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[REL|1.0]Opius Plaza

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  • _Mike_

    in a 4G63

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Posted 31 July 2004 - 06:01 AM

This is probably because my computer ain't that good, but the game lags quite a lot when I go past the computer room. Any chance for smaller textures in the next release?

Barton Waterduck
  • Barton Waterduck

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Posted 31 July 2004 - 10:11 AM

Here's my install script. Still doesn't remove the unused COL objects, but who cares ?
img opendef
img add LODeB1.DFF
img add LODeB3.DFF
img add LODeB4.DFF
img add LODeB5.DFF
img add LODeB6.DFF
img add LODeB9.DFF
img add LODeG9.DFF
img add LODeGR1.DFF
img add LODeGR2.DFF
img add LODeGR4.DFF
img add LODeGR5.DFF
img add opieB1.DFF
img add opieB3.DFF
img add opieB4.DFF
img add opieB5.DFF
img add opieB6.DFF
img add opieB9.DFF
img add opieG9.DFF
img add opieGR1.DFF
img add opieGR2.DFF
img add opieGR4.DFF
img add opieGR5.DFF
img add opieINT9.DFF
img add opieUG1.DFF
img add opieUG3.DFF
img add opieUG9.DFF
img add LODopie.txd
img add opie.txd
img close

ide open data\maps\illcomNE\illcomNE.ide
ide del objs 2390,*
ide del objs 2430,*
ide del objs 2360,*
ide del objs 2350,*
ide del objs 2290,*
ide close

ipl open data\maps\illcomNE\illcomNE.ipl
ipl del inst 2390,*
ipl del inst 2430,*
ipl del inst 2360,*
ipl del inst 2350,*
ipl del inst 2290,*
ipl close

dir create data\maps\ops_plaza
copy ops_plaza\ops_plaza.col to data\maps\ops_plaza\ops_plaza.col
copy ops_plaza\ops_plaza.ide to data\maps\ops_plaza\ops_plaza.ide
copy ops_plaza\ops_plaza.ipl to data\maps\ops_plaza\ops_plaza.ipl

gta_vc.dat open
gta_vc.dat add IDE DATA\MAPS\ops_plaza\ops_plaza.ide
gta_vc.dat add COLFILE 0 DATA\MAPS\ops_plaza\ops_plaza.col
gta_vc.dat add IPL DATA\MAPS\ops_plaza\ops_plaza.ipl
gta_vc.dat close

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