his way (and that is a lot of people..).
After his 4th ‘package’ delivery, Mike comes back to the BS Pub seeing it as a complete mess. One of Leo’s henchman run into the Pub telling Mike that the rival pub has done this to try to get rid of competition. Your job is to do whatever it takes to take the pub out of business. (New Feature) You have the choice on this certain mission on what you wish to do with the rival pub, you can blow it up with satchels, just go in and kill people and have a fun time, or you can sneak inside at night and rob their safe. Mike begins to realize that he needs to get another job so he can pay of the debt faster. He goes to Fowlman’s ‘Toy’ Store to see if he can get a job. Mike immediately notices that this isn’t just a toy store, however Mike accepts the job that Big Chris gives him. BC tells you two things, “You can either sell it with them wanting the guns, or you can sell them without wanting the guns… I don’t care as long as the money comes” During the AK’s missions, you sell guns the way Big Chris told you too, and get a couple grand. Eventually, Leo finds out that you are working with the AK’s, this is not a good thing since there is to be a full-out gang war between the Fettochetta Familiy and the AK’s, Leo calls Mike and tells him, “Make a choice, but be wise…” The conversation ended with Leo hanging up. Mike knew he had to side with the Fettochetta Family, within the next 5 minutes, Mike gets a call from BC telling him if he’s ‘down’ with the AK’s. Mike just says that the Simonvich Family aren’t going to be involved with this. With that, BC, like Leo, hanged up. (Writer’s note: I think I am going to be very specific with this next mission just because I like it tounge.gif) The next mission you do is a very simpled, but long mission. It is called “Gang War”. This is a 7 (game) day mission, however you are only involved in certain parts. This mission triggers the AK’s and the Fettochetta Families to be fighting all over Lindin, but you can still free-roam around Lindin (Note: Both gangs will be shooting at you if they see you). However after 3 days of the Gang War, you get a call from one of Leo’s boy saying that the AK’s have a big group of the Fettochetta Families surrounded at East Brimwich. He tells you that he needs you to come as soon as possible and take care of them. You drive as fast as you can to East Brimwich and take out every single AK there is, Big Chris finds out that you ‘betrayed’ him and immediately makes sure that every AK knows that he is an enemy (Note: Now only the AK’s will shoot at you but the Fettochetta Families will be helping you) After this, you notice that the Families are beginning to take control of the AK’s. On the seventh day of ‘Gang War’, you get a call from Leo saying that he is sick of the AK’s and wants you to take the ‘top of the pyramid’ out. You can recruit as many Fettochetta members as you want (Note: Gang AI is so much improved that I suggest you do) and go straight to Fowlmans Toy Store , which is secured by about 50 AK’s, kill them all and then single handedly kill ‘Big’ Chris Fowlman. Leo believes that he is they key to finishing this war as soon as possible, and he is right. After you complete this mission, you will notice that there are no more AK’s and Fowlmans Toy Store has been renamed Fettochettas Toy Store. You are exhausted from the war and collapse right on your bed as soon as you get back to your house in Ficklery. Mike gets a good nights sleep but then is awaken by his cellphone, Leo tells him that the debt has increased and Mike is completely furious. He had been working his ass off to pay back the debt and he finds out that Leo has increased it for no reason. Mike isn’t thinking straight and takes his SMG and marches outside and begins to kill as many Fettochetta’s as he sees, eventually Mike sees 8 Fettochetta Limos driving right at him, Mike gets in his car and drives as fast as he can to the airport, he knows it is his only way out. Mike’s sly driving manages to escape the 8 Limos and Mike gets on a flight to Romi (Rome). As soon as Mike takes a step off the airplane and begins walking out of the terminal, he gets a call on his cell, it’s his father Sergei. Sergei says, “Leonardo Fettochetta has put a bounty on your head and all Simonvich members, I advise you to not come back to Lindin anytime soon and to not worry about your fellow gang members, good bye.”

~Stage 1 Done~


Name: Fettochetta Family
Leader: Leonardo “Leo” Fettochetta
Territory: West Brimwich , The Blue Sun Pub
Area of Expertise(s) : Car/Drug smuggling (inside and outside of Lindon)

Name: Simonvich Family
Leaders: Sergei Simonvich, Mike Simonvich
Territoy: Fickelry
Area of Expertise: Connections with almost everyone in Europe

Name: The AK’s
Leaders: “Big” Chris Fowlman
Territory: Fowlman’s “Toy” Store
Area of Expertise: Selling and Manufacturing weapons
Additional Note: Just immigrated for U.S.

~Characters (so far)~

Mike Simonvich- Mike, the half Russian half English ‘Badass” of Lindin, Simonvich. Mike’s Mom ( Susan James ) was kidnapped 2 years ago and has not been seen since. Mike had a negative attidute, commitng crimes, taking drugs, creating a lot of…. ‘property damage’. Mike was walking down the road of no return until his best friend Paul was killed by a drug overdose. Mike was devastated and swore that he would never go down that road again. Mike had been living on the streets up to that point, he returned to his father’s house in the area of Fickelry. A lot has changed in the last 2 years, his father now has started a gang but also is in terrible debt. Mike received a call, that was intended for his father, the caller was Leonardo Fettochetta. At the time Mike did not know who it was, but Leo told him that the Simonvichs needed to pay off the debt to him by working at The Blue Sun Pub, if Mike declined, his father would be dead within the next 24 hours. Mike accepted Leo’s offer…for his father’s sake. (I think I’m wandering from ‘Characters’ into ‘Storyline’ so I will stop here lol)

Sergei Simonvich- Mike’s father, runs the Simonvich Family, in terrible debt to the Fettochetta Family. Has had a long feud with his son after his wife was kidnapped but finally they are on calm terms.

Leonardo “Leo” Fettochetta- Runs the Fettochetta Family, the underground Kingpin of Lindin, greedy and independent. Don’t ever mess with this guy or he will take you out.

“Big” Chris Fowlman- Leader of the AK’s, sells guns to anyone willing and unwilling to buy one. African American race, he is either your biggest alliance or biggest enemy, no ‘neutralness’ with this guy.

Susan James- Mike’s mother whom was kidnapped two years ago and never seen again.

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Posted 02 April 2005 - 04:01 AM Edited by simoncampbell, 05 April 2005 - 08:12 AM.

GTA- New Zealand

Platform- PS3
Main Character- Vito Ramón, called Vito or V
Born/raised- Columbia

It is modern day and Vito is in deep sh*t, his mates are trying to make do drugs into him so he left Columbia, and is heading for peace in New Zealand.
But his plans are spoiled when some retard, has somehow put drugs into
his bag, so when Vito gets to the Auckland airport, trouble awaits him.

You take control of Vito in the country of New Zealand, join what gang you want, by properties and build the ultimate empire.
(May need editing)

Features added to the game, rideable skateboards, golf, farming mini-games, graphical improvements, ragdoll-physics, detachable body parts, all interiors enterable, shoot while parachuting, go bungy-jumping, extra modding capabilities (create your own paintjob, bike modding/nitros), over 50 different real-life weapons, R3 Media missions, Vice City, Liberty City, San Andreas
are now flyable to via plane tickets and you can now take a sh*t (tounge.gif jokes).

Go find your self a New Zealand map tounge.gif

New Cars
Mitsubishi Evo VIII- Miatsu
Mazda RX-3- 220
Trolley- Trolley
Skateboard- Longboard, Skateboard, Old Skool
Toyota Supra 1997- Supa
Mazda Familia 1996 Sedan- Famaz
Ford XR8- Forzx

Script (starting from the airport)
Interrogator: So what exactly are you doing, with these drugs in your bag?
Vito: Um... I don't... have.. very...good EEinglish
Interrogator: So you think your funny huh?!
Vito: No-t..my.........drugs
Interrogator: That is the lamest excuse ever,(Interrogator slams hands on table, Vito jumps back)
FINE I'll believe you with not knowing the Engish language
Vito: Wha? (while Vito stares at Interrogator in confusion, the interrogator is calling for Spanish translator)
Interrogator: A translator will be here in a couple of minutes
....<5 minutes later>....
(the Spanish translator (Lilia) and Vito speak in Spanish for a while, Lilia turns around to interrogator)
Lilia: Steven, he keeps denying them, he says there not his
Steven:Well it's getting late, he can spend the night in a cell.
....<later that night>....
(Vito is left alone, while the Police are out getting donuts, Vito hears a voice and tapping outside, Vito gets closer to the cell windows)
Voice 1: ..OK I think this should do it
Voice 2: Are you f*cking psycho?
(BOOM! Vito jumps back and the wall falls down)
Voice 1: Hey I'm sorry, about this those were m...
(Voice 2 cuts in)
Voice 2: Hey don't tell him you dumb sh*t
Voice 1:....uh Hi I'm 'Tea'...
(Voice 2 cuts in again)
Voice 2: And I'm Johnathan call me John, we didn't get you out for free, it comes at a cost
Vito:Tea? John? cost? sh*t? Um... is...sh*t nice?
Tea: Sounds foreign
John: I KNOW THAT! Vito, the cost is $1,000,000
Tea: That's alot,
John: Well we risked going to prison, doing this
Vito: $1,000,000?
John: Yeah that's right now get in the streets and earn it.
(John shows Vito the streets and pushes him out into them, Prostitute walks by and and checks Vito out)
The game now starts

More to come and I have to edit it.

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Posted 02 April 2005 - 04:14 AM

I'll do this later on. Just reserving my spot.



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Posted 02 April 2005 - 04:41 AM

Sounds like a good idea. I guess I'll try it.

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Posted 02 April 2005 - 06:40 AM

QUOTE (simoncampbell @ Apr 2 2005, 04:01)
Nice idea, I've gotta try this later on so do I edit this post when I'm done.

Yes edit your first post for the competition, I think that will be best. When we get as much members as we can to compete, I will post the list of members in the competition. So until then do not start posting about your game yet until the list comes out.

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Posted 02 April 2005 - 07:14 AM Edited by PresidentKiller, 05 May 2005 - 03:46 AM.

user posted image
Grand Theft Auto: Hope City
A GTA Network.com Exclusive
Rockstar Games presents the new installment of the successful Grand Theft Auto franchise starring a new character planning a new beginning in a place with diverse cultures and different people, located in an unbelievable and exciting country: Mexico.
Editor's note: GTA Hope City's box art can be found here.

Welcome to Hope City, a city just like any other big city in the world with lots of cars going on numerous streets, big tall buildings populating the skyline, people walking everywhere rushing for work, high levels of pollution, noise, indifference and frivolity...

-“What’s the big deal? It’s just another city”- you might think...

Crooked cops, political figures getting millions for nothing, children working as slaves or selling drugs on the streets, women being brutally attacked by their husbands, doctors killing their patients on public hospitals, stray dogs invading the streets, homeless people taking over private property, college students causing mayhem, counterfeiters selling their stuff in every corner, people being kidnapped or robbed every second, heads of the government covering up corruption deals, parents selling-out their families, and other f*cked up stuff you haven’t even heard about because everything is possible here. That’s Hope City, not your average city, is it?

You’re Juan López, an inmate at the Maximum Security Prison in Almoya, a town near the huge City of Hope, capital of Mexico and the second most populated city in the world. Fifteen years ago you and some colleagues from the black market of Tepto, a suburb in the city, attempted to steal electronic goods from a truck coming from the town of Ecapetec, but something went terribly wrong and you’ve been betrayed by the people you trusted the most.

Gossips at jail have been spreading around. You’ve been told that your former partners are now working for the biggest drug cartel in the city, the Iztaclo Cartel, and making millions from poisoning public elementary schools. You’re two weeks away from your release but you know people around you are planning an attempt to escape tonight. Are you gonna let those roaches to keep making money behind your back or are you gonna take ‘em out as soon as possible? It’s your choice.

Remember that the road to success is not easy to walk by without following the three big C’s in Hope City: Courage, Crime and Corruption.
The City of Hope

Hope City is based on today’s Mexico City. Everything that happens in Hope City is also based on Mexico City’s daily events. With a map size twice as big as San Andreas, there’s plenty to do in the game and numerous places to visit. Just like in previous games, most of these places can be acquired at a later phase in the game and some of them even generate income for your spending pleasures (there’s also a lot of places where you can spend your money!).

user posted image
(Click to view full-size map)

The new inclusions to the city’s facilities are working gas stations where you can take your car for a quick refill (although it’s almost never necessary) and garages where you can repair or respray your vehicle (just like the famous “Pay ‘n Spray”) and even store a couple of cars for a small fee. There’re also new heliports where you can save your favorite chopper, but these are only available in certain buyable properties. There’re also markets, supermarkets and other “special” stores where you can get almost everything you’ll need.

The food parlors are now more diverse; besides the well-known fast-food chains from past games such as Burger Shot, Cluckin’ Bell, etc. now you can visit hot dog, tacos and other exotic food stands that are very common on the streets.

user posted image
Public transportation has been enhanced and now you can take a taxi or a bus to go wherever you want (the city is huge, believe us), however, since crime in Hope City is virtually everywhere, you can get attacked and robbed while you’re traveling on any of these vehicles. The same applies if you’re playing a taxi or the new bus missions, your passenger(s) may attempt to take your money or your wheels. The crimes against you will stop until very late in the game. There’s also a new fully functional subway system with different lines that travel all around the city and its surroundings, and unlike Liberty City’s subway, people gets in and out of the subway cars (you can even attack them or take a walk through the cars during your journey; in fact, some missions take place in here).
Other great additions to the game are working cinemas, theaters, museums, libraries and even banks that you can rob at any time (however, the completely new A.I. may turn this into something extremely hard to do). The purpose of these new additions in a game like Grand Theft Auto is the impressive way the A.I. takes advantage of them. Pedestrians on the streets interact with every single building, vehicle and other pedestrians. They can go to the cinemas and watch a movie, or go to the Cluckin’ Bell and have dinner or simply take a walk in the park with their children (that’s right, there’re children and animals that weren’t in previous games). Some of these places are also buyable properties that you can profit from.

Another new feature concerning buildings is the ability to completely destroy them. That’s right; the new game engine allows you to blow off any part of the scenery as you wish, but don’t get too excited yet. Critical changes have been made to gameplay. Now, every thing you do, every choice you make will change the way the storyline goes in the game and the way things happen around you. This adds a new level of excitement to the game but be careful, if you destroy an important place early in the game, you won’t be able to recover it until later, when you get the ability to re-build or repair buildings and streets (or until the local government gets enough funds).
user posted image
Latin America Tower
Just like the cities in previous games, Hope City is divided into several zones. Each one has a different atmosphere, buildings, people and vehicles. Gangs are also scattered around the city and its surroundings. Your actions will also be an important factor in how a gang treats you (the “respect” system is back but works in a different way. This will be discussed later).

The zones

Each zone has different neighborhoods (like Portland had St. Marks in GTA 3 for example). Here’s a list and a few maps of the most important zones:

Historic Downtown Area

The Historic Downtown Area has 4 neighborhoods:
  • Downtown. Where the government offices are. The famous Aztec Ruins, Zócalo and Cathedral are also here.
  • Letrán. Home of the Latin America Tower, the Palace of Fine Arts and the National Bank. There’s also a big park here.
  • Salta Agua. The commercial area in Downtown. There’re some stores and markets here.
  • San Agustín. This neighborhood was named after the San Agustín church that lies in here.
user posted image


Iztaclo, one of the most dangerous zones in the city, has 5 neighborhoods:
  • Campamento. Home of most of the city’s “pirate” taxis. They are also blind believers, easy to manipulate.
  • Icos. Really dangerous area. People get kidnapped here in a heart-beat. Home of Alma’s House, a really awful strip club & brothel.
  • Unidad Iztaclo. The biggest drug distribution spot in the city. The Zaragoza Social Club is a place where illegal bets take place and is supposed to be a front for drug dealings. Authorities also believe that the little boys at the Iztaclo Elementary School are the main consumers of Iztaclo’s drugs. The small Charbusco Mall is also here.
  • Patalaco. Another really dangerous area. People usually get robbed at the Market and at the Subway station.
  • Ruíz. The Charbusco Towers are home of most of the criminals in the area, authorities say, though they hardly do something about it. The High School No.2 is also an important drug consumer for Iztaclo’s drug market; this school is also famous for having a lot of riotous students.
user posted image

Fuchsia Zone

The Fuchsia Zone is the financial district, an important business sector, and one of the nicest places in the city. It has 3 neighborhoods:
  • Ocampo. The fact that the Japanese Embassy is here is the reason of why this neighborhood is also known as “Little Tokyo”, there’re numerous Japanese businesses, companies and families in here. The only non-Japanese places that are established here are American Excess Co. and the Stock Exchange.
  • Rafael. There’s nothing special about this neighborhood, but the food in Chateau Rafael Restaurant is excellent.
  • Insurgencia. The biggest neighborhood in the Fuchsia Zone. Some companies are here as well as the Wax Museum, definitely a must-visit.
user posted image

Pultepec Park

At the west of the Fuchsia Zone we can find the impressive and gigantic Pultepec Park (also known as Hope City’s lung) which houses a lot of interesting places, including a zoo and even a castle in Pultepec Hill. The area where this park is located has 4 neighborhoods:
  • South Anco. Anco is another important business area of Hope City; its south side is home of top-notch resorts like the WK Charriot.
  • Pultepec 1st Section. The first section of the Pultepec Park has two interesting museums as well as the Pultepec Zoo and the Pultepec Hill, where a small castle lies at the top. This castle is an important historic building in Hope City, where emperors in the 19th century and even a few presidents of Mexico in the 20th century lived.
  • Pultepec 2nd section. The second section of the park has Mexico’s most important auditorium and the Pultepec Lake. Due to the fact that Pultepec Lake’s water is highly polluted, it’s rumored that some sort of “rare” being lives there. Marte Military Base and Pultepec’s Amusement Park are also here.
  • Conde. This neighborhood is both a business and residential zone. The Mayor Tower is the tallest building in Latin America and one of the most technologically advanced ever built.
user posted image

Other important zones

user posted image
Arcada Tower
Santo Ángel. Business and residential zone. One of Hope City’s main television stations and an important private university is located in here, some fun missions take place in its library, which looks like a luxurious department store.

Santo Dogma. Business area located at the southeast corner of the city. Notorious for archeologically impressive buildings like the Arcada Tower (also known as the “Pants” tower) and the Lumkalac Building (also known as the “Dude, what am I smoking??” building).

Morelos. One of Hope City’s folkloric places (and one of the most dangerous at the same time). It houses the Tepto neighborhood, famous for being home of the biggest black market in the city.

Potzalca. Hope City’s industrial sector. A lot of important factories and other industrial facilities are located in here.
user posted image
Lumkalac Building

GTA Hope City continues here.

Thanks to ImageShack for hosting.

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Posted 02 April 2005 - 07:24 AM

Spot reserved

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Posted 02 April 2005 - 08:44 AM Edited by Arthazzz, 02 April 2005 - 08:47 AM.

Ok il try it too...later...
...:::.///SPOT RESERVED\\\.:::...

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Posted 02 April 2005 - 03:47 PM Edited by Spanx, 11 April 2005 - 05:32 PM.

GTA: neXt
The next GTA eXperience is here…

Name: GTA: Sin City
Set: Sin City
Time period: 2002

Welcome to the sins of a GTA experience… This is the peak of GTA gaming greatness. Set in the crime ‘n’ grime city of Sin City, Rex Harding of Liberty City must work his way through the harsh and unforgiving streets if he wants to make it to the top…
Rex Harding lived in Liberty City all his life, had a secure friendship with many gangs and he made his living being their courier and runner, doing odd jobs and the occasional attack. But since the news that a high paying deal success with his friend Vince, he ditches his not so glamorous life in Liberty City and joins his friend in a life of narcotics and crime. He has no idea how hard it’ll be…

Name: Rex Harding
Age: 32
Resides: Orange Acre, Sin City
Originally from: Shoreside Vale, Liberty City
Preferred Ride: Idaho or Sentinel
Preferred Weapon: Desert Eagle
Rex is the general star of this GTA adventure. Growing up with his family in harsh outback of Liberty City has left him with a sarcastic and dry outlook on the city. However, a fresh start opportunity appears, and Rex snaps it up. Now, his life is very different and it’s about to change for the better… or the worse!
Name: Vince Brande
Age: 33
Resides: Chinatown, Sin City
Originally from: N/A – He was born in Sin City
Preferred Ride: Faggio or Stafford
Preferred Weapon: Colt Python
What’s to be said about Vince? He’s got Sin in his blood! Born and raised in the unforgiving atmosphere in Sin City, he’s been taught to expect everything. He deals in the worst and grittiest activities he can find, as he says “Dirty jobs means dirty money! And there’s nothing better!”
Name: Dennis “Cruiser” Alloy
Age: 35
Resides: St. Michael's, Sin City
Originally from: Chinatown, Sin City
Preferred Ride: Elegy or Calton
Preferred Weapon: Uzi 9mm
Need a bit of help with your car? Call Cruiser and he’ll see what he can do. Being a Sin City bred guy, he knows about cars and his customers. He’s been looking for a man with a spine to help him with his errands. If you comply, maybe he’ll help you in the car department!
Name: Pinoy Black
Age: 19
Resides: Orange Acre Cul de Sac, Sin City
Originally from: N/A - He was born there
Preferred Ride: BMX or Sabre
Preferred Weapon: Knife
Pinoy is the typical teenage neighbour. He likes loud music, pornography and hanging out with his friends, one of those being Vince. Pinoy has very close ties with him and often helps out with his jobs. Mind you, Pinoy needs some help of his own…

Name: Kat Twigg
Age: 31
Resides: Orange Acre Cul de Sac, Sin City
Originally from: Little Haiti, Vice City
Preferred Ride: Voodoo
Preferred Weapon: Stubby Shotgun
Kat is two words; fine and furious. She loves her action and soon as Rex and her meet, they’re both taken on a ride! Kat is known to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but she loves it, and she loves nothing better than sorting out other people’s problems her own special way… with violence and authenticity!

Name: Gonzales
Age: 19
Resides: Sunrise, Sin City
Originally from: Starfish Island, Vice City
Preferred Ride: Stretch Limo
Preferred Weapon: None – his bodyguards do all the work!
Gonzales is simply a rich teenager with too much time on his hands. After his rich uncle died in a mysterious car accident, he and his mother inherited a lot of money. Now, he makes his own fun by hiring hitmen to kill enemies, strippers for him and his friends and ordering luxury foods to replace the boring typical teenage meal…

Name: Alex “Spider” Arachnite
Age: 34
Resides: Chinatown, Sin City
Originally from: Portland, Liberty City
Preferred Ride: Glendale
Preferred Weapon: Sniper Rifle
Spider is all about stealth. He won’t do any job except his own organised and stealthy plan, whereas Vince would rather shoot everything firsthand. The two work well together though, and Spider has come up with his own organised track of jobs. He needs someone that little bit extra special…

Name: Ellen “Sphinx” Quinn
Age: 31
Resides: Armound, Sin City
Originally from: Portland, Liberty City
Preferred Ride: FCR-900 or Maverick
Preferred Weapon: AK 47
Here comes another action chick… this one from Liberty City! As well as Rex, Sphinx had to grow up learning about crime and the streets. Now, she makes a living for herself working as a hitman for Gonzales. Hear this, with Sphinx on the prowl, you’re sure not to last…

Name: Dominik “Domino” Cassidy
Age: 36
Resides: Gordon's Square, Sin City
Originally from: Red Light District, Liberty City
Preferred Ride: Patriot
Preferred Weapon: M4
Recognise the surname and choice of transport? Yes, Dominik is related to the legendary Phil Cassidy of Liberty City! However, Domino isn’t a redneck and loves the more modern side of weaponry…Word on the streets say that Domino is the man to see about big deals and hard cash.

If you’re to set foot in Sin City without a weapon, you must be suicidal or just plain nuts. Crime is the sole god in this city. What goes is what goes, no arguments. You wouldn’t argue anyway. Here is a list of weapons available and a list of unique weapons.

Slot 1: Hands

Fists: These come as standard and these are all you have when you start. However, beef up and your power will greatly improve. If you are skinny, it takes a fair few to really damage someone.
Brass Knuckles: These are very common and very cheap, but effective none the less. It works the same no matter how skinny you are. You can kill someone in 4 punches.
Chain: This works virtually the same as the knuckles, but you can choke people with it too. The number of punches to kill someone is the same.
Boxing Gloves: These can be purchased very early in the game and can do a substantial amount of damage. However, it can’t kill an enemy, so use them when trying to weaken a foe.
Glove with coins in: This can be as effective as the Knuckles. But, it can make Rex’s hands sore after a while, so try to use other things as well.
Barbed Wire: This is deadly. You can bleed while using this and if not treated by a hospital, you can lose quite a lot of health. There are two things you can do when attacking. You can simply punch a foe, or grind it against his face. Both are very powerful!

Slot 2: Melee Weapons

Baseball bat: Nothing fancy here, just your old boring bat. Still, it is effective and can bring even the hardest drug dealer to his knees…
Golf Club: Surprisingly, these are quite hard to get. Kill a golfer or jack a golf cart and you’ll get one automatically if you haven’t got a melee weapon already. Fore!
Chainsaw: Jason wannabes, drool in envy. Here is the only tool for massacres! Completely lethal and will attract a wanted level after two kills, so use wisely!
Katana: Another lethal weapon! This is very hard to find, but worth it when you have tracked it down!
Shovel: Great for digging holes… in someone’s head! This is effective and practical. You can dig a hole when you’ve killed someone and throw them in it!
Police Baton: Easy one, this. Find a cop, kill him and pinch his nightstick! Although it takes a fair few hits to kill someone, it’s a handy weapon nonetheless.
Pool Cue: A definite novelty item. Get one from any bar and beat the living hell out of those balls… snooker or human!
Axe: Like the chainsaw. Very inhumane! The axe is rather heavy and Rex can’t run with it. But, it makes up for it in ruthlessness!
Sledgehammer: Like the axe. Heavy but worth it. Since this is blunt, it’s harder to kill someone. A good choice, chough.
Cane: Another easy find. Find an old man, kill him and steal his stick. Cruel, but that’s life Sin City…
Umbrella: Not very effective, but can be used to stab people. Not a very useful weapon, but funny for novelty!
Guitar: Stroll into a music shop and buy one. Smack someone over the head and run. Easy. Can only be used a limited number of times.
Saw: Can’t be used that much on humans, but when it comes to handicraft, that’s when it shines!
Screwdriver: Go Bob the Builder on all their arses and make some gashes! Available from all leading hardware stores.

Slot 3: Handguns

Colt 45: A classic handgun that never fails to do the job. This is one of many guns that you can move about with while aiming. Aim at the head for best results.
Colt Python: Another vintage. This is a gun that you’re rooted to the spot with. However, it’s worth it, as you can a one hit kill with by just one bullet.
Magnum: A very similar gun to the Colt 45 in terms of style. You’ll most often see gang members holding these, so it’s not as though you’re going to run out of ammo!
Luger: A very rare and powerful handgun. Only one spawn point for one of these can be found in the whole game. This is one of the only guns where you can get a decent kill and be able to move about.
Desert Eagle: This is the same as a Colt Python when it comes to kills. It’s all down to personal preference as they are virtually identical.
Silenced Colt 45: This is a silenced version of the classic Colt. You can also take off the silencer and use it as a standard Colt 45. However, the silencer makes stealth a whole lot easier.
Mini Colt: An interesting gun… This one can be smuggled into a sock or a sleeve, meaning you can have this and another handgun! Great!

Slot 4: Shotguns

Shotgun: Standard shotgun, no frills. Double barrels means double power. Makes headshots and dismemberment all too easy…
Sawn Off Shotgun: Again, two barrels means trouble. Even more so when you have two of these beauties! If you want to butcher an innocent shotgun, you can make your own if there’s a saw about…
Spaz Shotgun: This is on fire! The best in Shotgun killing sprees, this can fire three shells at a time or seven shells one after the other. Whichever the setting, watch those kills fly up!

Slot 5: Machine Pistols

Tec 9: Cheap and efficient. Two important words when it comes to the Tec 9. It might take a few more bullets to down a foe, but it’ll do its job.
Micro MP5: Some people don’t do miniatures. Those people are morons. This is a class weapon to take with you on your travels. It has a higher hit rating and can fire more for less.
MP5: This is Mafia stuff now. If you get one of these, hold it, treasure it and love it. You’ll get nothing like this again!

Slot 6: Assault Rifles

AK 47: Up close, it’s a deadly combat weapon. Far away, it can pick heads off shoulders like a sniper rifle. If you don’t have a sniper rifle, don’t worry. This is all you’ll need…
M4: This is a little more advanced than an AK 47 and looks more professional. The army often carry these and can make criminals and cars into Swiss cheese.
M60: Again, an army weapon, but very dangerous in your hands! Combine two M4’s and you’ve nearly got one of these. Can reduce trees to dust and cars to shards of metal.

Slot 7: Rifles

Country Rifle: What ho, chaps! This is for the birds. Shoot clay pigeons or flesh heads. Whatever floats your boat…
Sniper Rifle: Traditional sniper rifle for Hitmen who can’t let go of a target. Cross Hair Aiming comes as standard on these, so you can even shoot a finger!
PSG-1: An assassin’s dream! This “toy” has double the amount of aiming sight as a Sniper Rifle, so bystanders don’t stand a chance…

Slot 8: Heavy Artillery

Flamethrower: Spits flames at anything, even you, so keep away from the target! Don’t expect an easy getaway. These things are heavy!
RPG: Forget tanks. This is the thing to carry when something annoys you! Stan well back, and enjoy the flames and flying car doors…
Heat seeking RPG: Virtually the same as a standard RPG, but this one can follow body heat or engine heat. Especially good for downing planes.
Mini Gun: There isn’t anything Mini about this monster! Use in moderation, as ammo is limited and power is infinite!

Slot 9: Thrown Weapons

Grenades: Army necessities. Yank pin, hurl at target, job done. Make sure that you find cover after throwing. Those things make a bang!
Tear Gas Canisters: Can’t kill, but hurt your eyes. Then, when they’re blind, let rip with a gun! Handy in groups of gang members and prostitutes.
Satchel Charges: A professional piece of kit. These are timed and can be activated with a remote control.
Dynamite: Like grenades, but have a much sorter fuse. Once you’ve thrown it, run! These have a larger blast radius than grenades.
Molotov Cocktails: The hobo grenade. These can set fire to anything, so keep back. Amazing what a bit of Vodka can do, isn’t it?

Slot 10: Handheld Items

Spraypaint: Fancy going artiste on all their arses? Whip this out and create a work of art. Or, aim at someone’s face and poison them!
Camera: Make your own memories with this camera! Like the way you’ve blown something up? Push L1 and save it in your scrapbook!
Knife: You can use this for many things. Gouging, carving and unlocking doors! Be sure to have one of these, wherever you go.
Dildo: Floppy and dangerous, the Dildo can be a pleasure or a pain in both ways you use it!
Fire Extinguisher: Fancy a fire? Stop things getting out of hand and beat those firemen at their own game! Can also be used to gas enemies.

Slot 11: Unique Items

Flowers: Can’t be used to kill someone obviously, but they might make them sneeze.
Thermal/Night Vision Goggles: Simple and effective to use. Go James Bond style and snipe some unlucky victim! You can see people through walls with the Thermal Goggles while the Night Vision ones can’t see through an obstacle.
Shoe: Okay, impractical, I know. But no matter how comical this may look, it can cause some damage.
Hosepipe: This works exactly like a chain. Choke people and then discard. This can only be used once.

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QUOTE (Official Announcement)
Jonny Kaye used to be an unlicensed boxer. He never did anything else, he never knew anything else. He was the best fighter in the city, and proud of his unbeaten record. So proud in fact, that he chose to ignore the offers and threats made to him by a  local mob boss, and fails to take a dive in an upcoming fight.  Four days after the fight, he is arrested on a fictional armed robbery charge and sentenced to 8 years in prison. Jonny isn’t stupid, he knew he took risks by not throwing the fight, and he knows who was behind this arrest. The only reason he wasn’t killed was because the bosses who bet on him every time loved winning.
During his time in prison, he makes contacts that like the fact that he can get a job done. However, once his sentence is served, he only has one thing on his mind – Revenge against the man who destroyed his career.

Jonny uses the people he met in prison to help him become a somebody in the underworld. He begins to make money and become powerful. A heist in Milana makes millions. So does a drug run in Ruskya. A young African-American fighter has taken his place in the boxing circuit, and he gets a piece of the action. However, stealing their jobs, operations and money is not enough. When the time is right, Jonny will take his final act of revenge on the people that put him away.

QUOTE (www.GTA-Auropa.Com (Not real before you complain))
What we know about GTA:Auropa

  • Location - Europe
  • Cities featured - Buxton (London), Milana (An Italian based city, particularly Milan), Ruskya (Moscow)
  • Setting - Modern day (2005)
  • Main Character - Jonny Kaye
  • Influences - "Snatch", tbc
  • More vehicles, weapons, missions, interactive interiors and land to explore than ever before

"Grand Theft Auto: Auropa promises new levels of gaming freedom, never seen before on such a huge scale. Each of the three featured cities are based on real life locations from different countries, allowing a variation in gangs, culture and environment not possible in any other setting. Rockstar has confirmed that each of the cities shall be bigger than any of the ones previously created in San Andreas, and the countryside separating the main urban areas will also make a re-appearance. Using technology only made available by the recent launch of the Playstation 3, the map has also been made more interactive than before, with more buildings, interiors and landscapes than in any previous editions of the series." ~ Official Announcement

Welcome to…Buxton!
Buxton is the starting location of the game, and also the biggest city to appear in any “Grand Theft Auto” to date. Despite its reputation, Buxton is not a nice place to be in if you know the wrong people.
The city does have its nicer areas, usually only visited by tourists who aren’t familiar enough with the currency to realise that everything costs twice as much. Crime isn’t such a problem in these areas, limited to mugging and theft on the street, and the people walk around feeling (ultimately) safe. The streets are lit at night by neon advertisements, the roads are filled with cars, taxis and the traditional red buses and most of the buildings are an architectural work of art in their own right.
user posted image user posted image
The Square and The Circus, two of the more famous areas in Buxton
The city is home to enormous parks, seemingly in another world to their urban surroundings. Huge green lawns stretch out alongside clean tarmac pathways, trees and plants are allowed to grow in their hundreds for the citizens to enjoy.
The cities two football teams both attract attention for different reasons. One is running away with the national league, playing each week in front of a sell out crowd in their huge stadium, whilst the other is known to have one of the most violent hooligan followings in the country.
user posted image
Buxton is a city full of culture and history, however it is also a modern, working city providing employment for its millions of citizens. It's tall buildings stretch up proudly into the sky, not far from the palaces of royalty.
Unfortunately, these areas, sights and attractions are a million miles away from the places in Buxton that Jonny Kaye is used too.
Council housing estates, dirty grey buildings with smashed glass and boarded-up windows, the fast food advertisements in the tourist areas replaced by neon sex shop signs. Run down blocks of flats house drug dealers, illegal arms dealers and prostitutes, all happy to see you if you bring money. Bare knuckled unlicensed boxing fights take place in old gym halls, watched by bookies, crooked cops and mob bosses. The seedier pubs in the area only come alive when the Firms of football hooligans settle their differences. Crime is much more common in these rougher areas, usually never seen by tourists who occupy themselves within the town’s centre, away from the melting pot that is a hundred different cultures.
GTA: Auropa allows you to explore and create havoc in both halves of this contrasting city with ease.
Buxton features a vast underground transport system famed world-wide, as well as regular buses and plenty of vehicles parked on the road side, ready to be “borrowed” by our man.
The darker, grittier areas are bought to life by the different gangs, shops and cultures whilst the vibrant atmosphere in the richer, more attractive parts of the city provide an equally perfect opportunity for crime, robbery and rioting. This is GTA, after all.

Welcome to…Milana!
Whilst in Buxton you and a gang of specialist criminals get together and plan the heist of a lifetime, in Milana. Through running errands for various mob bosses in the city, you eventually get the money and power behind you to make such a heist possible, so it’s time to travel to Milana. If you can complete the robbery successfully, Milana and the countryside areas surrounding it will become completely open for you to explore at your will.
Milana itself is a city of style and class, featuring fast cars, designer fashion shows and plenty of expensive night-clubs and bars. If you want to enjoy all Milana has to offer, you’re going to need to bring money, and there’s plenty of ways to lose it here – Milana is the millionaire’s playground within GTA: Auropa.
user posted image
Featuring much hotter weather than Buxton, and also getting less rain, one of the few things the cities have in common is the love of football. Crowd trouble is not so much of a problem in this city as it is back in Buxton though, and there shouldn’t be many problems unless the two teams ever meet head to head.
All the cities that have appeared in any GTA so far have been designed with a lot of variety, and Milana is no exception. There are high streets full of expensive designer shops, cafés and place to race your new expensive sports car, and these are very popular both with the richer citizens and the tourists.
user posted image
The centre of the city. Look..a tram! nervous.gif
However, the majority of the locals can be found in the cities quieter areas, of which there are many. Narrow streets and back alleys crowded with people, vehicles and small market stalls offer the perfect escape route after committing a high profile crime, and open up the opportunity for dramatic, exciting car chases within the city.
user posted image
A narrow street. Amazing!
The countryside surrounding Milana is also different to that of the other two cities within the game. Most noticeable is the mountain range, accessible only by the dangerous, winding roads wrapped around them. Unfortunately, due to an accident, this road is blocked off at its halfway point. This means that the people of Milana have no access to the city of Ruskya until the repairs have been carried out (Note: later on in the game, air, train (underground tunnel) and boat transport shall be available between all 3 cities).
Just off the coast of Milana, however, is another, very small island. Home to only a select few villas, this is where some of the cities most high profile Mafia bosses live. Many people will not be welcome on this island unless they have specific business with one of its inhabitants. Unlike Buxton, where thugs make up most of the criminal numbers, Milana’s crime scene is run largely by two sets of families and their relatives, friends and contacts. Because of this, people may not be so willing to offer you work before you have proved yourself…

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More coming soon

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Rockstar Games presents a Rockstar North game
user posted image
London. Havana. Tokyo. The race is on.

Interpol have just done the world's villains a huge favour. By taking down one of the largest smuggling rings on the planet, there is a huge gap in the market, just waiting to be filled. All you have to do is reach out and grab it. Don't you?

Trouble is, like any large industry, there is competition. And also like any large industry, you eliminate competition by any means necessary. There's going to be an all-out war to supply the world's stolen cars, drugs, weapons, cheap labour and contriband.

And you're going to win it.
  • Online multiplayer mode - take a trip to a virtual city online!
  • Choose any one of 4 storylines and play as any of 4 different characters!
  • Huge international map based on real locations
  • Recruit new gang members, and spies in other gangs
  • Take over territory and acquire assets
  • New burglary missions - sneak into buildings and find what you're looking for, just don't get caught or you'll have to make a quick getaway!
  • Build your own custom radio station on Welcome FM Havana Radio, with your own choice of tracks played inbetween a GTA DJ.
  • Finally listen to your favourite station on foot using the new personal stereo in the weapons slot.
  • New game engine giving improved interactivity - climb ladders and rocks, sit down, take other people's clothes, and scuba dive!
  • Plenty of your old favourite vehicles, as well as some new ones - including jetskis, horses, hang-gliders and even hot air balloons! And the big ships aren't just for looking at any more - take to the helm and navigate one across the waves!
  • Bonus 'making of' featurette and out-takes!
user posted image
Charlie Higgs, London:
Voice: Jason Statham
3 years in prison will change any man, and for Charlie it could have been for the better. But the police have other plans for him. Having shared a cell with a senior member of the Barrow Boys gang, they know he's a shoo-in for membership. They intend to use that to stop them taking over the international smuggling game. Charlie is left with a choice: become a grass and keep himself out of prison by doing as he is told, or take over the Barrow Boys and become untouchable.
Juanita Garcia, Havana:
Voice: Penelope Cruz
Juanita had it all: a handsome, rich fiance, designer clothes, a sportscar, parties, the nightlife - she wasn't expecting Interpol to turn up on her doorstep to tell her the man she was to marry was a smuggler and drug baron. With all of her possessions seized and her life in ruins, Umberto Robina sees this as his victory and takes her as his prize, using her to spy on his enemies. But she soon runs away, and decides to rebuild all that she has lost. She worked her way off the streets once, she'll do it again, only this time she's going much further. And she knows exactly who to start with - Umberto Robina and Interpol.
Fujiwara Taiki, Tokyo:
Voice: Jet Li
'Tyke' is very respected among the Japanese Yakuza - his father was one of their most glorious leaders, and his suicide at his own trial was the ultimate show of loyalty and respect, which all members show in return to his surviving son. Problem is, it was Tyke who informed on his father to Interpol in the first place, in an attempt to get out of this life of crime. Now a seedy Interpol agent is threatening to make this public knowledge if he doesn't help him take down the whole Yakuza organisation. Tyke realises that he must choose one bunch of criminals or the other - and he is going to choose his family.
Leo Teal, Interpol:
Voice: Harvey Keitel
Leo is one of Interpol's best men. He's had to prove it - when an undercover operation to catch an assassination broker met with an unfortunate hiccup, his job was on the line. He's spent the last 15 years making deals and making threats in order to bring down the world's largest smuggling ring, and a loose-tongued English guy he met in a Vice City nightclub brought the whole thing together. But as soon as he puts them away, he is relegated to a desk job in an obscure office overseas. Leo suspects that he has just hit the pocket of one of his employers very hard. Not only that, but several gangs are mobilising to fill the gap he created, and Interpol are oddly complacent in preventing this. Leo must fight the gangs back on his own - and find the rotten apple that put him here.
When you start a new game, you choose which of the 4 main characters you want to play as, which also determines which city you start the game in: Charlie for London, Juanita for Havana, and Tyke for Tokyo. If you play as Leo Teal, you can choose to start in any one the 3 cities you wish. This effectively gives you 6 games in one!

Whatever choice you make, the game will take place across all the cities, and your aim is to take over them all, setting up an international smuggling ring. The stories of the 4 characters all eventually come together into one, but how they come together will depend on which character you play as. Some of the characters will form alliances, some will try to destroy each other.

Once you have chosen your character, the corresponding story below will start.
The story opens with Charlie packing his things in a prison cell. His cellmate, Mike Langworthy, is lying on the top bunk.

Mike: So you're really going to go straight, huh?
Charlie: Yep. 3 years in this dump is 4 years too long. I just think it's time I sorted myself out, made something of myself, you know.
Mike: Yeah, I can respect that. But just remember, if you have any problems, you go and see Tony and the guys, OK? I've told them about you. Told them we could use someone like you.
Charlie: I appreciate that, but I'm hoping I won't need to.
Mike: So do I, but no-one in this city wants to give a crim a chance, reformed or not. You're going to have a lot of work ahead of you, lad. Just remember to stick with those who stick with you, eh?
Charlie: I know, mate. I just want to thank you for all your help. I wouldn't have lasted 5 minutes in here without you.
Mike: My pleasure.

The 2 men hug and Charlie picks up his bag and walks out of the cell. Fade to black.
Charlie: Well, if I can plan a 500,000 quid robbery, I can plan a new life. Time to earn some money for a change!

Fade back to Charlie opening the door at the halfway house. He sees a door with 'Office' on it and opens it without knocking. He puts his head behind the door to see a man in a wrinkled suit, with his feet up on the desk.
Charlie: Mr. Brabham?
Leo: No, kid. Jeez, do I look like a Brabham to you? The name's Leo. Leo Teal. Mr Brabham has been given the afternoon off so that we can become better acquainted.
Charlie: Hey look mate, I'm flattered, but I'm not into blokes, especially yanks. Believe me, I learned that when I was inside-
Leo: Ah yes, inside. Where you met Mike Langworthy. Became good friends, I believe.
Charlie: How do you now about Mike? (He walks towards Leo) Listen pal, you'd better tell me who you are, or I'll-

Leo grabs his arm and slams him down on the desk. He holds him there in an armlock.
Leo: I'll tell you who I am, sonny - I'm your new best friend, that's who I am! And as your best friend, you tell me all your little secrets, and do me lots of little favours, OK?! And in return I look out for you, because the way I see it, you've missed your first meeting with your probation officer, and just assaulted an Interpol officer as well! Not doing very well for our first day out, are we Charlie?
Charlie: Interpol?
Leo: That's right. As in wherever you go on this planet, I'll find your ass, because it's mine now, understand?! Now listen carefully. The world's largest smuggling ring is no longer in operation. I know this because I took it down. Your buddy Mike and his boys have some ideas about filling the gap in the marketplace - but we're not going to let that happen, are we? Because you're going to find out what they're doing, and tell me everything, aren't you? Or you can go back to the shower block! Take this cellphone. Don't switch it off, and don't lose it! Believe me, you have no idea how losing your cellphone can screw up your life. Go and see the Barrow Boys, and get in. I'll call you soon, and you'd better have something for me! See you soon, best buddy.

Leo lets Charlie go and walks out of the room. Fade to black.
Charlie: Well it's good to know that coppers haven't changed after 3 years! Guess I'll have to go along with him for now. But if you think I'm turning my back on Mike after all he did for me, you've got another thing coming pal.
The scene opens with Juanita speeding along the Havana waterfront in her Stinger sportscar, talking on the phone to her girlfriend.
Friend: So it's the big day next week, huh?
Juanita: It sure is. Just 4 days to go, I can't tell you how happy I am!
Friend: Well I'm happy for you too. You deserve it, after all you've been through.
Juanita: Thanks. I never thought I would meet anyone decent - even if I did, I would have to hide my past - but Raoul, he knows it all and accepts me.
Friend: Well I know you're both going to be very happy. I'll see you at the Hideaway tonight, ok?
Juanita: Ok! See you then!

Juanita pulls up on the drive of her Villa. It was a present from Raoul, a place she could go to and have her own space if she ever needed it when they were married. However the villa is crawling with police, searching the house and loading items from it into a van. She runs up to a man in a wrinkled suit, watching the operation and smoking a cigarette.
Juanita: W-what's going on here? Who are you? What are you doing to my house?!
Leo: Ah, you must be Juanita. Jeez, I was hoping I wouldn't have to be the one to do this. Officer Leo Teal, Interpol smuggling task force. We're putting your boyfriend out of business, sweetheart. He runs the Havana office of the biggest smuggling ring in the world. Well, the biggest we know about anyway. All of this stuff is illegal contriband, and this house was bought with the proceeds of narcotics. We've got to take it all back toots, I'm really sorry.
Juanita: No, no, there's been a mistake. Raoul isn't a criminal, he runs a successful import/export business-
Leo: He does that alright! Drugs, stolen cars, illegal immigrants - anything you want that you can't get elsewhere! Look, our intelligence suggests that you had no idea, so I'm not going to chase you about this. Tell you what, here's a couple of bucks. Try the Marina Hotel on the waterfront. I'll even get the guys to overlook the car. Aside from that there's nothing I can do, I'm really sorry.
Juanita: But you can't do this to me! This can't be happening! What will I do?!

She falls to her knees crying, and Leo walks away shaking his head. Just then a Patriot pulls up at the gate, and out gets Umberto Robina.
Robina: Hey, Juanita chica! So you finally heard the news about that scummy boyfriend of yours, ha? Now you see who's still free and in business, see who's a real man, ha? (laughs) Maybe now you come back and work for me, we be good friends like the old days, si? Just say the word, chica!
Juanita slaps him in the face
Juanita: You bastard! How dare you come round here! Get off my property! I bet you had something to do with this, didn't you?
Robina: Who, me? No, no...(bursts out laughing) What you gonna do about it, ha? And it's not your property any more! Seems to me you need some money. You come work for me, ha? We get you a warm bed for the night, and then we go back to work, eh? I got lots of enemies would tell a nice girl like you their secrets. I should have sent you after Raoul, then you would have known his business, ha? (laughs) You come by and see me tomorrow, I give you a job. Be just like old times, chica.

Robina gets in his Patriot and drives away. Fade to black.
Juanita: I guess I can't get away from my past after all. Oh, I'll work for you alright. I'll work hard and learn everything about you. Then I'll take it all from you. And then, I'll be after that bastard Teal.
The scene opens at the funeral of Tyke's father, Hiro. It is just ending and several prominent members of the Yakuza are leaving and shaking Tyke's hand, offering their condolences. Tyke stands in the centre of the empty room, silent. Just then, a figure appears at the door.

Leo: Beautiful service, man. I've never seen a Japanese funeral before, but I tell you, that's how I want to go.
Tyke: (Angrily) That can be arranged! What the hell are you doing here?! Have you no respect?! This is all your doing!
Leo: Hey, put a lid on it pal! I think you're the one who has no respect! Because last time I looked, I believe this was in fact your doing. You were the one who came to me with the information.
Tyke: Because I wanted my father and I to have a new life together, away from crime. Not because I wanted him dead.
Leo: Well I'm sorry about that, kid, I truly am. It's why I'm here, actually. Maybe you can still have that, even if your dad can't.
Tyke: What do you mean?
Leo: The Yakuza are mobilising again, Tyke. They're going to try and fill the void that you helped me create. And they have a lot of respect for you, because of what your father did. Suicide at his own trial, it doesn't get much more honourable for these guys. You could be very influential very quickly if you wanted to, Tyke. Learn all about what they're doing.
Tyke: You think I'm going to help you, after what happened to my father? Get out of here!
Leo: No, I know you're going to help me, sonny. How do you think your Yakuza buddies would react if they found out who the informant was? Big organisation like Interpol is full of leaks, y'know. I can't protect all of my sources, know what I mean?
Tyke: Wha-? You bastard! I came to you to help you uphold the law, and you're here trying to blackmail me at my own father's funeral? Which side of the law are you on?!
Leo: (Sighs) Look kid, I like you, so I'm going to teach you something you need to know. There are no good guys or bad guys. There are bad guys who are always giving it, like me, and there are bad guys who are always taking it, like the Yakuza. All you can do is choose which kind of bad guy you want to be, but just remember one group can be turned against you very easily. You guys lead the world in torture - have you ever seen a Japanese game show? You should remember that before you make your mind up. See you around kid.

Leo walks out. The scene changes to Tyke standing in front of his father's grave.
Tyke: Father, I have dishonoured you so badly, I don't think I can live with it. I know that you wait for me, and I accept whatever punishment you have in store for me. But in the meantime, I will try to make amends. I will take your place among the Yakuza, and I will rebuild all that I destroyed. I will make it stronger, more powerful, more glorious than even you made it.

And when I'm finished, I will kill Leo Teal.
(The Interpol storyline is unlocked after you complete the other 3 storylines. You then choose which of the three cities you want to be stationed to.)

Leo walks into his office at Interpol's Liberty City headquarters. It's night-time, and he flicks the lights on. As soon as he does, his co-workers all shout 'Surprise!' and burst into applause. Leo has just come back from the trial of the century, where several important members of a smuggling ring were given life sentences. The ring is dismantled, the gangs no longer trust each other, and it's all Leo's doing. This is his surprise party, and Matt Benson, Leo's boss, walks over smiling and offers him a handshake.

Matt: Well done, Leo, fantastic work. Let me just say, I'm going to see to it that you get your just reward for this. There's an envelope on your desk by the way - probably from the President, this is big news man! Oh, and you've got to meet Millie, the waitress on the buffet. Man, she will do things...
Leo: Later, Matt, later. Let me just see what this envelope is about, ok?

Leo goes to his office and opens the envelope.
Leo: WHAT?!

Matt appears at the door.
Matt: Hey Leo, we all got together and got you something. It's the latest cellphone! Just make sure you don't lose this one, ok?!
Leo: (Laughing) Thanks, man, I appreciate that. I hope it gets a good signal long-distance.
Matt: Why do you say that?
Leo: (Hands him the letter) Because I've just been transferred to the (insert city here) office. Administration position. Ever get the feeling someone wants you out of the way?

The scene changes to Leo's new office. He is unpacking a cardboard box onto his desk. Frank Tenpenny appears at the door, limping.
Frank: Teal?
Leo: Yes?
Frank: Frank Tenpenny, your new assistant. So you're the guy I'm supposed to keep out of trouble, huh?
Leo: Are those your orders?
Frank: Well, not officially, but I know how to read between the lines. Damn, man, you must have really pissed someone off to end up here. Me, this was all I could pull down after I transferred out of Los Santos PD - took one in the hip, see. Anything you need to know?
Leo: Yes. What's being done about these reports of the old smuggling gangs getting their acts together again?
Frank: Well that's the funny thing, not much at all. The only real reason anything was done last time was because you were in the right place at the right time and happened to give a sh*t. This time we don't have anyone like that, and you're tucked away nice and cosy.
Leo: Well, we'll see about that. Frank, you know this city, I need to know exactly who I need to lean on to get some information. There's a couple of people I want you to call at the Liberty City office, they owe me a favour or two and will get me the intel and equipment I need. Hold all my calls, and if anyone asks...
Frank: You're in a meeting! No problem, boss.

Fade to black.
Leo: Someone is keeping Interpol off the smugglers' backs, and someone put me in this sh*thole. Sounds like we have a rotten apple in the barrel. Well if I have to run those bastards down all over again, I will. And when I'm finished, they'll be begging to tell me who they bought.
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Umberto Robina
Voice: Danny Trejo
Former Vice City crimelord, now living in Havana to keep a close eye on his smuggling business. Former employer of Juanita Garcia, although the exact nature of that employment is unknown. Rumoured to have brokered an immunity deal with Interpol for his gang, the Cabrons, in return for information on his rivals.
Mike Langworthy
Voice: Alan Ford, AKA Bricktop from Snatch
Leader of the Barrow Boys, the most violent and powerful street gang in North London. Currently serving 20 years for murder and conspiracy to commit armed robbery. Still runs the Barrow Boys from his prison cell. Said to be tiring of the room service in prison, and a recent cell search found a brochure for beachfront properties in Japan.
Tony Martin
Voice: Vinnie Jones
Langworthy's lieutenant, and his right arm while he is in prison. Rules by proxy, but Interpol intelligence suggests that his wish to take over completely from Langworthy makes him a target for information. Connections in the motor trade mean he usually has a couple of nice cars around. Repeating the rumours that he's a transvestite are likely to get you killed.
Sick Willy
Voice: Danny John-Jules
Senior member of the Yardies, South London's ruling gang. Wants to take over, and is not averse to making friends with Charlie if it will help him achieve his aims. Always knows where to find the best weapons and smooth Jamaican Export.
Asuka Kasen
Voice: Lianna Pai
Determined to take over the Tokyo Yakuza since Hiro Taiki's death. She will provide anything you need - information, personnel, equipment - if she thinks that you can help her achieve her goal. Just remember that while she keeps her friends close, she keeps her enemies closer.
Kent Paul
Voice: Danny Dyer
Fled Vice City after his drunken mouth damaged the local drug baron's operations. Now hiding out in Havana, trying to start an adult film company and keep out of the way of the authorities. Has some good connections at Havana Port, who help him bring in his film props unnoticed.
Frank Tenpenny
Voice: Samuel L Jackson
Ex Los Santos Police officer, left the force on disability after being shot in the hip. Joined Interpol as a support officer before being transferred overseas. Knows everyone in the city, and can get his hands on pretty much anything you need.
Matt Benson
Voice: Christopher Lloyd
Station Chief for the Liberty City office of Interpol. Married to a young, high-maintenance wife who keeps him nearly as busy as his job. Long-time friend of Leo Teal, whom he gives a cellphone as a present, and to keep tabs on him - in more ways than one.
Overview map - major routes shown only
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London is where you start if you choose to play as Charlie Higgs. As well as road vehicles, there is also an underground train network and a riverbus.
  • Wembley: Home of Wembley Stadium, where you can try your hand at all manner of sports. There's also a clothing factory which could turn a tidy profit - with cheap enough labour.
  • Harrow and Chelsea: One of the richest areas of the city, several of your burglary missions take place here, so learn the area well. If you do need to make a quick escape, you could try hiding in Hyde Park. Just watch out for the infamous London Ripper, who is said to frequent the park at night! Or if you really need to get away from the law, try heading over to Heathrow Airport, just a short distance away. But don't go there until you're a big cheese - it's being watched by Interpol, and trying to leave the country without the right influence could end with a bullet!
  • The City: London's centre of finance and commerce, there is always something of interest here. Be sure to stop by the E-Nation rave club, or try your hand trading on Covent Garden Market. There's serious cash to be had at The Billionaire Boys Club if you're willing to bet on anything, and if you lose your Lawyers Office is nearby. But play your cards right and you could find yourself in a luxury pad on The Isle of Dogs.
  • Millennium Village: Ultra-modern area full of shops and cafes. These are relatively new businesses that have yet to be introduced to the need for protection, so you can make a killing around here. This was the government's big PR project, so it's well-policed. Be alert. This is also where you can find The Dome. Abandoned for a few years, it has become the venue for illegal bare-knuckle boxing fights. You can make some money here if you're good with your fists, or you might want to try managing a fighter. On the other hand, it might be more lucrative to just blow the whole place up...
  • Hackney and Romford: The Barrow Boys' main territory. Also home to the Prison that holds Mike Langworthy. Make sure you only come here as a visitor. You can find some good cars on The Docks, and Honest Frank's Autos will pay a pretty penny for them, no questions asked.
  • Kingston-on-Thames and Brixton: Yardie territory, home to a fully industrialised Drug Lab serving several customers throughout the area. Only go round here if you have to, it's easy to get mugged. But if you are in favour with the Yardies, this can be just the place for that hard-to find equipment.
  • Watford: Escape to the country and, erm, visit the City Dump. Perfect for discreet meetings and disposal of the odd body or two. Don't forget to stop by Farmer Dan's Alternative Crop Farm to expand your mind - and your bank balance.
  • Essex: Having trouble finding that special weapon for a special job? Try Mick out by the Reservoir - if he hasn't got it, he can find it. Don't forget to escape to the beach at Southend on Sea for a stick of rock - and a spot of illegal gambling. Or if you prefer, take one of the scuba-diving missions here and search wrecked ships for treasure.
  • Kent: If you're looking to move things in and out of the country quietly, this is the place to go. Dover Port is famous for its lax security, and is one of the centres of the export car trade, so come with something hot and be ready to deal for cash. Or if the sea isn't quick enough for you, try Biggin Hill Airfield - but be warned, the Yardies see this as their facility and only allow important bosses to use it. Avoid unless you have serious influence. If you need to meet someone and don't want to be seen, try the Roadside Cafe - just don't try the food.
  • Dorset: Stop at Dorchester to rob a cheese shop or two - you'd be amazed how much they make. Don't forget to stop by the gun shop too - these out-of-town stores can be good for an 'under the counter' deal.
  • Isle of Wight: Glorious weather and relaxed law enforcement - what could be better? Check out Speed Shack Racing for a tune-up or trade-in, and make some money competing in the races - the outer roads of the island make a great race track, and races go on regularly.
Overview map - major routes shown only
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Havana is where you start if you choose to play as Juanita Garcia. The public transport network in Havana is very underdeveloped, but there are several taxis and some buses which you can jump on, or hijack depending on what mood you're in.
  • Old Havana: A faded vision of what Havana once was, steeped in culture and history. A low-income area living mainly off tourists, either by selling them souvenirs or robbing them at knifepoint. Probably the cheapest part of the city to stay in – try The Marina Hotel on the waterfront, near to all the best nightspots, including The Hideaway.
  • China Town: Home to Havana’s Chinese community. Expect suspicion and caution from the locals, but you can get a much warmer welcome if you have the money. The local gangs are willing to work for anybody, and a word in the right ear at Wang’s Restaurant will get you fixed up. Or if you really want to get fixed up, try Madam Ling’s Pleasure Palace for some R&R. The girls can be good for information too – their customers will tell them anything.
  • Miramar: One of the wealthier districts in the city. It’s worth a look at Raoul’s Mansion – just come on the market, and Interpol didn’t get everything. You might want to drop by the legendary Tropicana Nightclub too – where Havana’s old and rich come to mix with the poor and beautiful.
  • Centro Havana: The bustling centre of the city, with markets, shops, and everything you could possibly want to buy, legal or not. A well-policed part of the city, not least of all because this is where the Presidential Palace is located. It’s well-guarded, but not impossible to get in. Care to try your luck in a Burglary Mission?
  • Modern Havana: Site of many new property developments, the suburbs of Modern Havana are rich pickings for those who know where to look. Juanita’s House is here – who knows, it might be hers again some day.
  • Regla: A crowded, run-down urban area of the city. Crime is rife, mainly due to it being the territory of Havana’s biggest street gang, the Cabrons. Mainly slums, apart from Robina’s Mansion, which is nearly as well-guarded as the Presidential Palace.
  • Bay of Havana: The trade of anything you can imagine goes on at Havana Port, from stolen cars to weapons to illegal migrants. There are warehouses all around the bay holding all manner of delights, you just have to search. Out in the bay you will also see the Presidential Yacht – reachable only if you are willing to take on a Scuba-Diving Mission.
  • Barreras: Head out of town to do some business unobserved. The Diamond Mine may change hands with the right persuasion, and there is much money to be made and spent at Jose’s Rare and Exotic Animals. He will buy or sell, but he won’t ask questions. Alternatively, take a little leisure time at the beach on Playa Del Este, or get your adrenaline pumping on the Dirtbike Track.
  • Arango: If you want to be alone, this is the place to go. Lake Bocuranco is virtually deserted, making it a good place for disposing of things you don’t want found. Or head up into the Sierra Maestra Mountains, but watch out for bandits! If you can make it to Fernando’s Shack with your cash intact, he will hook you up with some very specialist weapons.
  • Cotorro: If you need some more kick to get away from the Federales, consider popping into El Toro Performance Motors to see what they have to offer. Or hop over to Santa Clara, the perfect place if you need to lay low for a while. You can keep up with the movements of the authorities through the girls at Maria’s Massage Mansion, just out of town. Not quite as relaxing as the girls at Maria’s, are Lenin Park and the City Zoo, but both are good if you need to arrange a meeting in a public place with lots of people around.
  • Santiago De Las Vegas: Location of Jose Marti International Airport and Managua Military Base, both good places to pick up aircraft essential to any smuggling operation.
  • Cayman Islands: Ideal if you need a remote location with liberal banking laws to hide your assets. The Airfield can take small planes, big enough to carry substantial shipments. It is also home to the head office of El Banco Corrupto Grande, who don’t ask silly questions like “Who are you?” before you can open an account. If you’re looking for a new face, or don’t mind delving into the world of illegal organ transplants to make some cash, you should talk to the nice people at The Gravesham Surgical Institute, they’ll be happy to see you.
Overview map - major routes shown only
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Tokyo is where you start if you choose to play as Fujiwara Taiki. The city features an extensive underground train network, and there is a high-speed train line running betweenthe airport and Tokyo Station. WARNING: THIS CITY IS PRONE TO EARTHQUAKES AND TIDAL WAVES FROM TIME TO TIME. IF YOU HEAR AN ALARM SOUND, GET INDOORS QUICKLY!
  • Chiyoda: The centre of the city, full to bursting with people and traffic. You can come straight into town here if you come into Tokyo Station, which also makes for a good crowded meeting place. Be sure to drop by the Imperial Palace – you’re not technically allowed in, but since when has that stopped you completing a Burglary Mission?
  • Shinjuku: The centre of Tokyo’s government and economy, this is where you’ll find the Government Buildings – perfect if you want to stir up a bit of trouble. Or if you want to earn some cash in the private sector, stop by the Zaibatsu World Headquarters, they could use someone like you.
  • Minato: South Tokyo is dominated by the Yakuza, and many of their main enterprises are in this area, as well as their most influential members. Tyke’s House (formerly his father’s) can be found near the harbour, and interests in the area include the Won-Tin-Mor Nightclub. You can pay your respects to Tyke’s father at Mor-Tish-Han’s Funeral Parlour, but make sure you don’t end up a permanent resident there. If you’re up for a spot of sight-seeing, check out Tokyo Tower – how the heck could anyone do a Burglary Mission on the top floor? You may find out…
  • Shibuya: Also Yakuza territory, you’ll find Asuka’s Apartment here. It is also home to the Shibuya 109 Mall, Tokyo’s busiest shopping centre.
  • Nakano: This area is a multicultural ghetto of sorts, housing much of the city’s immigrant population. Ruled by the small but vicious Gaijin gang, they have made their territory more homely with additions like O’Brien’s Irish Bar, the Little Paris Market, and Horst’s Bavarian Horsepower, the best place in Tokyo to find a rare imported motor. More traditional recreation can be found at Su-Sin’s Love Hotel, or any establishment in the Dogenkaza Red Light District. Pick of the bunch is Cupi-Dolls, for hot girls and hot information.
  • Arakawa: The suburban northern district of Arakawa is home to the Ricers street racing gang, who can usually be found at Shinozatune Racing with some good parts to sell. Just don’t get caught racing through the Arakawa Nature Park, the authorities don’t take kindly to the tranquillity of this tourist trap being broken. If you must break the law here, do it quietly. You might want to drop by the A-Bomb FM Studios if you fancy helping Amy Sheckenhausen get home in a reasonably moral fashion.
  • Koto: More Ricer territory, and starting point for many of their biggest street racing nights at the car park of The Midnight Club. You can win or lose some serious money here.
  • Tokyo Harbour: Centre of everything that comes in and out of Tokyo, whether it’s supposed to or not. The Yakuza-run Red Dragon Exports turns a good profit, as does the nearby Fishery with some suspiciously fast fishing boats. You might want to visit the Skate Park on the north harbour if you fancy some R&R. Also in town is the SS Takish*ta, it’s hull full of valuable oil. It’s a shame you can’t steal an entire oil tanker – or can you?
  • Setagaya: Learn to fight and survive the old-fashioned way at the Haga School of Ancient Weaponry. Once you graduate, this is a great place to pick up rare weapons too.
  • Suginami: Many things can be found in the woods from bygone eras, such as Hiro’s Bunker – the perfect hiding place if you need to get out of the way for a while. To the north you can make some money at the Horse Racing Track – or maybe you would like to try your hand as a jockey?
  • Itabashi: A simple and remote place, you may find the Paddy Fields useful if you have a corpse to get rid of. Or maybe they’re good for growing more than just rice…
  • Katsushika: To the north you will find Marita International Airport, Tokyo’s well-guarded gateway to the big wide world. If you simply must have that private jet that matches your shoes, this is probably where you’ll find it. Or escape the pressures of city life and get healed up at the Monastery – you may find something a little interesting in your tea…
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Yardies: South London's ruling gang. Led from the shadows by the mysterious Papa Shango through his lieutenants. The most prominent of these is Sick Willy, widely tipped as Papa's successor. But not without the right help, of course.
Business: Drugs, especially the smoothest ganja in London. Also operate a healthy sideline in hard-to find weapons.
Barrow Boys: North London's largest and most aggressive street gang. Leader Mike Langworthy currently in prison. Still leads his gang through Tony Martin, his right-hand-man and friend. The Barrow boys have lost a great deal of their influence in recent years, mainly due to poor leadership from Tony. The gang has become fractious as many members start looking for a new leader, but is still too large for any other gang to challenge yet
Business: Stolen cars, a few of which can always be found at the docks. Also have interests in narcotics and smuggling of anything anyone will pay a high price for.
East End Mafia: Gangsters of Italian descent, styling themselves after the American Mafia. Few large operations, but make a tidy profit from several small-scale protection rackets. Based in Little Venice in the East End, where they own several of the restaurants the area is famous for.
Business: Protection and money-laundering on a small scale. Main operations involve people-smuggling and provision of cheap labour, not least of all for their more legitimate enterprises.
Cabrons: Havana's largest and most powerful gang, led by crimelord Umberto Robina. Extremely violent, and show no tolerance whatsoever for rivalry. Members are fanatically loyal, and put the Cabrons before all other considerations, even family. Specialists in corruption and bribery - rumoured to pay the Cuban government a large portion of their illegal income in return for a blind eye from the authorities, and also believed to inform on their rivals to Interpol for immunity.
Business: Narcotics, protection, kidnapping and corruption, as well as unofficial 're-education' work for the Cuban government.
The Varela Project: Underground grass-roots political movement, intent on promoting democracy in Cuba. Hounded by the government, they have a limited number of means to promote their aims. A very wealthy organisation due to generous (if not widely mentioned) donations, they work to motivate the people to take their country back for themselves.
Business: Causing civil unrest, encouraging protest and highlighting failings of the Communist government, by any means necessary.
Chinese: There is a large Chinese community in Havana, mainly around the Chinatown area in the centre of the city. The Chinese are mainly involved in petty crime around the city, tending to specialise in robbery and intimidation. However they also provide an essential outpost of the world people-smuggling industry, giving shelter and assistance to illegal Chinese emigrants in transit. Their services in this field know no affiliation, they are available to the highest bidder.
Business: People-smuggling and theft, also known to be sympathetic to the Varela Project due to discrimination against Chinese by the Cuban government.
Yakuza: Large and powerful gang with extensive international connections. Very influential in drugs, people-smuggling, gambling and prostitution. Increasingly secretive due to a recent crackdown by Interpol on their smuggling interests, they are currently weakened but are believed to be rebuilding their position. Fiercely loyal organisation, and betrayal is punishable by death.
Business: Several interests, their main source of income is from their considerable smuggling operation.
Gaijin: The Gaijin (or 'foreigner' in Japanese) are a group of immigrants from several countries, primarily in Europe. Japanese society's reluctance to integrate outsiders has led them to form a co-operative, providing anything that a visitor from foreign shores may need, legal or not. Whilst relatively small, their international connections rival those of the Yakuza. They are hoping to use this to exploit the Yakuza's weakened state in order to expand their operations.
Business:Smuggling and weaponry on a small scale, mainly involved in prostitution.
Ricers: The Ricers live for one thing: late-night street racing. Their lives revolve around who has the fastest car, who won the last race, and what the latest tuning trick is. If you like cars, they like you, unless you are trying to muscle in on their territory.
Business: Sale and export of stolen cars - if you want it, the Ricers can find it for you. Also make a lot of money from gambling on their late-night street races. Often found hanging around on the streets of Tokyo at night next to their cars, looking for a race. If you want to make some quick cash, pull up alongside, they'll race all comers.
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City Beat 109FM: The latest and coolest music that is the pulse of London Town.
Host: Simon Prince, the guy who was in that band that did that song in the early 90s.Expects everyone to recognise him, and want to sleep with him, for this reason.
U-Talk 92.5: Talk radio station featuring interviews and phone-ins with the city's most prominent (and downright shady) citizens.
Host: Martin Benham, former parliamentary candidate for the Everything Is Evil Party and currently on day release provided he takes his meds.
The Weed 100.2FM: Reggae station featuring the best Dance Hall tracks and something to roll a nice fat one to as well.
Host: Curtis Benham, a close friend and sometime inspiration of Mr Robert Nesta Marley. No, really. Strenuously denies any relation to a certain talk radio DJ, or the rumour that he never makes public appearances because he�s really white.
Esperanza: All latino music, all the time.
Host: Diego Cortez, a former South American soccer commentator who brings his over-enthusiasm for the game to his radio style. Still can't help shouting 'goooooooaaaallllll' when he gets excited enough.
The One Free Voice: Maurice Chavez is trying to start a one-man revolution the only way he knows how: ranting like a lunatic on the airwaves. Pirate radio station broadcasting from the tip of Florida, featuring debate with some of Havana's less accepted comrades.
Host: Maurice Chavez, formerly of Vice City Public Radio and currently hiding from the US State Department in a shack in the Everglades.
Welcome FM: Especially for the tourists. You�d never have realised Communism was so great without it! By the time you leave, you'll be itching to pick up an AK-47, run headlong into your neighbourhood and gun down any capitalist pig who tries to sell you a hot dog! Right after you've bought a footlong with extra onions, that is. News, current affairs, and a general summary of what a great job the guys in charge are doing, with whatever bits of your own music that are deemed acceptable.
Host: Conchita Martinez, not just good at turning your politics red! Enjoying her new life as a DJ after walking out on her loser husband Fernando.
Street Warriors 109FM: Underground techno station for the after dark street racing set, keeping you informed of where you can race for big cash while providing the perfect soundtrack.
Host: Tony Takagi, former Japanese Sportscar Champion with a passion for speed, both vehicular and pharmaceutical.
The Test! 91FM: All the excitement of cruel Japanese game shows on your radio! Listen as a man is tricked into telling his girlfriend he is pregnant, and enjoy periodic extracts from an elderly lady's LIVE imprisonment in an ant farm! Remember - if they've had a consent form in a foreign language shoved in front of them to sign against the clock, it's OK to laugh at their suffering!
Host: Sunchiro Takahashi, whose enthusiasm for human suffering is only bettered by that for schoolgirls' sweatsocks.
A-Bomb FM: 'Because it's high time we invaded again!' The best (depending on your opinion) of American culture straight to the airwaves of Tokyo. Highlights include an interview with Claude Speed about his new book: 'Speaking Out: true stories of the criminal underworld.' It's just as well our host can talk enough for at least two people...
Host: Amy Sheckenhausen, who thought that travelling in a container full of exotic animals was the cheap break deal of the century, and now needs to earn her ticket home while keeping her pants on - if she can.

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Grand Theft Auto: Dead on Arrival

Click here for the Boxart!

Location: Liberty City
Platform: Exclusivly for PS3
Time Period: 1997
Main Character: Fredrick, Charles
Character Background: <Unkown>


Expressed in Protagonist's Prespective:
I arrived as soon as I heard about it. It was a cold night in Libery City, and the storm and lighting were racing the windsheid wipers. The traffic was too much for such a day. I heared a fainted siren. Could it be too late? I stepped on the gas pedal and raced past the other vehicles. I made a handbrake turn on the highway, suddenly I heared gunshots. It's already starting! I past every light, and head to the apartment. I didn't bother to park the car, as I rolled recklessly out of it. Then, with my remaining might, I opened the door to the apartment, and went up the stairs to the room. I kicked the door open and took out my weapon. "LCPD! FREEZE!" I yelled as I opened the door. Thank god! I wasn't too late! That guy could have killed her. "You are under arre....!" Someone or something ejected some kind of needle into my body. I fell unconcious. Next thing I saw was a boat. I woke up in the sea. That's all I could remember about the past. I looked at my wallet: "Coporal Charles Fredrick, of Liberty City Police Department. That's all I know about myself. It's up to me to find out my past and who I am.

Expressed by me:
Grand Theft Auto: Dead on Arrival is about a cop who forgot his past, and only remembers fragments of what had happened in his past. He is a police officer; or at least he thinks he is. The game focuses on crime, as he soon finds out that he is not Charles Fredrick. Read on for more.

A list of missions. It gets updates every while so check back.

Boat Jacking: The First Aid Boat just picked you up. They take you to the rear of the boat. You need to jack the boat to get to Liberty City. So hijack the boat, and head to the blip on the radar. When you reach the shore, you will need to get the skateboard nearby. As soon as you get on it, you have a cutscene showing a flashback. It's you, getting inside an apartment. Suddenly it disapears. You say to yourself, "Room 10..." Head to your house. Mission Passed! Now you can save at your house.

Circus Clown: When you get outside, you automaticly start a mission. You get a call from someone telling you to meet you at Luigi's place. Somehow, you rembember the location. So head there. when you get there, a man in a tuxedo will see you. He does some friendly greetings. "Who are you?" you ask. the person gives you a raise of an eyebrow. "So you don't remember me, Elmo?" Then suddenly you have another flashback. '"Hello, Elmo. I've got a bunch of boys I want you to meet." Says the person. "Say hello to the loonies gang!" Suddenly, you go back. "Hey Elmo you allright? Listen I need you to do some jobs for me. Here's my card!" Mission Passed! You can now head to the question mark at the radar for missions. Somehow, you think that this man knows your real identity.

Loonies Missions:

Blackout: The person wants you to head to the airport and fly a Dodo to the other side of Liberty City and back. Pretty easy huh? Just wait! Goto the airport and get in the dodo. Fly to the other side of the city. When you get there, a Hunter helicopter passes by. "The Helicopter...." Yet another flashback! This one places you in a hunter helicopter, flying over what seems to be a military field. "Come on! Let's get back to Liberty!" You hear your partner saying. You wake up from your flashbacks by a radio. "Beware of a hunter helicopter flying nearby! It is driven by terrorists! Get back in your houses! I repeat! Get back in your houses!" The radio says. You know you have to do something! The Dodo is fit with a special machine gun. Destory the helicopter. When you do, you'll get a call from the person. "What do you think you're doing?! That was our vehicle! Get back to the club immediatly!" Goto the club. When you get there, the person will start screaming at you. Mission Passed! Counter-Terrorist Missions have now been unlocked. We'll do them later.

Bringing Down the House: The person was dissapointed with your previous job, but he gives you a mission anyway. "You need to plant a statchel charge around this here house. Make sure they are placed at the right spots. And remember, DO NOT FAIL ME! THE LOONIES DO NOT TOLERATE FAILURE!" The person explains. "Who are you?" You ask. "What do you mean who am I, Elmo?! I'm Steve, idiot! Now get back to work!" Well, at least we can call him Steve now. Head to the house and plant the charges, goto a safe distance, and activate the charges. BOOM! Watch the house go down! The firefighters arrive. "Stop them from extingushing the fire, Elmo!" Steve says through you ear radio. Kill the firefighters. "Well done Elmo. Get your ass back here," Steve says. When you arrive, you'll need to goto the alley. When you go to the alley, Police officers are standing there. "Charles Fredrick, you are under arrest for homicide!" A man says. They take you inside a cop car and drive. Now you need to press circle and triangle fast for at least 20 seconds to pick the lock to the cuffs. When you got it, Press triangle to bail out of the cop car. You will be presented with 2 stars. Get to the club. Mission Passed! Lockpicking has now been unlocked!

Speed: Steve is still mad at you for taking out their chopper. "Allright, Elmo. You next mission is to take out a fellow traitor of mine. I know him as Claude Speed. Get over there and beat eight tons of crap out of him. Remember, DON'T FAIL ME!" First you need a peice. Head to an Ammu-Nation. Get strapped, and get a skateboard. Head to Saint Mark Bistro. Claude will be having a gang-war there. You need to win the gang-war so he'll die. Stealthly, take out one of Claude's rival gang's members and drag him behind the big statue. You will then take his clothes. Now you need to win the gang-war. When you kill everyone, you notice that Claude isn't there, because he stole your skateboard and ran away. You need to chase him. Get a car and go after him. Steve calls you through the cumminucation device in your ear. "Wait, Elmo! Don't kill him! We need him to tell us where the Yellow Knives Mafia is hiding. Knock him off his skateboard, and ONLY PUNCH HIM!' So chase him and do what Steve said. Once you've done that, you need to drag his body to a car. Goto the body, and press and hold X to drag his body. press triangle next to a car to knock the guy out and put the body inside. Now head to the club. Mission Passed! That's it for Loonies. Now it's time for Counter-Terrorirists!


Hostage Rescue: "Some terrorists are holding hostages at a fire station. Sneak inside and rescue stealthily take out the terrorists." Head to the fire station, and sneak inside. You are not allowed to cause casualties to innoccent firemen. A little further into the station, you'll see a power switch. Shut it off, and activate your thermovision. Now it should be easier. Head to the gates. You can't be seen, but you can still be heared. Crouch and move stealthily. When you get to the gates, The CT Team will contact you. "Good Job. Now switch to your sniper rifle and shoot the terrorist. If you miss, you will be caught, so you have to make it count." Take out your sniper rifle and take out the terorrist. The alarm will go off. Now you need to get out of there! The main gate is closing. You can etheir slide under the gate, or take the backdoor. If you slide manage to slide through before the gate closes, The Mission is passed. If you take the back door, you have to kill the terrorists in the way. Etheir way, Mission Passed! Thermovision has been unlocked at Ammu-Nation.

Desert Dual: "A group of terrorists are developing a Marijuana Farm in the near-desert area. Go over there and make sure the farm does not develop any further. Today, some of our boys will be following your lead. Don't let us down, Charles." Get in the S.W.A.T Van and goto the Desert. Wait for the 3 other members, then go. When you get there, a Terrorist Guard will see you and head to the alarm. Kill him silently before he gets there. You need to destroy the harvests before anything else. Head to the undercover area and plant a C4 Plastic Explosive at on the wall. Next, you need to infiltrate and destroy 2 Generators in the building. Near the Farm. Stealth is Everything. Make sure you don't get detected or the recruits will be killed for sure. Stealthily, enter the building from the back door, and you'll find the first generator right in front of you. Plant a C4 there. Push it aside with the circle button for a secret passage to the other side. Plant a C4 on the generator at the end of the tunnel. Now you need to escape.
Head for the S.W.A.T Van. When you get close, you'll notice it's not there, so you need to take the Bunker Van behind the harvests. Make sure everyone's inside, then head for the base. Halfway there, two Packers and a motorcycle will chase you. The recruits can shoot them off. Remeber, if a recruit is killed, then the mission is failed. Do your best to get them to the base in one peice. When you arrive, the CT Captains will congratulate you and promote you from a Corporal to a Sergant. Mission Passed! You can now Recruit S.W.A.T members walking around the base.

Inside Job: "An undercover agent has confirmed that The Yellow Knives Mafia is robbing the Newly-Opened Bank. You need to plant a bug at the safe without panacing the workers." Head to The Bank and get inside. The Mob will be arriving in 6 Minutes. Head to the safe and face it. The Phrase "triangle Plant Bug" Should apear on the top-left of the screen. So press triangle and you will plant the bug. "The Agent hasn't told us whitch bank is being robbed. There are 3 possibilities: 1. This bank 2. Liberty City National Bank 3. The Money Rag. You need to plant a bug at all these places." When they arrive, you will be notified that the mob is robbing Liberty City National Bank, and the police will not arrive on time. So you need to stop them. Head to LCNB. Go inside and kill all the mob members before one of them fills up their bag. Mission Passed! Anti-Robbery Mission are now unlocked in the LCNB. They are an asset, so they are not part of the story.After the mission, you'll get a call from an anonymous person. "Mr. Fredrick. Meet me at the Police Station." The "?'" On the radar is now available.

The Anonymous Missions:

Carrey: The Anonymous Person steps closer to you. "Mr. Fredrick....I was starting to think you weren't coming." You don't answer, but stare at his covered face. "Hey, Did you hear me son?" Suddenly, You have another flashback. This one looks like you're skydiving...but the same guy that was in the helicopter flashback is in this one, next to you. "Pull....Your....Para....Chute!" You hear faintly. "Hey, Did you hear me son?" The flashback fades. "Who Are You?" You ask. "Hmph. Then you really have lost your memory...! I'm General Hepth. Ring a bell?" You don't answer. "Listen, Son, Carrey wants to see you. You should talk to her." Hepth Says. "Carrey?" You don't remember a thing. "Just go over there." Take this car too. She won't reconnize you without it." I must question this man," You say to yourself as you walk to the car. Goto Carrey's House. When you arrive, a message will apear. "Use The Horn." When you ring the horn, she will tell you to come in. Carrey walks to the car. "Who is Charles Fredrick?" You ask Carrey. "That's you...or at least it was you..." Carrey replies. "Charles Fredrick is the man whos identity you've taken." Your shocked. "Come inside, it's cold out here." As you walk inside the house, you have yet another flashback. In this one, you walk inside the same house, but it seems new. "How was work?" A woman that looks like Carrey is waiting for you there. The flashback is over. "This is the---" BOOM! There is a big explosion outside. You and Carrey Run to the window. A large Jeep drives to the house. "Carrey! Charles! Get in! Terrorists are attacking Liberty City! We have to retreat!" It's Hepth. You and Carrey get in. "Hold off the other cars as I drive." You have to use a mounted machine gun to destory the chasing vehicles. After a while, you arrive at the airport. "Come on! Liberty isn't safe anymore! Our only option is San Andreas! Charles, you fly." Hepth says as everyone enters the Shamal at the end of the runway. Fly to the blip. The blip is set way off the coast. After a while, you should see a corna. Fly through it and you will be teleported to Los Santos. You can only visit Los Santos. The other islands are blocked. You now need to land. When you land, Carrey and Hepth will get out and tell you to meet them here at the International Airport runway for plans. Mission Passed! Los Santos is now accessible from the Airport. You need to enter the yellow arrow at Francis International Airport and choose Los Santos. Shortly After the mission, you will recieve a a call from Steve. "Hey, Elmo. I made Claude talk. He told us about the Yellow Knife Mafia. Meet me at Luigi's club." Loonies missions have not been unlocked once again. You will need to go back to Liberty City again. WARNING: LIBERTY CITY IS RIOTING. AFTER THE FIRST MISSION, THE LOONIES WILL BE MOVED TO LOS SANTOS.

The Loonies Missions:

Exposion: When you arrive, Steve will poke his head from behind the service door. "Psst! Over here!" When you go behind he'll tell you his plan. "The city's rioting! We gotta get the hell outta here, elmo!" Steve explains. "How about San Andreas?" You ask. "Ok Sure Whatever." Take Steve to the airport ALIVE. When you arrive at the airport, you will come accross the runway gates. "How are we gonna get through that?" Steve asks. Suddenly, a huge missle blows it open. "Take the hint! Let's go!" Steve says. You two run to the plane. You then get a call from General Hepth calls you. "Hey, son! I need some help! Some guy tricked me into coming to Liberty! Help! I'll send you my co-ordinates." Steve takes off. Save General Hepth! He starts at Saint Mark Bistro and goes around the hospital. You have to hijack the car. DON'T DESTORY IT! If you jack the car, you'll attempt to pick the lock of General Hepth's cuffs. To do this, your speed must be reduced to 0 and it must be kept there for 10 seconds. If done properly, General Hepth will be free. "Ahhh, Thanks, Son. Now let's get the hell outta here. The [i]Boat Taxi[/] at the bridge is an option. Let's head there. Goto the Bridge Shore. When you get there, General Hepth will get in a boat and wave goodbye. Shortly after, you'll get a call from Steve. "Someone's attacking the plane and I can't take them out! Get your ass over here!" Goto the airport and hijack a [i]Utility[/]. The Utility is a helicopter which has an auto cruise option which keeps it going strait, and has a ladder to the roof, perfect for jumping from plane to plane. After you hijack it, you need to goto the plane. When you get close a message will apear: " select Toggle Auto-Cruise" Now you need to level with the plane, press select and climb the ladder inside the plane to the top. Now you need to jump to the other plane. Every Plane has a hatch on the top stand on top of it and a message will apear: "triangle Open Hatch" "Finaly, Elmo! I'll take care of these helicopters, and you can fly." Steve says. Fly to Los Santos. When you fly halfway, the hunters will retreat, if they already haven't been destoryed. When you get to Los Santos, Steve will congratulate you on a job well done. "You did good, Elmo---" Yet another flashback! This one is you and steve driving in a car. "So, Elmo, Are you quiting the force?" Steve says. "Your forgetting, Steve. That was just part of our plan." You reply. "Oh yeah! I remember!" The Flashback is over! "I'll see you at the Binco in Ganton, Elmo. Mission Passed! Loonies have been moved to Ganton. OK let's see what we know about Charles. First of all, his partner was General Hepth, His Wife is Carrey, he is a criminal, he joined the police as a part of his plan with steve, and Carrey says that Charles Fredrick is her husband, and you have took his identity. We will find out who Charles really is later on in the game. After the mission, your maximum HP will be increased by an extra 20. A thanks for all the work. Los Santos is now officialy unlocked, and can now be fully accessed.

An Old Friend: "It's about time we take this "Las Sontas" over, Elmo," Steve says. 'It's Los Santos," you correct. "Hey! I Do the talking here, Elmo! Now get yo ass to Idlewood, and find Claude! He's been here before, he knows this place. My men are taking him somewhere to make him talk. Help them, Elmo. NOW!" Steve yells. Goto Idlewood and Find Claude. He's in front of "The blue house." Once you find The Blue House, you'll notice some dead Loonies type bodies in front of you. You reach into one of the guard's pockets and take out a Tracking Device. It shows where Claude is. Find and Capture Claude! Like last time, don't kill him, just beat him until he falls. This time, he's in a car, not a skateboard! So you'll have to hit the car until it chatches fire, then beat him. Drive-Bys will help. But first, Let's find him. If you follow the red marker on the radar, you should find a black Kuroma. Hit it until Claude bails out. When he's out, punch him until he's fallen. Then, drag his body to a car, and go back to The Blue House. When you arrive, Steve will tell you to wait outside. After 30 seconds, he comes out. "OK, Elmo, Claude says Los Santos is ruled by gangs. So we need to gain some territory. Go get at least 3 territories, and we'll talk, Elmo." Mission Passed! Gang Territories has now been unlocked. In order to do the next mission, you must take over at least 3 territories.

A New Approach: "So you got some territory, huh Elmo? Well according to Claude, a gang called "The Ballas" have stolen from our goods and are now shipping it to Liberty. Get a Utility and bring the plane back." Steve explains. Grab a Utility from the airport. Once you get it, you need to reach the plane. Once you get close, the people will start talking. "Get this fool!" Someone yells. "Don't Let him escape!" The voice echos. Another flashback! This one continues the one with you and Hepth flying over a military field. A missle hits the helicopter. "Don't let him escape!" Someone yells. "Come on, son! Fly! Area 69 isn't safe!" General Hepth yells. The flashback fades. "Military Field... In Las Venturas...." You say to yourself. You get back to your objective. Level with the Sky Crane, activate Auto-Cruise, and get on the roof, then jump to the crane. A cutscene starts. You land on the crane, but it slightly tilts, and you slip off. Now your falling from the sky! "Use the Grappel in your backpack!" Steve says in your earphone. You need to target the Utility heliccpter. If you fire it right, you should be hanging from it. Now pull yourself upwards until you touch the helicopter. Charles will automaticly get inside the helicopter once you touch it. Now you have to jump onto the crane once again. Level the helicopter, and jump onto the crane. Press triangle once on the Hatch and Charles will go inside, and the door will open and Ballas will be pushed out. Pretty funny to hear him scream. Now turn around and land the crane in Steve's Helipad. Mission Passed! That's it for Loonies. Let's goto General Hepth at the airport now.

General Hepth's Missions:

K-ET: "Hey, son. Glad you made it." General Hepth says. "I need to know who I am." You reply. "Not now. There are a series of delivery trucks that work for a gang that wants to destory Liberty City. Get in the car I've prepared for you and take them out. I want the car returned in good condition! Understand?" General Hepth says. "Yes, Sir!" You reply. Get in the K-ET. The K-ET is General Hepth's special operation car. It can fly for a short while, and it can fire machine guns. It can also auto-target enemy vehicles. Not to mention it can turn into a boat for 4 minutes! Once your inside, 3 Red markers will apear on your rader you need take them all out. The first one is on a boat in the sea. A message should apear on the top-left corner of your screen: "L2 + R2 Boat Mode" Once your a boat, you need to take out the truck . It's not moving though, so it should be easy. Just target the car and fire your machine guns ultil it blows up. The next one is a plane. It's moving pretty slow so it's easy to hit it. Get on land, and press L2 and R2 again to turn into normal mode. Once your close to the plane, a message will apear: "square + up Flight Mode" Press the buttons to turn into a plane. You can only fly for 2:00 minutes so you must take it out fast. Once you get close, target it and fire your machine guns. The next one is a normal car. Just land and press square and up again to turn into car mode. Just target the car and take it out. Once it's out, you need to goto the airport again. It's best to fly there since it's faster. Once you get there, General Hepth will congratulate you. Mission Passed! As a reward, your vehicles take 50% less damage from falls.

Ressurection: Nobody seems to be there when you arrive. "Over here, son!" General Hepth yells from a distance. You run to him. Carrey and Hepth are using a laptop. "OK, Charles, I've found a sewer way into Liberty City. It's pretty safe, and it's a good way to retreive our belongings so we can go somewhere else." Carrey explains. "Good Luck, Son." General Hepth says. Fly to the Drop Point. It's best to use a plane; K-ET won't last long enough. When you fly to the corona, Charles will automaticly bail out of the plane. After about 3 second, you'll reach the water. Now you need to get to the openning. Dive underwater and go to the Sewer Openning. It's a big hole in the ocean wall. Once you reach it, a cutscene will begin. The opening will close and the water will be drained. Now you need to get to the manhole next to Carrey's house. It shouldn't be too far. Once you reach it, Charles will open the manhole and climb up. Quickly run to the house in front of you before you get killed! Once you reach the door, a cutscene will begin. Charles will go inside the house, and grab the bag of belongings Carrey left. Then he'll go out--and he'll see the manhole has been blocked! There's one about 10 seconds away. Since your carring the bag, your speed will decrease. Once you get to the manhole, you will automaticly drop the bag inside, jump in, and close the manhole. Now you need to get back to the opening. "Hey, son, we're waiting for you at the opening with a submarine. Don't be too late." General Hepth says through your earradio. His voice echos, and you have another flashback. This one is you and General Hepth in a submarine, go to an island. "OK, son, this is the mafia island near Liberty. Don't be too late!" The flashback fades. "Mafia Island...Unfinished Business..." You say to yourself. Get to the submarine. once you reach the opening, it will open and you have to swim to the submarine. Once you reach it, you get in automaticly and you and General Hepth will go back to the airport. Mission Passed! The submarine is now unlocked at the docks in Liberty City. If the rest of the missions are over, you will get a call from Steve. "Aight, It's time to take back Liberty City. Go get strapped, then meet me at the airport." Loonies is now unlocked at the airport.

The Loonies Missions:

Bringing the Liberty: When you arrive at the airport, General Hepth will approach you. "Hey, son, why are you here?" at the same time, Steve runs to you. "What up, Elmo." Hepth and Steve stare at eachother. "Who's this guy?" they both say at the same time. "This, is General Hepth," You say, "And General Hepth, this is Steve." "We're going to take back Liberty City," Steve explains, "You wanna come?" "Sure," General Hepth says, "We can take my special operation car, the K-ET." "Cool, Let's go," Steve commands. Get in K-ET. "I'll drive, son, you two watch the back." General Hepth says. You and him switch seats. You go into first person mode. "Press L2 to take cover, and circle to Shoot" A message apears. After about 2 minutes, General Hepth will warn you. "Allright, Get ready, Steve and Charles, we're entering Liberty City! I'm gonna go for the tower, so we can stop the riot." Now all the cars start chasing you. You need to destroy the chasing vehicles, as well as make sure Steve doesn't die, becuase he's riding shotgun too. After a few cars, a helicopter will come. "I'm going to flight mode, so it might get bumpy!" General Hepth says. Now you're level with the helicopter, so you can take it out. After the helicopter is out, two more will come. "I'm almost to the tower. You two take the helicopter." General Hepth says. A message will now apear. "triangle + :up Climb to the roof" So press triangle and up and Charles will climb to the roof. Now you're on the roof, Steve blows the door open, so you need to kill the driver. Once he's killed, you need to press square and triangle at the same time, so you will jump and jack the Hunter. "I'll take the other one, Elmo." Steve says. "Head for the satellite dish, and I'll take the under." General Hepth says. Destroy the satellite dish. Use missles for a better explosion. Once it's destroyed, You need to follow General Hepth back to Los Santos, for the riot to stop. A bar is displayed on the right showing the car's health. Cover the car. Once you reach Los Santos, you need to land. When you landed, the mission will pass. Mission Passed! Liberty City is now re-unlocked. The riot has stopped. There's a new blip on the radar showing a GL representing "Genral Hepth and Loonies" Because they are now working togetehr. Genral Hepth and Loonies is now unlocked at Luigi's Club.

Loonies and Genral Hepth Missions:

C4 Crisis: "Go, Charles! There's an atmoic bomb in the docks! We don't have much time, Hurry!" General Hepth explains as soon as you go into the red marker. Goto the docks. When you arrive, you will see a bunch of mafia members attacking cops trying to defuse the bomb. Get Rid of the Guards! Once they're dead, The objective will change. Defuse the bomb! Head over to the C4 planted near the water. As soon as you reach it, you will attempt to defuse it. you must press X and circle quickly until it is disabled. it turns out you cut the wrong wire, and the bomb can't be stopped! You need to dump it somewhere away from the city. Enter the boat near the shore. Head to the outskirts of Liberty City. After 2 minutes, a sky crane will chase you and pick your boat up. Press triangle and jump out of the boat. Now you need to head to the outskirts by swiming. If you swam as fast as you could, you should have 30 seconds to spare. Once you reach the red marker, Charles will throw the bomb underwater.Then, Steve will arrive with a boat. Jump on the Boat! Steve will drive you away from the bomb. Then sit back and watch the explosion! Mission Passed! Counter-Terrorists Mission have been re-unlocked.

Mobs In Da Hood: "OK Elmo, It's time to fully take over Los Santos." Steve explains. "Get your ass over there, and take over ALL the territories. Then we can talk." Mission Passed! Now you have to take over all the territories in Los Santos to do the next mission.

Mobs In Da Hood:
NOTE: The name is still the same as the last mission.
"Now that Los Santos is out of the way, It's time to take over Liberty...From the inside!" Steve Explains. "How?" You ask. "It was easy to take over a gang filled town like Los Santos, but not a Mob filled town. What you need to do is trick a gang into coming to Los Santos. We'll start with 3 gangs." Steve says. "Take Hepth's K-ET. It will help." Enter K-ET. Goto Los Santos. When you arrive, two markers will apear on your radar. You need to make them chase you to Liberty City. Kill 3 or more gang members and the main car will follow you. Once it's after you, drive them to Liberty City. Let's start with the Balas on the Red marker. Run over 3 gang members, and the main car will follow you. Drive to Liberty City. DON'T MAKE THEM DESTORY THEIR CAR! Once you drive through the Corona at the end of the Los Santos and Liberty City bridge, they will stop. Next up is Vatos. Kill three gang members, then drive the main car to the bridge, and fly through the Corona. "Next one is Grove Street. This is a special gang, so don't screw this one up." Steve says through your earphone. Goto Grove Street. When you arrive, a man will come to your car. "Friend or Foe?" He asks. "Friend," You Reply. "Where are your colors?" he asks. "Lost them. Hoping to get new ones." You reply. "Allright homie. Drop by my house and I'll get you some new threads. "Good Job, Elmo! By being friends with Carl Johnson, the leader, you can just advise them to come to Liberty!" Steve says. Mission Passed! Carl Johnson is now unlocked at Grove Street. The K-ET will now spawn at the service door of Luigi's Club. That's all the mission for General Hepth and Loonies for now. Counter-Terrorists, here we come!

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What'd ya know I'm already working on a GTA4 fanfic thing...Heheh...
I'll Reserve me a spot...


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thx for the comment in the new ending forum

*spot taken*

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*reserves spot*

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Thanks to all that joined, I will be posting the list of competitors later on tonight. For the ones who have not reserved their spot, tonight will be your last chance.

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me too reserve one for me

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(Games Magazine with this report)
GM:We just got this report in, that R* has sold the rights of there multi-million making game Grand Theft Auto. We were unable to confirm this of yet, we were told a small gaming company has bought the rights to the game and will be putting out a new GTA game called "The Forgotten CitY".
More on this game coming soon.

(Electronic Games Magazine)
EGM: Seems R* has sold the rights to Grand Theft Auto to a small gaming company "Black Shadows". The new GTA game is in the making called "THE FORGOTTEN CITY". No word on when it is set to come out.

(Games Magazine with this exclusive interview with Black Shawdow's company)
GM:Let start with the new GTA game you making called "The Forgotten City". Whats the game about?
BS:Well you control a character who's been kicked out of the Army and he has returned home. He has been gone for 10 years only to find that his city is gone, it seems to have disappeard.
GM:Where does this city take place?
BS:We cant give out that info out at the moment
GM:What can the gta fans expect from this new game?
BS:A more active city, meaning more real life feel to it, one of the best new things is your character is able roll on the ground, communicate and interact with peds. Right now its still early in the making, but we at Black Shadows will be releasing more of what the game is about. We will be giving out the characters, the cities and the places this all will be taking place.
GM:Thank You
As you can see Black Shadows is keeping a tight lip on things but promise to bring the gamers a closer look into the game.....

*They forgot about him. He was gone for 10 years. Now he has returned. Grand Theft Auto "THE FORGOTTEN CITY"coming soon.*

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QUOTE (NeonHandshake @ Apr 2 2005, 15:51)
I'll do it. I'll reserve a spot.
So we are started now and finished by tomorrow? heh, go for it. GTA Mexico coming up.

LOL! No the dead line is May 4th of next month which gives everybody 30 days.

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QUOTE (CJ'S Dead Brother @ Apr 4 2005, 02:28)
QUOTE (NeonHandshake @ Apr 2 2005, 15:51)
I'll do it. I'll reserve a spot.
So we are started now and finished by tomorrow? heh, go for it. GTA Mexico coming up.

LOL! No the dead line is May 4th of next month which gives everybody 30 days.

Well, this is pretty confusing: "05/04/05". But thank God you just said that, I feel less rushed.

@ NeonHandshake: I hope you're focusing in a different "spot" of Mexico because the capital (Mexico City) and its surroundings are already taken. tounge.gif

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QUOTE (PresidentKiller @ Apr 4 2005, 07:36)
QUOTE (CJ'S Dead Brother @ Apr 4 2005, 02:28)
QUOTE (NeonHandshake @ Apr 2 2005, 15:51)
I'll do it. I'll reserve a spot.
So we are started now and finished by tomorrow? heh, go for it. GTA Mexico coming up.

LOL! No the dead line is May 4th of next month which gives everybody 30 days.

Well, this is pretty confusing: "05/04/05". But thank God you just said that, I feel less rushed.

@ NeonHandshake: I hope you're focusing in a different "spot" of Mexico because the capital (Mexico City) and its surroundings are already taken. tounge.gif

My fault guys 05/04/05 meant 05/04/2005 lol I really did not have to put the last 05. The first 05 is the month which is May and the 04 of course is the day.
But I may ever thing clear in the first post, hope this clears ever thing up for every body. And to think I sent out pm's to everybody to let them know the dead line. LOL! They may be thinking the same thing "what one day". LOL!

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Grand Theft Auto: Vagen City

Version 1.2
2.Main Characters
3.Social life of Vagen City
4.New Features

Jack "Kwikky" Grindale is dead. His family have been disgraced, his friends don't want to be apart of it. But the man who killed had made one mistake, the biggest kingpin of Vagen City, Bob "Big Boy" Malen, has forgotten to check that Kwikky is really dead. Now Jack is climbing the gangster scene in Vagen City, a crime-rotted city where Corruption,Chaos and Power is everything, from the loudstreets of Kelhorne, to the glitz 'n' glamour of Brisvegas, to the country area of Brown Dust to the city of Bangerya. Truly here, in Vagen City, crime does pay.

Main Characters Information
Jack "Kwikky" Grindale,
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Other information: He is supposibly dead, he was "killed" in Vice City, but the men didn't shot the head, they missed the heart by 10 millimetres, the sniper had even checked his pulse, it wasn't beating but he was clinically dead. 2 days later he found himself on a new FBI relocation program, he is going to his new home, Vagen City.
Bob "Big Boy" Malen
Age: 56
Appearence: Has white hair and is usually wearing a white tuxedo
Other information: The big king pin of Vagen City, currently running a weapons deal with the Swordshot Triads and a drug deal with the Vagen Demons, he is the main influence of the Russian Mafia and is suspected of murder,drug dealing and other various crimes.
Angus "Dead Red" Gonzla
Age: 24
Appearence: Has purple hair and wears a "Punx" T-shirt with denim pants
Other information: Jacks cousin, he was once a fierce commando in Vietcong, after the war ended he went back to his life as a car whizz. Not only is he an expert at cars, he is a brillant shooter. He is also apart of a up-coming band called "Sharp Shooters" the band are currently looking for a bodyguard.
Drake Johnson
Appearance: Black hair, dark skin
Other information: Jacks childhood friend. Moving to Vagen City to see if he can make something of his life, Jack needs his help to climb the gangster scene, but the only probelm is that the junior hoods seem to be messing up some oppurtunities.
Rodriguz "Valechi" Valechierzy
Appearence: Tanned skin, white tank top and a goatee
Other information: The viscous new leader of the Vagen Demons, this man will stop at nothing to see what he wants to happen. He can be found in his drug den.
Rickie "Slashz" Venomo.
Appearence: Perfect blonde hair and an orange t-shirt.
Other information: Rumored to be Valechi's cousin, Rickie is a small young man who depends on his cronies to take out the baddies, its also rumored that when Fugs get caught, Rickie is always at the beach.
Tim Grindale
Age: 68
Appearence: Black hair, blue shirt and Denim shorts.
Other information: Jacks dad, he keeps in touch with his son every week. It had been a tough life for him when he found out Jack was being hunted down, he now happy that Kwikky is living with his friends. But Jack has been husseled by a few boys who don't like the Anarkyz appearence, Jack promised he'd put a stop to it.
Quick Kat
Appearence: Red jump suit
Other information: Leader of The Beat Boi'z, he is high on life and loves rap, he owns a recording studio but he can't seem to find the right singer, a challenge has gone out for whoever can beat him in break dancing gets the deeds.

The Social Life of Vagen City
Aren't you sick of it in San Andreas when you walk down the street,nothings happening expect people walking and talking. Well in Vagen City many things are happening. First people are buying new clothes from such stores as Zip,Victim and Didier Sachs. But a few new stores have hit the city such as, Root 'em Toot 'em Cowboys, Sacy and the very expensive Dazzle. Citizens are buying from Taco Barko,Cluckin' Bell, Hot 'n Spicy and the fancy resturant, Franchie. You might also notice citizens will sit down and eat, chat and some might even pull a Once upon a time in Mexico. You might notice that if you stray to far into the alleyways of Vagen City,various drug deals will be going down, murders, shoot-outs and gambling. Finally citizens might feel like a nice movie, a walk in a park,a game of football or maybe watch a cock fight in the town Libirachi in Brown Dust.
New Features
Bounty hunter:
Sick of waiting for a certain mission to assinate someone? Well head down to Bobs Bountys and see who needs a tune down. The bounty system would work simply. A man would be wanted dead or alive. If dead you have to take a picture of his body, if alive, a "restrain target" icon will appear and he will follow you to your car, you will then put him in the boot and drop him off for your reward.
Limo Driver:
After you finish work for the band "Sharp Shooter" You will then unlock Chauffer missions, what happens is you get into a limo, hit R3 and it will activate the missinos. After this you shall pick up "Sharp Shooter" and drop them off at various points in the towns, for gigs,Vammys or other things.
You can start this at the beginning of the game, it costs $100 000 to own a team, after this you can swap them around, customize their uniforms, watch them and best of all, you can rake in the money depending on when they win.
Personal Chauffer:
Avalible after you purchase a football team or buy the Recording Studio ($25 000) you now have to abililty to call your Limo driver, he will arrive at the area in 1 minute max, (This is confirmed when at the bottom of the screen it goes: "Your Limo has arrived") Once you are in a map shall appear, you can pin point the exact spot you wish to visit, while in the car you have a choice of looking out the windows, performing drive-by's or playing the inbuilt game. You can also customize your limo. The limo is on hire until you can secure your own, then your chauffer will drive for free.
Dual Weapons Well apart for your average pistol and uzi, you can now dual weild:
Desert Eagles

Street Fugz
A bunch of high-school drop-outs lead by a very determined leader called Rickie "Slashz" Venomo.
Turf: Vagen Slums, Kelhorne.
Colour: Orange
Buisness: Stealing, mugging and minor drug-deals.
Cars: Greenwoods, Savanna's and Voodoo's
Vagen Demons
A gang who have just arrived from San Andreas, after Grove Street drove The Vago's out of Los Santos, they have changed their name and cleaned up their act, they are led by a quick-thinking leader known as Rodriguz "Valechi" Valechierzy.
Turf: Jagz. Kelhorne and Libirachi. Brown Dust
Colour: Yellow
Buisness: Drug trafficing, weapon dealing, bank robbereys and prositution.
Cars: Royalz (A very poor looking version of a Stinger and Felzter combined) Painted assorted colours such as a red front, blue doors and green sides. No matter what colour it always has a yellow "V" spray painted on.
A gang ran by Drake Johnson, a small gang with about 20 members in total, there once was a top 5 of the gang but 4 of them have been assinated, Drake is worried so he has left Kwikky in charge for awhile.
Turf: Currently fighting a gang war with the Street Fugs over Vagen Slumz in Kelhorne.
Colour: Blue
Buisness: Small drug-deals, Grand Theft Auto, street violence and robberey
Car: Bronco (4-door Picadoor painted blue, body kit like a Cartel Cruiser)
The Beat Boi'z
A gang who are not really a gang, all they do is shoplift, smoke and listen to rap. Their leader is Quick Kat.
Turf: The Hoods, Brisvegas
Colour: Red
Car: Dobo's (Sister car of the Lobo) It is painted red with green flames and always bouncing.

To be added:
[i] what to expect? 2 slots of guns,Gang interface and 1 new gang, TV stations and custom cars-------------------------------------
Note to reader: Vammys are a rip-off of the Grammys.
Updated, more.

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Posted 04 April 2005 - 09:30 AM

This is going to be good, I need to learn how to change colors and post banners and pics. But I see we have some pros on here keep up the good work.

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QUOTE (PresidentKiller @ Apr 4 2005, 07:36)
QUOTE (CJ'S Dead Brother @ Apr 4 2005, 02:28)
QUOTE (NeonHandshake @ Apr 2 2005, 15:51)
I'll do it. I'll reserve a spot.
So we are started now and finished by tomorrow? heh, go for it. GTA Mexico coming up.

LOL! No the dead line is May 4th of next month which gives everybody 30 days.

Well, this is pretty confusing: "05/04/05". But thank God you just said that, I feel less rushed.

@ NeonHandshake: I hope you're focusing in a different "spot" of Mexico because the capital (Mexico City) and its surroundings are already taken. tounge.gif

I'll tie it in with Rio and other South American places (Colombia most likely, forming a GTA:Latino) if it helps. if that's still unacceptable I guess I could figure something for a GTA London but I'd prefer not...surely we're going to have more than one person doing some of the same locations anyway? I guess I wanna know about this, if it's a problem can I be told? tounge.gif
And thanks for the correction of the date smile.gif
Oh and if it helps, my story is around a corrupt cop so I hope you can see I'm not trying to copy/annoy anyone

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Posted 04 April 2005 - 03:21 PM

QUOTE (NeonHandshake @ Apr 4 2005, 14:56)
QUOTE (PresidentKiller @ Apr 4 2005, 07:36)
QUOTE (CJ'S Dead Brother @ Apr 4 2005, 02:28)
QUOTE (NeonHandshake @ Apr 2 2005, 15:51)
I'll do it. I'll reserve a spot.
So we are started now and finished by tomorrow? heh, go for it. GTA Mexico coming up.

LOL! No the dead line is May 4th of next month which gives everybody 30 days.

Well, this is pretty confusing: "05/04/05". But thank God you just said that, I feel less rushed.

@ NeonHandshake: I hope you're focusing in a different "spot" of Mexico because the capital (Mexico City) and its surroundings are already taken. tounge.gif

I'll tie it in with Rio and other South American places (Colombia most likely, forming a GTA:Latino) if it helps. if that's still unacceptable I guess I could figure something for a GTA London but I'd prefer not...surely we're going to have more than one person doing some of the same locations anyway? I guess I wanna know about this, if it's a problem can I be told? tounge.gif
And thanks for the correction of the date smile.gif
Oh and if it helps, my story is around a corrupt cop so I hope you can see I'm not trying to copy/annoy anyone

I would say that having the same country or state is ok, you may have two people wanting to do Cali. But I would say watch out for the cities, if you see that somebody beat you to the punch on a city. Then you would have to name your city different. Again you can make up any name of a city it dont have to be the actural one.

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Location:start on a NEVARRE windfield but overall, all the towns(no cities in NEVARRE) and the northern mountains,The french boarder and some of the Basque coast

Objective:Destroy windfield and damn and criple northern spains power suply crash the economy and evacuate to france

I'll edit this later.


Basicaly the storyline to that

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Posted 04 April 2005 - 03:41 PM

Ok I decided it would be cool to let others join in and not keep it limited, but the new comers make sure you read the first post on the rules. No matter when you join the dead line is May 5th.

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Posted 04 April 2005 - 05:21 PM

QUOTE (CJ'S Dead Brother @ Apr 4 2005, 15:21)
QUOTE (NeonHandshake @ Apr 4 2005, 14:56)
QUOTE (PresidentKiller @ Apr 4 2005, 07:36)
QUOTE (CJ'S Dead Brother @ Apr 4 2005, 02:28)
QUOTE (NeonHandshake @ Apr 2 2005, 15:51)
I'll do it. I'll reserve a spot.
So we are started now and finished by tomorrow? heh, go for it. GTA Mexico coming up.

LOL! No the dead line is May 4th of next month which gives everybody 30 days.

Well, this is pretty confusing: "05/04/05". But thank God you just said that, I feel less rushed.

@ NeonHandshake: I hope you're focusing in a different "spot" of Mexico because the capital (Mexico City) and its surroundings are already taken. tounge.gif

I'll tie it in with Rio and other South American places (Colombia most likely, forming a GTA:Latino) if it helps. if that's still unacceptable I guess I could figure something for a GTA London but I'd prefer not...surely we're going to have more than one person doing some of the same locations anyway? I guess I wanna know about this, if it's a problem can I be told? tounge.gif
And thanks for the correction of the date smile.gif
Oh and if it helps, my story is around a corrupt cop so I hope you can see I'm not trying to copy/annoy anyone

I would say that having the same country or state is ok, you may have two people wanting to do Cali. But I would say watch out for the cities, if you see that somebody beat you to the punch on a city. Then you would have to name your city different. Again you can make up any name of a city it dont have to be the actural one.

So I could make a city based on Mexico City, call it something different to the other guy, and then that'd be ok? I'm sorry to be questioning so much, it's just pretty hard to think of a city in Mexico that is anywhere near as well known worldwide.
And besides which, I announced I was making a Mexico idea before that guy posted his introduction, I'm just trying to compromise here and make a South American game.

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