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Street Law

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Chapter 1: In The Beginning
March 1st 1999:
Stan Markley heard voices, he back into one of the large containers. Where was he? He had been tracking a large drug smuggling ring for months, he had run aboard this Chartering Libertines cargo ship two days ago at Ocean Docks, Vice City. They had been docked at this location for an hour or two, he needed to act fast. Where was the ship now. He heard muttering outside of the container, he hid behind the contents of the container. A new Sentinel XS, 2003 edition. The container door slammed shut. He was trapped.

Catalina and Claude were outside, watching over Liberty City’s skyline. Miguel approached them.
”Catalina, we leave for San Andreas in a couple of minutes,” Miguel began.
”Fine, whatever, but first, there is a cop in this container, he boarded at Vice City, kill him and stuff him in the trunk of the Sentinel,” Claude and Miguel looked at each other. Catalina was good. Claude and Miguel fixed there guns, cocked back and opened the container.

Stan lay down flatter, the light entered the container as the door swung open, two men walked in and towards the car. Sweat rolled slowly off the edge of his brow. “Get up,” he heard a mans voice. Stan knew he was caught. He stood up, he acted scared.
”Oh god please, don’t kill me,” Stan cried with his hands in the air.

Claude stepped towards the cop. Miguel stepped in front of him and raised the gun. Claude followed Miguel’s actions.

Stan didn’t need to act any longer, as he stared down the barrels of two Colt Python’s, the tears streamed down his pale face. He thought of his wife, back in Vice City, she had a quiet job as a secretary to Kaufman Cabs. He knew he would never see her again, or his unborn child.

”What are you doing her, pig,” Miguel questioned the cop, “for every lie that comes out of your mouth you get a bullet!”

”I’m on the run, from Vice City police, I needed an escape,” Stan replied between sniffs.

”Lie,” Miguel said sharply. Claude squeezed the trigger, a bullet flew across the container into the leg of the cop.

Stan yelped in pain and fell onto the hood of the car. The pain shot from his leg into his hip, the bullet was still inside his leg. He grasped for something to keep him up.

Claude approached the cop and handled his hip, revealing a holster with a glock inside. He took it out and threw it to Miguel.
“Running from the cops but have a cop’s gun,” Claude threw a wallet to Miguel, “and a cop I.D”

Stan watched as the two men revealed his identity. One with the beard told the other quiet man to pick me up. As he grabbed Stan, he released another bullet into Stan’s ribs. Stan looked up, then fell into darkness.

”Ok, I’ll take it from here, you don’t want to be here for this,” Miguel said walking towards the cop. Claude nodded and walked out, as he left he saw Miguel take out a large meat cleaver. Claude shook and walked out as the ship departed from the dock.

Rob Carter, LSPD, a decorated agent, a major player in gang warfare. He was not crooked, but if a criminal needed to be taught a lesson, he would think twice about beating the hell out of him with the rule book. For months he had co worked with agents in Vice City, Liberty City and Carser City. He had been given double amount of work as the San Andreas gangs were now into smuggling drugs.

On this day, however, he was sitting in the office. Watching the television, the Los Santos drug scene had been very quiet over the last week. He nearly nodded off to sleep when a news bulletin came up.
”Decorated narcotics officer, Stan Markley of Vice City Police Department, was found inside an abandoned car at Easter Basin. The officer was”
Rob didn’t wait any longer for the rest of the bulletin, he was already on his way outside. He reached outside and got into his Buffalo. He needed information about the car. He dialled in a number on his carphone.
”Tony, yeah I need to know something about the car that Stan was in,” Rob said.
”Rob, ok, terrible thing that happened, let me see, it was a Sentinel XS, on import to, hmm, to, Madd Dogg, in care of Carl Johnson.”
”Thanks, Tony, I’ll be in touch,” Carter knew Carl Johnson, gang banger, Grove Street Families had only gotten stronger over the past few years. He turned his buffalo car into Idlewood, towards Grove St.

Caesar Vialpando sat in the living room of his wife’s mother’s house. Carl Johnson came down the stairs.
”CJ!” Caesar was happy to see Carl after a month away, he had been on his honeymoon with Carl’s sister Kendall.
”Hey Caes, you have a good time,” Carl rubbed his eyes, he had just woken.
”Yeah, it was great, Kendall is crashed at mine,” Caesar said sitting back down.
”Good, I’m glad you had a good time,” Carl sat down on the chair and turned on the TV.
Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

Carter stood on the porch of Carl Johnson’s house. It used to be his mother’s house, but she was killed in a drive by. Carter heard footsteps inside. He felt nervous but tried not to show it, Orange Grove gang members gathered around the house. Carter remained, staring at the door.

Carl opened the door to find a cop holding his badge up to Carl.
”Carl Johnson, may I come in,” the cop asked.
”f*ck no!” CJ slammed the door closed.
”Who was that, CJ,” Caesar asked.
”Some one-time fool,” CJ sat back down.

Rob Carter stood on the porch again, he sensed Carl didn’t really want him to turn away, he reached for the door handle, it was unlocked, he opened it and stood inside.
Carter looked into the living room. Carl Johnson was sitting on a lounge chair, a latino man, who Carter recognized almost immediately as Caesar Vialpando, sat on the couch.
”You worked the door, so” Carl muttered.
”Where were you getting your Sentinel XS from?” I asked Carl flat out.
”Why do you give a sh*t?”
”Because it was a friend of mine that was chopped up inside of it when it arrived at Easter Basin,” this caught Carl’s attention.
”What? You got the wrong man, I ain’t getting my Sentinel until tomorrow,” Carl stood up.
”Nope, it came earlier, and with a little surprise,” Carl rubbed his forehead.
”Liberty City,” Carl answered finally.
”What company?” I stepped forward.
”Private collector,” Carl answered.
”A guy who runs an auto shop up in Liberty,” Carl replied.
”WHO,” I demanded.
”Chill bitch, I don’t know his name, he is known as 8-ball down there,” Carl sat back down.
”That all you know,” Carter felt more confident as he progressed.
“Actually one more thing, I mean, I’ve told you what I know, so f*ck off!” Carl said bluntly.
Carter smirked and backed out of the house.
He stood on the door step for a second and listened inside.

Carl turned to Caesar.
”If someone is f*cking with our import services, we gotta find out who,” Carl said.
”Yeah, holmes, lets do it,” Caesar stood up and shook hands with Carl.

Carter heard what he needed, he got back into his Buffalo and sped out of Grove St.

Carter arrived at the station seconds later, he was looking for information on the car and the original location in Liberty. However as he walked towards the doors, his phone rang.
”Mr Carter,” came a gruff voice.
”Yes, who is this,” Carter replied leaning against the steps.
”Mr Carter, I know that you will get into this case, I know that you should stop right now, it is bigger than you can believe, do not get too close, you have been warned,” the voice replied.
”Who is this?” Rob suddenly became interested.
”Don’t come to Liberty City, you have been warned,” the voice came again.
”Come? You are in Liberty, I’m heading over there,” Carter said.
”If you do, you will be met by me, but it will not be under safe pretences,” the caller hung up.
Carter was confused. Who was this guy? He put it behind him and entered the LSPD to receive his tickets to Liberty City, leaving in three hours.

A scruffy man stepped away from a phone booth in St. Marks. In a large brown anorak, he pushed through a crowd of Portland citizens and headed, mysteriously out towards Harwood. He reached a dark tunnel behind 8 Ball’s Auto Shop. He crawled between cardboard boxes and revealed a sewer grate, he twisted it and opened it and climbed downwards. Once he reached the dark, dank hole below, he switched a lightswitch. Light spread to every corner of the room, a small communications room was present. Laptop, cellular phone, fax machine. The mysterious man dialled a number onto the cellular phone.

James Earl Cash stepped out of Staunton Plaza. The largest building this side of the country. His phone rang. He opened it and answered it with a raspy voice.
”Yeah,” James answered.
”Are you safe to talk,” a gruff voice came over the phone.
”Yeah,” James said looking over his shoulder.
”Everything set?”
”Yeah, no problems,” James said.
”Good, I need you to take care of someone for me before you meet me,” the gruff voice.
”And what’s that?” James walked towards the park.
”A Los Santos agent is coming here today, I want you to get information off him by any means necessary, he isn’t on to us yet, but if he keeps sneaking around, he will be,” the voice came again.
”No problem,” James replied.
”Good,” the man on the other side of the phone hung up.

Carter relaxed back into his seat, on his way to Francis International Airport, Liberty. He still had a small fear in the back of his head of this mysterious caller. He quickly put forgot about it as the plane landed. A quick flight, surprisingly, with Liberty’s abysmal weather, he expected to be cancelled again.
After about twenty minutes he stepped out into the rainy arrivals parking lot.
He was early, so expected his police pick up to be another half hour. He sat on a bench and waited.
Seconds later a Sentinel pulled into the lot, a bald man in a jean jacket opened the window.
”Carter?” the raspy voice came through the door.
”Yeah, LCPD I presume,” Rob said getting to his feet.
”Yeah, hop in,” Carter got in the passenger seat.

James Earl Cash, happy with collecting the cop before the LCPD could, took his new victim towards a hideout in Shoreside Vale. As he turned the corner sharply, his instruments of torture moved in the trunk. A boiling hot ice pick, scalpels, silenced gun, needles. It wasn’t going to be a good day for this deadbeat cop.

Carter’s ride pulled up to a block of what looked like abandoned apartments.
”This is your safe house,” James said, Carter had found out his name on the ride over to this location.
”What? Can’t I just go to the police department,” Carter asked.
”No, someone got wind of you coming into town, its safer here,”
”Who,” Carter asked but James walked into the building with a suitcase.
Carter followed into the dark doorway.
Carter looked around, he couldn’t see his fellow police officer.
James Earl Cash stalked in the shadows.
Carter, stopped and suddenly felt a large object hit him, his vision blurred and he fell into darkness.

Carl Johnson and Caesar Vialpando stepped out of the cab. They had been travelling all day and ended up in Harwood. Caesar followed Carl towards a small building near Easy Autos, a large sign with an exploding 8 ball was on it.
Carl knocked onto a door, another black man opened.
”Hell yeah, Carl!” 8 ball answered.
”Sup dawg, how you been,” Carl said stepping inside, “I’m here to talk about what happened today with my Sentinel XS.”
”Oh yeah,” 8 Ball sat down, he knew he had answers, CJ waited for them.

”AAAAGGGHHH” Carter’s screams rang out through the abandoned building. Cash held a boiling hot poker, he held it in front of Carter’s face, he smiled and lowered it to Rob’s stomach. Rob screamed in pain as smoke from his stomach, he tried to squirm free from the chains that held him from above.
”Now your pain ends, slowly, by the power of Darkel,” Cash picked up a needle, a syringe with a purple liquid inside it. Carters eyes widened, this was it.
Carter gave up all hope, just when armed swat team members burst through the door.  Cash didn’t have time to run before he was shot in the stomach with a bean bag gun, he fell to the floor in agony. A casually clothed man walked into Carter, he unchained him.
”Rob Carter,” the man said helping Rob to his feet, “sorry we’re late.”
”Who , who, who , are, you,” Rob managed to squeeze out.
”Nick Thomas, head of the counter terrorist unit, Liberty City.” Nick replied.
Rob, realising he was safe collapsed onto a chair and waited for the medics, who rushed in and went straight to work.

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Posted 04 January 2005 - 11:09 PM

Wow, Great story that you have there. It's quite long and has good punctiation. Hand this in as a general essay if you are in school and get an A+ In my opnion. cool.gif

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Posted 04 January 2005 - 11:45 PM

Thanks mate, should have a new chapter (already started) up in the next few days.

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Posted 05 January 2005 - 01:41 AM

Stan Markley heard voices, he back into one of the large containers.

Stan Markely was hiding out in the back of some the large containers. Outside, he heard voices.
Where was he?

You should never ask the reader a question. There are a few reasons for this, one is that the reader wants to be just told where he is without all the guesswork. Sometimes asking the reader a question would be applicable, but not here.
Where was the ship now.

Once again, do not do this. Oh, and you need a "?"
”What are you doing her, pig,” Miguel questioned the cop, “for every lie that comes out of your mouth you get a bullet!”

Couple things wrong with this, one is that if you are done with a sentence, put a question mark. Yes, Brass said to do the comma, but not on ever sentence. Also, "What are you doing her, pig?" doesn't really make sense. Maybe you could clarify that a little bit.

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Posted 05 January 2005 - 01:51 PM

It was meant to be
"What are you doing here, pig?"

Thanks for your input, I'll keep them in mind.

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Posted 06 January 2005 - 12:07 AM

Awesome story, 10/10
I can't wait for the next one.

when would this take place in between which games, or is it just your own gta story?

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Posted 06 January 2005 - 12:10 AM

It took place after the event in San Andreas and Vice City, and a year or so before GTA3's events.

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Posted 07 January 2005 - 10:58 PM

Great story i rellay enjoyed it.

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Posted 07 January 2005 - 11:31 PM

Thanks Cuban, here is the next chapter, its short but it leads to a long third chapter.



Chapter 2: Blast Area

Back at LCPD in Portland, Nick Thomas, needed to ask Rob Carter some questions. He approached a shaken man, but Rob seemed to be getting better.
”I need you to think carefully about anything Cash may have said, about maybe a terrorist bombing, in Liberty City,” Nick asked.
”Eh, no, he never mentioned anything, except as he was about to inject me, he called himself, or referring to someone else, that I would die by the power of Darkel.”
”sh*t, no,” Nick stood up.
”Darkel is a mysterious stranger, been quiet for a while, always had a grudge against Liberty City, a smart man, dresses like a bum to fool everyone, but he is a terrorist, all his activities he has taken part in, he has managed to escape up everytime, it must be him,” Nick said grabbing his coat.
”I’m going with you,” Rob followed him out, Nick looked at him, but reluctantly agreed.
Soon they were speeding towards Harwood, with back up behind them.
Nick stopped outside Easy Autos and walked across the yard, near 8 Ball’s. Rob looked at the small garage and thought of Carl Johnson. As they neared the tunnel, light started to appear from within. Nick ran over and flames spread from the middle of the tunnel.
”sh*t, get over to Supa Save!, I want Portland Docks closed down, no one gets in or out without being thoroughly searched!” Nick ran to his car and grabbed a fire extinguisher. After he tried to extinguish the fire, he gave up, he began to walk back towards 8 Ball’s shack.

”What the f*ck is going on out there?” CJ asked 8 ball.
”I don’t know, sh*t looks like the one-time are headed here,” 8 Ball said opening the door.
”Whats up, officers?” Nick Thomas and Rob Carter, stepped inside. Rob immediately spotted Caesar and Carl Johnson.
“Carl, what the hell are you doing here?” Rob asked.
”Just checking up on one of my OG’s,” Carl replied calmly.
”8 Ball, you seen Darkel recently,” Nick said taking charge of the conversations.
”Not for a while, no,” 8 Ball replied. CJ’s phone rang.
”Excuse me,” CJ walked outside with Caesar.

”Sweet, what you want?” CJ answered.
”Whats sup, bro, I’m on my way to Liberty, I thought I could do with a little break, I got Big Bear with me,” Sweet said.
”Alright, where you staying?” CJ said.
”Bear got us a nice suite at the Staunton Plaza,” Sweet said.
”OOOHHWEEE, sweet,” CJ said laughing.
”Yeah, well why the f*ck not? I’ll holler at you when I get there,” Sweet said.
”Alright, talk to you then homie,” CJ hung up.

Nick Thomas and Rob Carter walked out of the shack and got into their car. Nick sat into the driver seat, his phone rang.
”Nick, its Steve, here at CTU, look we got something big out of Cash, apparently Darkel is planning a bombing in Liberty, Cash says he doesn’t know where, but he said there will be mass casualties.”
”sh*t, try and get a location, I’ll stay here and search for Darkel, he couldn’t have gone far,” Nick hung up.

Later that day, Nick and Rob were driving across the Callahan Bridge, no sign of Darkel, no sign of the bomb. Nick’s mind was racing, he had no idea where it could be. He drove by the park in Belleville. Rob had been quiet aswell, he was thinking. Nick pulled the car to a halt outside of the Staunton Plaza, a huge crowd were rushing inside, the two cops hopped out of the car and ran towards the entrance.
”Whats going on here?” Nick asked a security guard.”
”Love Fist, they are doing a secret concert, trying to rebuild their fan base, they just appeared suddenly and tons of people are coming in off the streets,” Nick looked at Rob, Rob nodded.
”Damn,” Nick ran back to his car and dialled up CTU.

Sweet Johnson and Big Bear strolled into their suite, one the 99th floor of the Staunton Plaza.
”Finally here,” Sweet said falling into an armchair.
”Yeah, CJ’s on his way,” Bear said.
”Good, then lets wait,” Sweet said switching on the TV.

Darkel walked out onto the roof of a nearby multi story parking lot. He watched with anticipation at the Staunton Plaza, he checked his watch, soon it would happen.

Georgio Forelli and a gang of Forelli goons walked into the Staunton Plaza hotel, waiting to meet with the Leones, the Leones however had other plans and were safely sitting in their mansion in Portland, watching Darkel’s webcam of the Staunton plaza, they were also waiting.

CJ and Caesar pulled up outside of the Staunton Plaza, CJ walked over to a vending machine and took out a dollar. He inserted it and retrieved his can of Sprunk.

”There’s CJ, down at the vending machine,” Bear shouted, Sweet got up from his chair and looked out.
”Ah damn, it is, cool.” Sweet dialled CJ into his phone.

CJ answered his phone.
”Whats up brother, look up to the top of the building,” Sweet said as Bear hung a shirt out the window.
”Alright, yeah I see you, we’re coming up now, damn you high up,” CJ said.
”Yeah, don’t take the stairs,” Sweet laughed. He walked back to his chair, still on the phone.
”Sweet, you need anything brought up from the stores down here?” CJ asked.
”No, dog,” Sweet suddenly felt the floor shaking from beneath him, “what the hell was that?”
”Sweet, you okay?” CJ asked frantically.
”Yeah, what happened,” Sweet walked towards the window.
”A bomb, people rushing everywhere, I’m coming in to get you,” CJ said.
”No man, its okay, we’ll walk down.”
”No, Sweet, really,” CJ started, but another explosion, a couple of stories up pushed him and Caesar back onto the floor.
”Sweet?” The line was dead. “SWEET!”
CJ ran towards the entrance, closely followed by Caesar.

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Posted 14 June 2005 - 04:33 PM

Hey, major bump of my own I know, but I am two days from finishing my school exams which have had me preoccupied for the last 5 months. I am thinking of continuing this story, if anyone wants to read it now, go ahead. And some feedback on wether you want me to continue.

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Posted 20 June 2005 - 11:18 PM

going pretty well so far. poor sweet. seems every 'sa' tie-in story gets him killed catspider.gif .

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Posted 21 June 2005 - 09:20 PM

Is he dead? smile.gif

I'm glad someone replied, and hope others take interest, I may have a new chapter up by the weekend.Thanks bored.

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