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Posted 23 February 2005 - 06:21 PM

MyriadIslands.com The official website, where you can get the latest version of the Myriad Islands installer package.
New to Myriad Islands
Read before Continuing
Small guide to Myriad, with information about how this mod was first started and about our team members.
Frequently Asked Questions Read this before asking a general question.
Help & Questions Topic
Stuck, need help?
If you're having any problems with Myriad, or want to ask a general question about the mod, please post here. To help keep the forum tidy, do not start a whole new thread for your problems. If you are unsure whether to post a new topic about something Myriad related ask here and we will get back to you ASAP.
General Myriad Discussion & Ideas
Give your ideas/views
Myriad is a community project meaning anyone can have a view or give input. If you have an idea that you think would work and fits in nicely with our theme then feel free to post it in this topic.
Myriad IRC Channel Any queries or concerns about Myriad? Drop into our IRC channel for quick direct help. You can also come here to post ideas, or maybe just to get to know the team a little better and generally have fun.
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MI Installer Package This installer package contains all the final lots and updates up to the date when it was released. Check the notes on the website for more information. This package will install Myriad simply by following a few steps.
Centralized Download Centre This is where you will find all the links to the individual official Myriad Islands releases, including lots/weapons/mission updates.
Vehicles Download Centre This is where you can download all the vehicles for Myriad Islands and request certain vehicle slots for your own scratch made vehicle.
BWInstaller (Installer Helper & Booster) This is an installer created for Myriad Islands by our head mission coder Barton Waterduck. The installer reads install scripts which various people have created and installs lots automatically. It's a very handy tool and one you should use for sure if new to the mod. You can find various install scripts for the BWInstaller here .
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PPT 1 , PPT 2 , PPT 3
Preview Picture Topic
This is where modders can show any WIP screenshots of their lots, it's like having a WIP thread where people give feedback, but more general.
Myriad Screenshots Very similar to a gallery where you can look at pictures of released lots, vehicles, weapons etc.
Screenshot Competition
Guess the Location
Simple but fun competition where you have to guess the location of the picture posted. Read the first post for rules.
[WIP] Necrosis Island This topic shows one of the islands which is currently under construction by REspawn. Necrosis will be a brand new island so look here for the screens and info. Please be patient in waiting for a release.
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Myriad Islands Lots List
See which lots are free
Here you will see a map, if you are interested in creating a lot for Myriad then you need to chose a free lot from the map (e.g. illcom_c1_r1) and then post here .
[REQ] Myriad Islands Lots #2
Request your lots
After picking a free lot from the lots list (link above) you must then post your request in this topic. You must give the name of the lot you want, what you intend to build there and show some proof of your modelling skills.
Mission Script
Post your code here
Here you can contribute to the official mission script, you must have sufficient coding knowledge with coding though.
Train Planning Planning, development, review and public discussion of the Myriad Islands train.
Audio Discussion Audio discussion goes here, from radio stations to in-game sounds and anything else related to the audio.
Texturing Advice
Follow this guide
In order to get Myriad to look as decent as possible there is going to be the need of help/guides/hints of tips and this is exactly that. Just a small guide on how the texturing should look to get an overall better look.
Texture Supply Depot A simple topic regarding where you can get good decent textures from, as we want to lean away from using recycled VC and GTA3 ones. Post any decent links here you have found and check what other links people have posted.
Pre-Lighting Guide This is the new pre-lighting standard that should be used when pre-lighting your lots, make sure final lots are pre-lit correctly. This is a nice detailed guide by _RicH_ on how to get the specific standard.
Pre-Lighting Service
Get your final lots pre-lit
Since you need a copy of 3DSMax 3.x to be able to pre-light your lots, we offer this service for users of other modeling tools like ZModeler or Sketchup. Before requesting read the instructions on the first page.

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