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Posted 20 June 2006 - 07:53 AM Edited by GTA_Thomas, 14 April 2007 - 05:05 AM.

Very out of date, lol!

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Posted 22 May 2009 - 12:31 AM

QUOTE (wolf68k @ Jan 15 2004, 04:54)
FAQ Index brought to you by: facugaich
(besure to read this whole page and any others for other answers to very common questions)

Before you post a question answer the common questions the helpers will be asking you because you left it out.
Basically just fill out the form, as it were:

We Need To Know (In Order of Importance)
Operating System (OS): plus the version
Amount of RAM: (the speed might help in some cases but rarely)
Internet connection type: (also be sure to include if you use a router [Linksys, D-Link, or a computer acting as the firewall] or not, and if you're connected to it WiFi, ethernet or usb)
Video Card: brand and model
Motherboard (mobo): brand and model (if you're having motherboard problems, it'll also help us if we know the brand and date of your BIOS)
Processor (CPU): brand and speed
Sound Card: brand and mode

If you can't answer all of the questions, then get the following freeware; Everest Home Edtion either the ZIP or the EXE. Both are the same; the only difference is one uses an installer, the other you unzip and extract to a folder of your choice...the EXE will be fine for most people.

If applicable, the most important part is Hardware with problems: brand and model

Make sure you've updated to the latest drivers for your computer, as well as the item with problems, and OS.
Make sure you've completely read the manual and any other text documents for your troublesome hardware or software (you'd be surprised how many issues can be solved just reading that stuff alone).


Links you should know, but in case you don't: (there base links to the more common hardware and software makers) [those that know of other links I should add, PM me and I'll add them] I know most of these are already covered in another topic but these relate to the common questions asked
Microsoft.com plus Microsoft Windows Update
Apple.com plus: Quicktime and iTunes
nVidia.com plus nVidia Drivers
ATI.com plus ATI Drivers
Linksys.com plus Drivers and Firmware
Hewlett-Packard plus Support and Drivers
Compaq plus Support and Drivers yes I know HP own Compaq now, but they still have their own site on HP's server.
Ad-Aware from Lavasoft
Spybot Search & Destroy
AVG freeware anti-virus
ZoneAlarm Free not as good as the Pro but gets the job done.
Norton Anti-Virus Download Virus Definitions
McAfee Anti-Virus Updates
TrendMicro Free On-line PC Virus Scan


FAQ will grow as needed [PM for other FAQ type questions to add]

Q: My browser's homepage keeps changing from what I had it at before.
A: Run Ad-aware, Spybot and HijackThis. At least one of these will catch it and help you fix the problems and set things back to what they should be.

Q: There is something running on my computer and I don't know what it is.
A: Run your anti-virus (if you don't have one, get one use the AVG link above) also run the spy-ware removal tools listed in the previous question&answer.

State your currency!

If you do happen to post about an items cost, in any form. Could you please post what currency you're dealing in? To save time and grief, and to help people make wise purchases.

Some basics. Starting with American Currency, as it is most frequently used.

(Note: Conversions are not always 100% accurate, as exchange rates fluxuate daily)
$100USD = $136CND, $137AUD, £56GBP, £84EUR.

Exchange Converter

I can't think of any more off hand, but this list will be amended as needed

EDIT Jan 15, '04: added BIOS to the list of need to kow and made the list bold
EDIT Jan 22, '04 by Edwards: Corrected a few things.
EDIT Apr 22 '04 by Atomic: Added that thing by whats his face...
EDIT May 27 '04 by Atomic: Your link for HijackThis! was no longer working, I put in a correct one.
EDIT June 16 '04: Added SpywareBlaster
EDIT August 27 '04: Some small clarity edits
EDIT Dec. 9, 2004: Repleaced ADIA32 with Everest
EDIT April 26, 2005: added index as suggested by facugaich

Thank you for sharing this helpful information with us.


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Posted 02 January 2010 - 08:53 AM

It's pretty cool that FINALLY a mod makes a rules thread and doesn't lock it. lol.gif now we can post our FAQ and things to add to this! biggrin.gif

Add: Monitor Section. For people who are having monitor and monitor res/pixel problems. smile.gif

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Posted 07 April 2012 - 02:44 PM

Yeah, it is cool, but the member got banned, or officially left?? Well, Pinned topics don't need to be locked, but a reply should have something to add, for this one in particular. As I've stated my belief is a reply should help more then just the OP, or specifics in the questioning, others just cite that as rambling, and not needed, it's personal opinion regardless, that's my stance, and to me there's justification in it as well

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