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[WIP]Road Warrior Mod For San Andreas

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Posted 20 March 2016 - 07:29 PM

Lmao 12 years in the making and all you have is some sh*tty cars? 

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Posted 21 March 2016 - 11:39 PM

Lmao 12 years in the making and all you have is some sh*tty cars? 


 if mad max isn't your thing then I guess the obvious answer would be "sorta" as we actually have weapons done too. 


 but I'm one person who doesn't have the ability to skin and while people still to this day want those "sh*tty cars" for a long time no one's been helping me finish this.  if that's funny to you then so be it I can laugh at myself. but I am not ashamed of my work since I've put more into this mod then most people have since gta 3d first came about. and I am just getting started higher poly models for gta V are already in the works and I may have a decent team to make these "sh*tty cars" work and look incredible in a better GTA game engine.


 if you don't like mad max why would you care enough to make such an absurd comment? did you not read the past threads? and yeah I know I am likely feeding a troll but honestly I am used to this by now.


 before I could honestly 3d model I ask this very forum,in the request section, for mad max mods. the forums basically told me mad max was lame and not at all worth their time to model. funny thing is when we started to realease these "sh*tty cars" I started to see many of the same users suddenly compliment our cars and download them. so honestly if this is the best you got then please go back and try again cause sh*t like this is bushleague.


 mad max isn't for everyone even with the new movie. that's fine but I don't go to your threads and call your works,assuming you have any,sh*tty.

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Posted 29 March 2016 - 11:04 AM

well folks. I have some pretty bad news but hopefully it can turn into good or better news in the future.


 the good news is this mod with it's "sh*tty cars" isn't formally shutting down.


 the bad news is that it is going on a hiatus,as far as my involvement,until further notice.  I have linked to our file folders for my facebook team of specialists and told then what I am going to tell you now. that due to circusmtances they are on their own. but if anyone here is serious about helping out in my abscense I will post a link to the folders with out beta models and people can do with it what they will at this point.


 my brother is finally dying. that coupled with my illnesses and other things I won't bore you with. I am not going to have time or energy to do the work I was doing with the models and with modeling. if I get some time I may also post game model files for people to use as a base model for their own mad max mods. I really didn't want to have to do this but I have absolutely no choice right now. after April is up. things may come back to me being able to work again on models. but maybe not. I have no way of knowing what my time,intrnet connection,and so much more will be like when it comes to this type of time consuming work.


 I plan to never stop fully modeling for this mod and trying to get back to the state of finishing mods and posting for you all. but a lot's going that I just can't get into and I don't know when I'll really be able to be online to post things.


 but fate or whatever or not I do have a list of mods to do for San andreas to tie this mod up as best I can. but it will be largely incomplete. I may make a folder on my mediafire account and post the years of refrences for the vehicles and locations we don't get done before the formal finish to this mod. so that others who want to continue on may do so. but some refs are legally private so something I just can't share or I'll be sued. and I don't need anymore bad luck.


 the end of this week is the offical start of my hiatus so take it as you will. but for now meanigful progress on this mod is now going to be in your hands folks. I wish it could be different I really do. but this is the best I can do with what's going on in my life. I hope you all understand. till next we meet fans. it's been great so far and I hope to bring a meaningful finish to this someday.


 mod files (minus a couple )





 missing is the furiosa sks,furiosa player model and mad max (tom hardy) player models. these models require that they be rigged and released to the public with propper credit and I just don't want someone taking the unlocked files and making the player models and taking all the credit. this would destory the relationships I have fostered with other modders to bring you the best possible mods I can for this franchise and I am not about to put that at jeapordy.  I hope you will understand that.


 goodbye for now but not forever I shall return someday. good luck with the past works I know those who pick up the mantle will do us proud.

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  • -Paradocx-

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Posted 14 May 2016 - 04:50 AM

i download , i delete , i download again , awesome mod  :^:

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Posted 15 May 2016 - 10:12 PM

Thank you - Paradocx- means a lot.


 Anyways folks we have someone who may be able to help us so we'll see what we can get done of this mod. My personal issues have been sorted for now and I am back to modding. I don't have access right now to image hosting so the facebook group will have to suffice to show off the work that was recently done. https://www.facebook...87546918032666/


 Elvis is done. main body and wheels  thundersticks and engines are by avalanche studio and are a convert as is the ammo box done by EA games. the rest is my work and I am rather proud of that gun on the roof.


 I tried to get back to road warrior by doing the force 10 charger but the game models I was working with won't work for the job. so I've switched over to the silver bigfoot from Fury Road. the frame is done as of writing this and actually there is more then what I rendered out done. including the the gun emplcements in but not the guns yet. I am converting the seat from the ref model to speed up production of this model we'll be conveting parts from a need for speed game for the cabin and front end. and but almost everything else will be my modeling. this model should not just look nice but work nice if we get the right help.


 a perfect fit for san andreas.


 lastly the partner who was pushing me to do gta IV has well gone. not talking to me all the sudden and we didn't have any arguments or a falling out. it's hard to know what's up with that. but that part of the mod is on hold till further notice. I am going to keep pushing to get more models done form ALL  movies so far. and when Miller makes the next one we'll be ready for that too.


 anyways hope this update is to peoples liking I hope to have elvis out to you guys sooner then later. but I hope you guys enjoy what we have coming out soon.

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Posted 26 June 2016 - 09:11 AM Edited by YuRE$, 26 June 2016 - 09:13 AM.


I convert Tom Hardy and Furiosa for mod :cookie:

(compatible with dk22pac normal map plugin)



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Posted 26 June 2016 - 01:31 PM

these are incredible and a great addition to the mod. I'll install them as I go forward with progress. thank you Yure$ this means a lot to me and I am pretty sure it means a lot to the fans.


 I have bought a couple more models to remake for the mod and for the future mods in gta IV and or GT V. one is nux's hotrod as I get that request a lot and the other is the greed dart car from

mad max II as seen here by the same author as the nux car https://www.cgtrader...from-mad-max-ii I have a deal with the author and he discounts 

his model prices for me to help me purchase them and I can even request cars and if there is enough ref material he'll make it.


 now the nux car is near flawless or at least it's got all we need for the right reffing for me to build that funky engine up an the side pipes and get the doors cut just right like in the movie. I also have a blender 

model of the streering wheel to help me make that as accurate as I can for you all without pushing too much poly. but the mad max II car isn't without it's faults but they are faults I can fix since legally I need to

rebuild this car anyways so that we can use it as it's not a model you can just buy,convert and then share in a mod for free.  but long time fans know of my struggles to get this car just right and the fights from our

aussie fans that I was not making the body style right and was infact insulting their cars or "americanizing them" which is fair enough.   so I found refs of the aussie base car and even shared photos with our modeler that I cannot share here because they are from a private collection. and the resulting model is at least close enough that when it comes to the other details I can fill in those blanks of us and have this

beast out on the road. maybe someday we'll even have the ability to have gunner position working. the only thing that slightly puzzles me is he added in a nitrous tank in the back when as far as I recall there was none. but it doesn't matter.


 the silver bigfoot is on hold for now she needs so much work that I just don't feel I can give her and some life situations are pulling me to places unknown where I'll be moving physical addresses which would take me offline for an indeffinate amount of time. but while I am here I plan to get to work hard.


 Nux's car already has many of it's parts in the mad max game an I have set much of it up in 3d max so it makes sense to finish the nux car first then go for the green dart car as it will take me less time to make and get ready for gta.


 now many might be asking "what about elvis?" well your guess is as good as mine. the facebook modders helping me have just stopped for now and have given me no reason why they have stopped and unless someone steps up to help get elvis in game and skinned using the texture files I have for it then there is no real point is there.  it'll always be open to modders who might be able to help. the model for elvis isn't that poly intensive so that gta sa users should all have the ability to use it and most parts came from mad max game and thus already have a texture file.


 but till someone helps us it's just as you all saw it last. I have some access to a image hoster again so I should update on here with photos of my work.


 lastly something big is on the horizon and no that's not a pun. Forza Horizon 3 is coming out in september and it's for xbox one and windows 10. why this is signifigent is because the game is set in Australia and it has even more AU classics in it then any other forza game out there. and being windows 10 (which I recently upgraded too) we can access said map and assets over time because if you buy the xbox one edition you get the pc editon FREE and vice versa. yup mircosoft is indeed doing crossbuy with their games now. which means far more access to their properties models over time. and don't tell me if can't be done people are already cracking the format for forza apex which is a beta forza game for windows 10 (which is actually free right now on the windows store!) the map has some pros and cons though.


 while the map is 2x bigger then the last forza horizon game (which was already pretty big),will feature things like the proper AU road posts (not sure what they are called in AU and oddly Aussies don't seem to want to tell me what they are called or why they are on some roads and not on others it's like some weird secret you don't want to let out),will feature wild kangaroos (for mundi mundi outlook) proper road signs

accurate famous locations from around AU (though sydney harbor hasn't been confirmed yet) it's a hodgepodge map of australia and parts of the map aren't where they would be on the real AU map. and that's sad because the area this would have taken place in would have included Broken hill and melborne and maybe even the break away.    as of yet we have no confirmation of famous cities but I have to believe that that they know how much they'd piss people off if melborne wasn't included as it's a famous city thanks to mad max.


 there is still a chance that there are these locations and that they are accurate enough to make a real go at a real mad max map including a finished compound. but it's hard to say right now till we know more. but the sites of AU are accurate they are scoutted locations and include places like the 12 apostles which is a famous land mark in the AU.  so anything we got off the map (however out of order it may be) is still accurate Australia and should aid in making one hell of a map once we can get our hands on it. no more just roaming SA pretending that it's australia and wishing for a more AU wasteland feel.


 and who knows maybe the famous water treatment plant that was the hall of justice will be a location on the map and or maybe there will be a mad max fantasy car pack for this version of forza. we don't know but since they did the fast and furious packs in the past,it's not unheard of that they might do a Australian movie pack. infact I'd bet real money on it.


 anyways that's the news as it stands now. with this furiosa player model now in the mod it would behove me to get that furiosa twin mini crossbow done too. which is in the works thanks to the mad max game. take care and will post more photos as things get rolling here.

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