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Muscle And Fitness

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Posted 3 days ago Edited by V4S, 3 days ago.

I have been trying so many diets but it all was worthless. Now I just eat healthy food, decrease sugar intake, attend gym. Also bought vitamins and started following 9 Day cleanse program. For now I lost only 5 kg :( I have been thinking to buy a cellulite reduction machine https://bimedis.com/...ology-equipment for home use. It's my only hope so I will give it a try.

Can I know more about you?
How old are you?
what is your current weight and height?
What do you eat on a typical day? be very detailed
What type of exercises do you do at the gym? be very detailed
So you lost 5kg in 9 days? That's a lot in a short period of time. Don't waste your money on that quackery of a machine.
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Posted A day ago

Thats what I gonna ask, not much to say for now.
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