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[WIP]Road Warrior Mod For San Andreas

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    Road Warrior mod until it's Done!

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Posted 2 weeks ago

small update. I am spending most of the night sorting out files. the purpose of this is because,thanks to someone who shall remain nameless,I have access to some choice falcon model parts. they import just fine in most cases and I am able to use these as refs. I won't say what site, it's not a pay site or something like that. it's just that even if these models are never used by anyone but me,they would likely be very sour to the idea that anyone has these files. it's by a stoke of luck that I can even access them really.


 but I digress. someone pointed me to these sites and if I want accuracy then these models are absolutley what I need when it comes to the ford falcons and beyond. so even though I am doing something big here what research materials I do have I am sorry I cannot share them much like many of the ref pics I have from the mad max museum.  but the gifts I have been given. will be put to use in the works of this mod so really it will all come out in detail on the models themselves. which is better because you'll be able to play with the results.


 I am about to embark on asking MOD DB for help. not just in gta but in mulitgames. see if I can get others to bring say my mack and trailer into fall out. or my compound when it's rebuilt in HD. I know where to as for help and the best way to ask for help from the board but it could be met with a huge "meh" but I have to try something. I can't keep losing skinners or tech people this mod and keeping some of you waiting. but for the moment I am trying to get this engine done while I also getting these assets for referance.

  • T-808

    Road Warrior mod until it's Done!

  • Feroci Racing
  • Joined: 20 Feb 2004
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Posted A week ago

I'm sorry for the lack of renders but the basic update is I figured out the distriubutor cap and it's on a bit of a post. so I have that made.


 there is a canister that is an off shoot of the engine and I understand it's shape I am going to make that next.


 engine check list it goes like this.



2. off shoot canister

3.oil filter canister (which is visable

4. the mount for the engine topper

5. new headers

6. the entire back assembly of the engine and bottom of the engine.


 you see the engine isn't mounted to the frame as you would expect it to be. it's actually clamped on by the exhaust pipes where are then hard welded to the support structure under the frame but above the chassi. it's a f*cking crazy design and that's part of why I love it. obviously my focus is on the engine


 but I am looking over these meshes for the mod as my refs and I have a lot I can do for mad max as well as for stock aussie classics so as always some aussie classics will always be on the books. I recently bought stuntman ignition. three vehicles I want to make from it 1. the red neck monster truck 2, the originial interceptor design from the beta (which they would have kept it in oh well) and 3 is the armored apocolypitc missile truck. both the truck itself and the trailer as I feel both are interesting on their own. I already have started on the wooden frame for the monster truck.  I think it would honestly look at home in the mad max world. as is some custom models I want to make my own for the community.


 I hope to get more work done on this truck. it's kinda hard for me to push forward on it when I have so many other models I want to do. I also need to back up my old files and clean out many of the stages of dev I have done as my asset bank of work I've done is getting way to cluttered and it makes finding sh*t a little hard. so time for some reorgnization.


 well wiring is what I will be working hard on for a while here so that the distributor cap will be wired up to the engine as seen on the movie version. I'll be picking at other small projects as I work. part of it is finding time when I am not so tired. that's the rub here. sometimes I get to a point of being fine and I can focus like it's no ones business but then some days and even weeks I just can't shake the fatigue and that's what slows me down more then anything else.

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