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MTA bot

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  • Sobeit

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Posted 20 March 2005 - 04:06 PM

QUOTE (Opius @ Feb 24 2005, 09:53)
Oh for f*cks sake!

This is obviously a bot designed to allow people to practice or to fill in the gaps on private servers. He has openly admitted that everything it does is random. If someone did end up using it on a public server, it wouldn't have a hope. It's not an aimbot, it's not any sort of player enhancer, it's a bot that runs around like a player.

So, stop acting like this is going to be a big threat to your precious servers. God knows this bot is probably smarter than the people thinking it's a threat  dozingoff.gif

sorry for the horrendus bummp (if any)

but ive just noticed this topic.

i know a popular GTA MP(not the mod, a MP mod.) developer that programmed one of these.. (winsock..not keystroke)

it was very intellegant, and could battle back!

banned by the mta team for it...even though popular MTA clans were using them hehe inlove.gif

of course there are horrible destrutive bots out there tearing up MTA's netcode (0.4.1)

but this is not one of them.

  • Kryptos


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Posted 23 March 2005 - 05:55 AM Edited by Kryptos, 23 March 2005 - 05:57 AM.

Nice bot. I remember reading this topic a month or so back and I forgot to make a reply. Just ignore the ignorant MTA advocates, they live sheltered lives under the rooftop of a group of 'hackers' who hate hackers... as ironic as that may be. I'm looking forward to seeing what features you're 0.3 bot will bring, although I won't be using it unfortunately as I can no longer endure their petty bullsh*t, even venturing to their forums is becoming an aggrevating experience, reading the complete lack of intelligence that 99% of their user base displays. Last time I checked, it took Rockstar around a year and half to upgrade their Vice engine to San Andreas, MTA's now reaching their one and a half year mark at creating their multiplayer mod "Blue"... adding functionality that spookie and [sheep] have already freely released here, and not just some bullsh*t end-user SDK that only applies to their modification with a closed source environment. All this just to say that your bot is looking great.

QUOTE (Sobeit)
of course there are horrible destrutive bots out there tearing up MTA's netcode (0.4.1)

You'd think they would have sat back and wondered why so many bots, cracked clients, and et cetera, are released to battle their mod, but apparently they prefer playing the naive 'ban' card to make their problems disappear (which only heightens the overall problem). And I don't want to hear bullsh*t about banning techniques, I've f*cking outlined methods of doing so that do fully work, people just prefer to put their fingers in their ears and whistle to their hearts content pretending they are invincible. But hey, without MTA I would have no place to go to enjoy myself reading people's rants about how bad the modding problem is and laughing about their arrogant attitudes.

QUOTE (Cerbera)
People could even write bots to fight against the bots made by other people...like an online Robot Wars or something.

I think I'll just stick to plain old GTA... the day I spend hours on end watching bots fight each other is the day MTA learns to add decent RCE-protection routines.

  • chaozz

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Posted 04 May 2005 - 12:47 PM

I would like to thank the last two posters for replying.

About the bot, I've also stepped out of the MTA scene for many of the reasons mentioned by the last poster. So, the future of my MTA Bot is very uncertain. Maybe if someone wants the source and has great plans to go with that, I will release it to the public.

Until then.. don't expect updates.

  • Slopie

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Posted 17 January 2014 - 04:08 AM


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