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GTA III Miscellaneous & 100% Guide

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Posted 03 October 2003 - 02:11 AM

Grand Theft Auto III Miscellaneous Guide
This section addresses some of the most frequently asked questions about the game. Contributions will be made as new questions arise.
Questions & Answers
Q. Is there such thing as a fourth island in GTA3?
A. No, there is no forth Island. Any rumours about the so-called Carser city are untrue.
Q. Where is Ghost Town?

A. Although there is no forth island, there is an entirely separate town beyond the hills of Shoreside Vale, to the north. It can only be accessible by plane (flying the Dodo), but be warned, it is not solid and thus you cannot land on it. It is just a studio for the opening cinematic (the very beginning where Catalina and the main character rob the bank)
Q. What is the Maibatsu Monstrosity?

A. Unfortunately, this vehicle is not an actual in-game car. It is only featured in the radio commercials as being the four wheel drive SUV with seating for 12. And don't be fooled by rumours concerning the Land Stalker (SUV) as being the Maibatsu Monstrosity. It isn't.
Q. How do I pick up prostitues?

A. In order to pick up prostitutes, you will need any vehicle, except trucks, taxis, vans, or emergency vehicles. Prostitutes are mainly found in the Hepburn Heights and Wichita Gardens neighbourhoods. Drive up to a hooker and stop next to her. She will walk towards your window, and after a bit of chit chat, she will hop in the front seat. Now simply drive to a quiet, secluded area (such as your hideout) and stop your vehicle. The prostitute will begin servicing your account wink.gif , during which your health will increase, for a maximum of 125 health. Note that your dollar count will decrease by one every second or so, as long as you have a prostitute in your car.
Q. How do I fly the Dodo?

A. The Dodo is the clipped wing plane in Francis International Airport. (note that you cannot fly the full winged Dodo which periodically flies over North Portland) I will not go into much detail about it, however you can check out my Dodo Instructional Guide for a complete walkthrough.
Q. How can I fly using the Rhino tank?

A. Believe it or not, you can actually fly the tank. First, enter the flying cars cheat (CHITTYCHITTYBB for PC users). Now turn the tank's turret 180 degrees, so that it's facing in the opposite direction. Now begin firing rapidly (keep tapping the fire key) while accelerating at the same time. This is best done on the airport runway, since there is no traffic to oppose you. The tank will travel up to insane speeds, and will eventually rise and gain height. Remember to always keep firing the turret.
Q. What happened to Donald Love?

A. No official information has been released regarding Donald Love's disappearance.He most likely fled Liberty City in order to escape the Colombian Cartel, the Yakuza or police accusations. Perhaps those packages which you collected for him during several missions have an implication on his business, and forced him to leave.
Q. Who is Darkel?

A. Darkel was originally a character that would give you the rampage missions. As of September 11th 2001, the game developers took into account Darkel's terrorist nature, and so removed him from the game. His name is still mentioned in the ending credits, while his skin was incorporated into the game files. (he resembles the bum wearing the brown hat, jacket and pants) Again, note that Darkel does not exist in the game, and any rumours regarding his existence are plain moronic.
Q. How do you beat the mission Bomb Da Base Act II?

A. Salvatore's mission Bomb Da Base has given many GTA3 gamers difficulty. Here is a detailed walkthough of the mission, particularly the sniping scene. Once you arive at the docks, you can buy some extra time by walling in 8Ball using a nearby Yankee, the vehicle you were currently driving, and the box he is hiding behind. Your buddy will eventually break through by pushing the vehicles out of the way, but you will have gained a few valuable seconds. You can also pick up the Adrenaline Pill to slow down the time, which will help you significantly while sniping. It's located on the other side of the warehouse adjacent to the Colombian ship, in between the portables (make sure you don't wander off too close to the ship). Now go to the top of the first set of stairs of the same warehouse and begin by sniping the Columbians at the base of the ramp where the Cartel Cruisers are parked. From here, there are two more thugs guarding the ramp on the ship. Now scan across the ship with your sniper rifle, taking down every gang member you see. It might help to shoot the red explosive barrels and kill several Columbians with one shot, based on their position. The pill should last throught the mission, so you should have plenty of time to aim a perfect shot and eliminate all the enemies (ther are approximately 10 of them). The cutscene will follow where 8Ball plants the explosives and the ship blows up, after which you are done the mission.
Q. What are some common glitches in GTA3?

A. You will notice quite a few unusual occurances during regular gameplay. I'll mention just the common ones.

Exit your Staunton Island hideout, and you normally see vehicles fall out of the sky, often piling on top of each other. You might also notice cars that are stuck driving inside the adjacent building. This place is perhaps most affected by glitches.

Other strange sights are cars driving in mid air (Hepburn Heights, for example) or vehicles sinking into the pavement on the bridge, especially the Callahan Bridge.
Note: If you see any mistakes or room for improvement, post it and I will gladly modify my initial post.
Dodo Instructional Guide
This is a comprehensive guide on how to fly the Dodo plane and with enough practice, you may one day master this clumsy vehicle.
The Dodo is located at Francis International Airport in Shoreside Vale in three locations. It is located in the third Hangar as you enter the Airport. The second is by the police helicopter platform and the third is inside a hanger near the end of the main runway.

First Location
Second Location
Third Location
Take Off
You need to start lift off from the end of the main runway, facing Staunton Island. Accelerate down the runway, and after 4-5 seconds press and hold down the Dodo Nose Down, which will cause the nose of the Dodo to scrape the ground. This indicates it is ready for lift off.

Take Off Location
Taking Off

When you see this happen, let go of Dodo Nose Down and you the plane will slowly gain altitude. To prevent it from gaining too much height, and thus stalling and crashing, you need to continiously tap Dodo Nose Down, in order to keep it parallel to the ground.

Flying the Dodo
General Note: Never let go of the acceleration button, otherwise you will lose momentum and crash. Occasionaly tap Dodo Nose Down to keep the plane level, but only do so when the front part of the plane begins to elevate.
Now that you took off you will be heading straight towards Staunton Island. You should make a right turn to avoid collision with the tall buildings. To do so, tap the Right Direction button until the desired turn is taken. Never hold down Right, otherwise you will spin out of control and crash.
Now that you are familiar with the basics of flying the Dodo, take time to explore the world of GTA3 from a total new perspective. Here are some interesting locations to visit.

Ghost Town
Kenji's Casino Roof Top
Light House
Aspatria Stadium
Airport Main Building
The ability to fly the Dodo is considered to be a rare skill that not many players have yet perfected. This guide will hopefully make you a better pilot, and will give you a total new perspective on the game world. In other words, it's just plain fun to cruise around Liberty City and exploring every inch of it.
Collection of Helpful Websites
These are some of the most useful resource sites available. Before posting a new question or comment, make sure to research these places first.
Demarest's Grand Theft Auto Guide
Although still in progress, this site should satisfy most, if not all of your GTA3 needs. Includes mission walkthroughs, basic and advanced information and tons of other goodies. This should be your first stop before asking a new question on this forum.
Excellent website which provides every imaginable answer, walkthrough and solution about GTA3. The format is simple, basic and easy to print to use for reference.
Codename GTA
This site excells in its variety of mods for GTA3. It offers great car models, player skins, script modification and lots of other useful tweaks.
A very thorough and complex collection of GTA3 resources, with interesting mods and information.

Mr. Wongs
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Posted 03 October 2003 - 09:57 PM Edited by Mr. Wongs, 07 October 2003 - 08:31 PM.

100% Completion Guide

This series of articles is intended to cover all the requirements needed to complete 100% in GTA3. Missions walkthroughs are provided for Portland only, but will be expanded upon to cover all islands.

I. List of requirements

II. Mission Walkthroughs
i. Portland

III. R3 Missions
I. Paramedic (Ambulance)
ii. Taxi
iii. Vigilante

IV. Unique Jumps


I. List of Requirements

In order to get 100%, you must successfully do the following:

Portland Missions

1. Give me liberty

Luigi Goterelli: (Sex Club 7 in Red Light District)
2-6. Luigi's Girls, Don't SPANK Ma b*tch Up, Drive Misty For Me, Pump-action Pimp, The Fuzz-ball

Joey Leone: (Joey's Automobile Shop in Trenton)
7-12. Mike Lips' Last Lunch, Farewell "Chunky" Lee Chong, Van Heist, Cipriani's Chaffeur, Dead Skunk In The Trunk, The Getaway

Marty Chonks: (Phone Missions)(Bitchin' Dog Food Factory in Trenton)
13-16. The Crook, The Thieves, The Wife, Her Lover

El Burro: (Phone Missions)(Hepburn Heights Park)
17-20. Turismo, I Scream, You Scream, Trial By Fire, Big'n'Veiny

Toni Cipriani: (Momma's Restaurant in St. Marks)
21-25. Taking Out The Laundry, The Pickup, Salvatore's Called A Meeting, Triads And Tribulations, Blow Fish

Salvatore Leone: (Salvatore's Mansion in St. Marks)
26-29. Chaperone, Cutting The Grass, Bomb Da Base (Act I & II), Last Requests

Staunton Island Missions

Asuka Kasen: (Asuka's Condominium in Newport)
30-34. Sayanora Salvatore, Paparazzi Purge, Under Surveillance, Payday For Ray, Two Faced Tanner

King Courtney: (Phone Missions)(College in University Campus)
35-38. Bling-bling Scramble, Uzi Rider, Gang Car Roundup, Kingdom Come

Ray Machowski: (Toilets in Belleville Park)
39-43. Silence The Sneak, Arms Shortage, Evidence Dash, Gone Fishing, Plaster Blaster

Kenji Kasen: (Kenji's Casino in Torrington)(Warning: Complete all of Kenji's missions first before Donald Love's, otherwise you will not get 100%)
44-48. Kangu Bust-out, Grand Theft Auto, Deal Steal, Shima, Smackdown

Donald Love: (Love Media in Torrington)
49-51. Liberator, Waka-Gashira Wipeout, A Drop In The Ocean

Shoreside Vale Missions

D-Ice: (Phone missions) (Appartament Complex in Wichita Gardens)
52-56. Uzi Money, Toyminator, Rigged To Blow, Bullion Run, Rumble

Donald Love: (Love Media in Torrington)
57-59. Escort Service, Decoy, Grand Theft Aero

Ray Machowski: (Toilets in Belleville Park)
60. Marked Man

Asuke Kasen: (Pan Lantic Plaza in Fort Staunton)
61-64. Bait, Espresso 2 Go, S.A.M, Ransom

Catalina: (Cartel Mansion in Cedar Grove)
65. The Exchange

Special Missions

Off-road Missions:
66-69. Patriotic Playground (Portland), Multistory Mayhem, A Ride In The Park (Staunton Island), Gripped! (Shoreside Vale)

RC-TOYZ Missions:
70-73. Diablo Destruction, Maffia Massacre (Portland), Casino Calamity (Staunton Island), Rumpo Rampage (Shoreside Vale)

Find 100 Hidden Packages
Reward: Receive a new weapon at each of your hideouts after collecting packages at intervals of 10. Receive $1,000,00 after collecting all packages.]

Complete 20 Unique Jumps
Rewards: Receive $5,000 cash, and increases by $5,000 every time a new unique jump is completed. Receive a $1,000,000 bonus after completing all rampages.

Finish 20 Rampages
Rewards: Receive $5,000 cash, and increases by $5,000 every time a new rampage is completed. Receive a $1,000,000 bonus after completing all jumps.

Fill up the import/export garages
Reward: Ability to pick up any vehicle on the list

Bring all the required emergency vehicles to the crane in Portland Harbour.
Reward: The ability to pick up any vehicle from the list

Complete 4 side mission
I. Drop off 100 taxi passengers
Reward: Borgine Taxi in Harwood

II. Extinguish 20 fires on each island for a total of 60; does not count if you do 60 on one island only. (Reward: Flamethrower at each hideout)

III. Eliminate 20 criminals on each island for a total of 60; does not count if you do 60 on one island only. (Reward: Six Police Bribes at each hideout

IV. Reach level 12 Paramedic (Reward: Health Pill, Adrenaline Pill and Infinite Run)

Note: You will not get a special reward for completing 100%. The SSV tunnels will not open up, Darkel will not give you a pat on the back and the full-winged Dodo will not land so you can fly it. The only reward is the personal satisfaction you get from achieving and beating the entire game.

A thorough guide about each individual mission can be found here, at Gamespot.com.

Hints and Tricks

For best results, complete the missions in the following order. Remember you can travel to Staunton Island early in the game by jumping across the girders of the broken Callahan Bridge. To travel to Shoreside Vale, steal a boat and ram it onto the ground. Push it past the naval barrier, into the water and then travel to the last Island. This allows you to do the following:

1. Collect all hidden packages. (To access the package on top of the broken lift bridge, use the Dodo. It is difficult, but doable.)

2. Collect all vehicles for the I/E garage. (If you have difficulty finding any cars, do firetruck missions until the desired vehicle appears.)

3. Complete the side missions (vigilante, firetruck, paramedic and taxi), in any particular order.

4. Complete all rampages (make sure you are at full health and armour) and unique jumps. (For best results use a Cheetah/Stinger/Banshee/Infernus)

5. Complete all Off-Road and RC Toyz missions.

All of this is possible to complete while still in Portland. Now that you have all the weapons in the game, police bribes, health and adrenaline pill, you are set for the core missions, which will be extremely easy.

6. Complete the core missions.

7. Collect all vehicles for the Emergency Crane. (This can be finished after unlocking Shoreside Vale)

And voila, you have 100%! If you really want to have an immaculate record, try this without having any jail or hospital visits, and perfect mission attempt (73/73).

Additional Hints:

- Take care of your bullet-proof Patriot, which you receive from completing Ray's missions. It's extremely useful when attempting missions such as The Exchange and Uzi Money.

- For an added bonus, try perfecting handling the Dodo and try your best to get a high record. If you need help, try accessing my guide by clicking on the link from my signature.

Oringinally written by: Mr. Wongs


II. Mission Walkthroughs
i. Portland

1) Luigi Gotorelli[/color]
2) Joey Leone[/color]
3) Toni Cipriani[/color]
4) Salvatore Leone[/color]
5) Extra Missions
I El Burro
II Marty Chonks
IV Off-Road[/color]

First I Have A Some Advice For You
1) Before Moving to Staunton, finish ALL Portland missions, and it isn’t a bad idea to do all the Paramedic Missions while you're there.

Introductory Mission: Give Me Liberty
OK, your first mission in Grand Theft Auto 3. How ya liking it so far?...ok well, when the mission starts you'll see a Kuruma in front of you. Get in the car. Press the X button to go, and drive down the bridge. There will be two cops coming up the bridge just ignore them they wont do anything to you. Now look at you map. (It is probably flashing at about this time)...see that pink dot? Drive to that. When you reach it, drive up the ally, and park in the Blue looking space, then just follow the on-screen instruction. After you change your clothes they'll be another pink dot on your map and you guessed it, drive to that and park in the Blue Space. After this you'll meet your first boss, Luigi Gotorelli.

1) Luigi Gotorelli

Mission #1: Luigi's Girl Reward: $1,000
First, you'll need to find a car. It doesn’t really matter which one and heck if you're Kuruma hasn’t blown up yet use it, it’s not that bad of a car after all. Now you see the dot on your map? Drive to it. Careful now don’t run over her or kill her, she’s on your side. Now just pull up beside her and she'll get in. She'll say something to you. Now that she’s in your car drive back to the Sex Club. Its that dot on your map. You must be careful, for if your car catches on fire, if you don’t get out in time you and Misty will die, and you will fail the mission. Well drive to the dot park in the blue space and you've done it, completed you're first real mission in GTA3!

Mission #2: Don’t Spank Ma b*tch Up Reward:$4,000
After the Cinema look ahead and see that bat across the street?, get that. Now, get a vehicle. There is now another dot on your map telling you where the Pimp is. Drive toward the dot. He’s close to the entrance to the harbor. He has a blue arrow over him, and two hookers around him. Now all you have to do is kill him. You can either come up to him and beat the crap out of him with your bat, or you can just run over him. Whichever way you prefer. NOW you have to get in his car. It’s right next to him. Get in the car and a new marker will appear on your radar. This is Pay 'n' Spray. Go to this dot, drive in the garage, and voila your car is resprayed. Now there is another dot on your map, this dot is Luigi's lock up. You must take the car here drive into the garage that opens, and get out. Now you will get your payment of $4,000.

Mission #4: Drive Misty For Me Reward: $1,000
After the Cinema grab a car. Now, drive toward the new dot on your map. When you get to the dot park in the blue circle and honk your horn, do this by pressin L3 on your PS2 controller. After you do this, Misty will come out and get in your car. She'll say something about how a reliable driver you are. Now guess what, there’s another dot on your map. And guess what else, yep, you're supposed to drive to that dot. When you get there look for the blue space and park there. This is Joey Leone's garage. And after the cinema you'll be able to do missions for him.

Mission #5: Pump Action Pimp Reward: $4,000
You'll need a "piece" or weapon for this mission. So go to Ammunation which is the gun shaped black and white sign on your map. When you get there enter the store. The dude tells you to go around back or something. Anyway, go get it, pick it up, and you now have a "piece". Now you need to find the car. It is the pink dot on your map. And yes, the dot is moving, it is a car, a Diablo Stallion that has two people in it. To kill them, you could ram the stallion until the dudes get out. But watch out, one has a shotgun, so you'll need to kill him ASAP! When you kill them you've passed the mission and you're ready to move on.

Mission #6: The Fuzz Ball Reward: $2000 (1,000 per add)
This is the hardest mission you've done yet so brace yourself. Here you must pick up at least 4 of Luigi's girls and take them to the Police Ball, or "Fuzz" Ball. Oh and you do have a time limit so GO GO GO GO!!!...Now make sure the car you have is a 4-door. I Prefer one of the Vans. (Big cars pick up more people). The girls are green dots on your radar. Drive to them let them get in your car by pulling up beside you. Then take them to the ball. I think the van hold like 3 girls at a time not sure though. After you have dropped 4 off at the ball, You can either pick up some more of his girls or just sit there until the time runs out. Its Whatever...........Now for your new boss!![/color]

2) Joey Leone

Mission #7: Mike Lip Last Lunch Reward: $10,000
After the cinema with Joey, steal a car. Drive to the marker. This is Where Mike is eating.
See that car with an arrow above it? Get in it! Now you have to rig it with a bomb. You do this at 8-Ball's bomb shop. It'll be on your radar when you Jack Mike's car as an 8-ball. OH and don’t bump to many cars or you'll have to get it resprayed, and we really don’t have time for that now do we? Anyway, once you're at 8-ball's, drive in the garage. Now when it opens back up, drive out. Now take the car back to the Bristro (another dot on map) CAREFULLY!!!...or else you'll have to take it to pay 'n' spray. Now when you're back at the Bristro, park in the parking spot PERFECTLY!...right in between the lines. When you've accomplished this press circle and get out of the car, and get the hell out of there.

Mission #8: Farewell Chunky Lee Chong Reward: $10,000
You'll need a piece for this one & ammo. So if you are outta ammo or just don’t have a gun, go back to ammunation and get another handgun. Now, steal a car. Drive to the dot on your radar. The dot is surrounded by some objects. Polls of some sort. No car can access the area. When u get to this place get outta the car and get ready. Now when u come closer to Chunky's stand, (the one with a blue arrow over it) the Dudes in the blue or the Triads will try to kill you. It is wise to fight back, fast. at about this time, Chunky will flee his stand like the coward that he is and try to get to his get away car. Try to lock on to him and shoot him. If he makes it to his car, you'll have to chase him and ram the vehicle until it catches on fire. Also, you could rig his getaway car with a bomb if you remember how, and when he gets in thinking he’s gonna get away BAM he’s dead. Mission Passed.

Mission #9: Van Heist Reward: $20,000
Here you must ram the van to death. You'll need a big car for this, like a patriot, or a Van like a Rumpo is also good. , Once you find the car you're gunna use get to the pink dot on your map. (It'll show up when u get in the car)..follow the Securicar and ram it, (not when the cops are around or you'll find yourself with 3 warning stars) after the drivers bail, take the Securicar. You need to take the it to the new dot on your map, and please drive with caution. Drive into the garage, (which is the dot) and get out, and you passed the mission.

Mission #10: Cipriani's Chaffeur Reward: $30,000
After the cinema, you end up in a Mafia Sentinel, and don’t sh*t yourself when you scratch it, nothing special about it...Anyway, drive toward the dot on your radar. When you get there, pull up in the blue space and let Toni do his thing. After he gets done, you better get the hell outta there. Or you will die. Now drive to the dot and proceed to pull in the blue circle. Do this you pass the mission and we all go home happy......oh yeah and don’t destroy that car until you pass.

Mission #11: Dead Skunk In The Trunk Reward:$10,000
Ok, drive to the restaurant and do you see that Sentinel in the parking lot?......its a good idea to blow that thing up b4 you get in the other car. When you do that get in the other car that you're supposed to get in to and drive (fast if you didn’t kill the Forelli's) to the crusher. Its another dot on your map. Park your car in the blue space and get out and watch the car get crushed and you pass the mission yay....(If you tear the trunk lid off, you will actually see the stiff in the trunk)

Mission #12: The Getaway Reward: $30,000
Ahh, the smell of a hard mission. But get a big car like a Van. Drive to the dot on your map and honk your horn (L3). Three dudes come out and get in your car. Now go to the new dot on your map. Park in the blue space, dudes get out, you hear guns, screams, and then they come out. Now you have a wanted level of 3! Now see that ally ahead or behind you (whichever way you parked) go down the ally and get the police bribe. This will decrease your wanted level down to two. To get rid of the rest go to Pay 'N' spray. and they'll leave. It’s by the sex club if you don’t remember. Now that you've got rid of the fuzz, drive toward the pink dot on your radar. Park in the blue circle, they'll get out and you'll get paid. Now, go meet your new boss!!

3) Toni Cipriani

Mission #13: Taking Out The Laundry Reward:$20,000
Here Toni tells you that you should go to 8-balls and get some grenades. You can do this if you want to, but you don’t have to because you don’t have to have them to destroy the vans. But if you want to use them, go for it and go get them at 8-balls place. When you’re ready to destroy the vans look for the moving dots on your map when you get close enough get out, and launch a grenade at it, or ram it if you didn’t get grenades. Throwing a grenade and blowing it up is kinda hard, so follow it until it stops somewhere and then do it, or steal it and take it to the crusher, or just steal it and take it some place and blow it up. Do the same with the other vans. Easy.

Mission #14: The Pick-Up Reward: $10,000
Get a car and drive toward the dot your map. Once you’re in the ally, grab the briefcase and get ready. When you grab it, a couple of Triads appear. You have to kill them all. You can do this a number of ways. Use your Uzi is one way. Or you can get in a car and run over them. After you kill them, you have to destroy that van with a blue marker over it. You can ram it, or use your Uzi to blow it up. Once you’ve done this, just grab a car and drive back to the dot on the map, park your car and get in the blue space and you’ve passed the mission.

Mission #15: Salvatore Called A Meeting Reward: $15,000
Get a car. Drive to the dot on your map which is Joey’s and park in the blue space. When you do this there is a little cinema and you find yourself in a limo. Drive the limo to Luigi’s which is the dot on your map, which is the sex club. You’ll want to keep as less damage on your limo as you can. When you get there honk your horn (L3) and Luigi will get into the car. Now its time to pick up Toni. He is at his mom’s restaurant. Use the dot on your map to guide you. When you get there honk the horn and Toni will bring his fat ass down there and get in the car. When he does this you’ll find yourself about to get drilled by a few Triad vans. You’ll want to drive as fast as you can to the dot, which is Salvatore’s house. When you reach the entrance you’ll see that it is blocked off by two more Triad vans. Just ram them out of the way go down the driveway and park in that garage and you’ve passed the mission

Mission #16: Triads and Tribulations Reward: $30,000
Here you have to kill 3 Triad warlords. Toni has let you borrow two of his people to help you out. Grab a car and head toward the first dot. This is the same place you killed Chunky. The warlord is the one with a blue marker over him. Get the triad’s attention by shooting at them this will draw the men out of the car and they will do the dirty work. Once you’ve killed that one, get in a car let Toni’s Men in too and head toward the next dot on your map. When you get there find the blue dude (Triad) with the marker over him. Kill him. Shoot him, run over him, whatever you want to do. Once he’s dead look for a Triad Fish Van. Now get in the Triad Fish Van and drive toward the new dot on your map. This warlord is enclosed in a Fish Factory. The only way to get in is to have a Triad Fish Van. If you’ve got one, the gates will open for you. Drive in and just run over everything you see. You’ll eventually hit the warlord and pass the mission.

Mission #17: Blow Fish Reward: $30,000
Get a car, and drive toward the sign on your map, which is really 8-ball’s place. When you get there you’ll notice the Trashmaster with an arrow hovering over it. You’ll need to get in this Trashmaster and drive to the new dot. Drive carefully though, because if that damage meter fills up, it’s bye-bye for you. Now when you get in, drive to the new dot that has just appeared on your map. The dot is the Fish Factory. The Triads will let you in b/c you are in a dust car as they call it for some reason. Once you’re in the factory, keep heading toward that dot and go around and park that car in the blue space. Before you get out, press circle. The car will blow up and so will the factory, and you’ve passed the mission.[/color]

4) Salvatore Leone

Mission #18: Chaperone Reward: $10,000
After the cinema you’re in the limo, with Maria. Drive towards the dot on the radar. The dot turns out to be a man. Park next to him, and Maria will get out of the car. She'll then purchase something, and then she will return back to your car. Now, go toward the new pink dot. This place is a party. Park in the marker, and Maria will get out the car, and tell you to stay there. Stay there until a cinema showing the police plays. When it does, wait for Maria to get inside your car, and get the hell out of there. Drive back to Salvatore’s house. That’s the marker on your map. Park in the garage, and you’ve passed this mission.

Mission #19: Cutting The Grass Reward: $1,500
There is an easy way and a hard way to do this mission. The easy way, it so get a taxi and park behind the taxi where the marker is on your map. When Curly Bob exits the club, he’ll get in your taxi instead of the other one. You’ll then need to drive him to the harbor where those other two people are. The other way is to just get a car and follow the taxi that Curly gets in to. There is a cinema and you are told to kill him. Simply drive around fast and run his azz over. He has a shotgun so do if fast, don’t play around.

Mission #20 Bomb DA Base Reward: $150,000
Grab one of the Mafia Sentinel’s outside of Slavatore’s place. Drive to 8-Ball’s place. Park in the blue space. After the cinema step back in to the blue space if you have the money, if you don’t have it, do some taxi mission, blow sh*t up, and you’ll get it.

Get in your car and wait for 8-Ball to get in. When he does, drive toward the new dot on your map which is the docks. Park in the blue space and wait for 8-Ball to get out. Now we must find a good vantage point. So go around the building and you’ll find some stairs. Go up the stairs, turn and now you’re on a roof. Go to edge of the roof. Now pull out your sniper rifle and begin to shoot them. You can zoom in if you need to. Take your time. Kill both Colombians by the ramp, and then kill the one on the left side of the ship(next to entrance). Kill both Colombians in the right, the one crouching and the one above a box. Then, keep killing all of the Colombians as 8 advances. He'll plant explosives, and then enter a black door. When he does so, you'll see a cinema in where he'll run out the ship, with everything exploding on his back. When the cinema ends, you'll receive your payment. And pass the mission.

Mission #21: Last Requests Reward: $20,000
Get a car and drive to the dot on your map. The dot is a shiny new Infernus. When you get close to it, you’ll get a page from Maria saying that it’s a trap. So then just head to the new dot on your map. When you arrive at the dot, park in the blue marker. You'll then meet Maria, who'll tell you that Salvatore was going to give you to the cartel. Now, we must escape Portland. Maria also has Asuka with her, one of the Yakuza warlords. Get into the reefer here with your friends, and head towards the dot. Welcome to Staunton Island.[/color]

5) Extra Missions

I)El Burro- (Telephone Missions)

TURISMO- Grab a fast car. And park in the blue space and wait for the race to start. Your Opponents are driving Cheetahs but that’s ok b/c they drive like idiots and hit about everything. So if you drive carefully and take your time, you should win easily. $1,000

I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM- After the cinema get a car go around and get the briefcase. Now, drive toward the dot and when you get there steal the car, the Ice Cream car thing. When you get in drive to the new dot that just appeared on you map. Park in the blue circle, tap on the left stick to activate the truck's music. Wait the Forelli brothers to get near the car, hop out of it and run. Cycle through your inventory until you find the detonator. Select it and press and hold the circle button. The ice cream truck will then blow. If there is any Forelli brother left, grab a car and ram them (or use a gun if you have it).

TRIAL BY FIRE- Get a car, drive to the ally and get the flame thrower. Now, out of the ally, turn left, keep going until you see Basketball Court on your right, go in this basketball. You’ll see about 10 Triads standing there. Flame them. Now run around the court killing all of them and keep running and they will re-spawn. Burn them as they do. And get $10,000

BIG N’ VEINY-You must grab a collection of adult stuff magazines, and then take them to the bookstore. You have 25 seconds to do so, and +1 second per magazine you get. Follow the trial of magazines. The trial will take you to an alley. When you get there, kill the man, and the timer will finally stop. When you've collected all of the magazines, as stated before, the timer will stop. Now, you must take the collected magazines to the "bookstore". Use the pink blip on the radar as your guide, and head towards it. When you arrive there and deliver the magazines, you'll get paid. $20,000

II)Marty Chonks (Bitchin dog food guy)

He’s located beside Joey’s you’ll hear the phone ringing. Stand in front of it.
Folks, if you cant pass these missions, you suck and you shouldn’t have made it this far. Thus, I’m not going to explain them. Thank You.

III) RC Toyz Missions
Diablo Destruction- It’s located around the corner from Hebpurn Heights. By the train station. Get in the van and drive your RC car to a Diablo Stallion and run into it or press circle. Repeat and get $1,000 per car

Mafia Massacre- This van is located in St. Marks, across from Toni’s mom’s restaurant. Get in the van and drive your RC car to a Mafia Sentinel and run into it or press circle. Repeat and get $1,000 per car

IIII) 4X4 Missions
Go to Supa Save grocery store in Portland View. Get in the Patriot. The mission will start. Drive through the checkpoints and you’ll eventually win the mission.


Now people this is the first F.A.Q I’ve ever made. I don’t think the layout is that superb, but I might change it later if I get the time. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. I also have a SI and SSV F.A.Q in the works!

Originally written by: Soldier


III. R3 Missions
i. Paramedic

Thorough Guide To Completing Level 12 Paramedic Missions

First of all, although the paramedic mission, in which you must [well, if you want 100%] get up to and beat level 12, seems one of the hardest in the game, it is actually quite easy to do - given that you don't get any difficult points to pick the people up from (down alleyways is common).

When you hop in an ambulance, to toggle the paramedic missions you must press the R3 button (on the PS2) and you can press the L3 button if you want sirens on, although that can get quite frustrating (more about it later) .. After the ambulance mission has started, you have a certain ammount of time in which to go and pick up a patient, and bring them back to the hospital as quick but as bump-free as possible (too many bumps and you will have less time to get them back) as the bumps apparently worsen their condition. If you get them back on time, the clock is reset and you now have to pick up 2 people.

The ambulance can carry a total of 3 patients at once and by the time you have completed all 12 missions in a row (it's reset once you flip the ambulance, run out of time, fall victim of a random molotov attack, etc.) you will have saved 78 people and wasted about 40 minutes of your time. The good thing is, you now are a whopping 1% further through the game and have unlimited sprint - so he won't get tired when he sprints (well, him or your right thumb ..).

OK, so now I know all about them, how do I do them?

Although there is not set way of doing it as every attempt is completely different, there are some tips I can give you and some more obvious things that you should already have known :


-Always deliver 3 people at once (after level 3) don't do each 1 at a time or do 2 at a time or anything
-When patients are getting into the back of the ambulance, you only have to wait till they open the door before driving off, they will not fall off the back or anything
-Do the missions in Portland, preferably before you start any missions so the gangs won't care about you. Any other island is simply too big and complicated and it's almost impossible to do them if you have gangs hating you.
-Speed up when you can, but use a combination of handbrake and footbrake around corners or when coming up to traffic. The ambulance can take a few hits so dont worry too much about it catching fire - you should make it through the 12 missions.


-Don't ram other cars, especially those driven by the cops
-Don't think it'd be funny to run over the patients, this doesn't help them and it doesn't help you.
-Take the most direct routes to the patients and to the hospital - take shortcuts but nothing too ridiculous or anything you're not sure about.
-Don't leave the ambulance, it fails the mission automatically.

That's about it. Remember, if you get frustrated with the whole thing, don't worry. I got up to level 12 and flipped the ambulance, then to level 11 and ran out of time before finally completing it. Once you do, it's one hell of a good feeling.

Originally written by: Cedef


ii. Taxi

user posted image

  • What is the ‘Taxi Driver’ mission?

    Ah yes, the taxi mission. It’s one of the game’s ‘R3 missions’ and I think one of the easiest and my favourite. All you have to do is enter a taxi and push the R3 button. Look at the radar when you start this mission. A green mark means there’s a passenger waiting for a cab. The pink mark stands for the destination, where the passenger wants to go that is. Simple huh? that_guy2057_evilgrin.gif

  • How much money do I get?

    The amount of money you get for each fare depends on how far the fare wants to go. For instance, if you pick up the fare around Salvatore’s club and he/she wants to go to ‘Marco’s Bistro’, you’ll only get about $50. That’s what matters: distance. There is also something called speed bonus that you can get by being real fast and not braking too much. Speaking of bonuses, you get $2000 for each 5 fares you deliver in a row (eg.: 15 fares = $12000).

    You can see this mission sure pays off! biggrin.gif

  • What vehicles can I use?

    You can only start the mission with the following vehicles:


    Unfortunately, they’re not many. sad.gif

  • What vehicle should I use then?

    Uh...you only have two choices, those being the taxi and the cabbie. Now, if you want a car that lasts long, you better take the cabbie; if you want a car with better speed and braking though, choose the taxi.

    We’ll talk about the Borgnine later that_guy2057_evilgrin.gif ...

  • When can I take the mission?

    Anytime!* You just have to complete the mission ‘Luigi’s girls’ from Luigi and you’re ready. Enter a taxi, kick the driver out and push the R3 button. By the way, don’t worry if you forget about this mission because you’ll see something saying
    To earn some cash, why not ‘borrow a taxi’...
    in the upper-left corner of the screen when you wink.gif .

    A tip, the sooner you complete the mission, the better. You wouldn’t like to take this mission with all the gangs who hate you shooting at you now would you?

    *For an exception to this rule, read the FAQ at the end of this guide.

  • Routes
  • What city should I choose?

    It depends on the player, it really does. I always take this mission in Portland for various reasons. First, no gangs, second, it’s the smallest city and third, I like Portland tounge2.gif . Staunton Island is however a good choice too. Staunton Island has a great road system and it’s rather easy to get to the destinations. But I think Shoreside Vale is a bit confusing so I’d tell you not to take the mission in this city. Besides, the Cartel must be really mad when you get there. confused.gif

    OK, now I’ll tell you the places the passengers want to go to. They’re on the radar (pink marks) so it’s easy to get to the desired places. Just some hints on how to get there.


    ’Meeouch Sex Kitten Club’ – Red Light District
    Near Luigi’s Club

    ’Woody’s Topless Bar’ – Red Light District
    Right in front of Luigi’s club

    ’AmmuNation’ – Red Light District
    The place where you can buy weapons, near St Mark’s

    ’Punk Noodles’ – Chinatown
    Next to the ‘Bank of Liberty’

    ’Old School Hall’ – Chinatown
    The place where you take Luigi’s girls in his last mission

    Marco’s Bistro – St. Mark’s
    The place where the car you have to bomb is in the mission ‘Mike Lips Last Lunch’

    Easy Credit Autos – St. Mark’s
    Next to ‘8 Ball’s’ and the gas station

    ’Import/Export Garage’ – Portland Harbor
    At Portland Docks, the garage where you deliver the vehicles

    ’Supa Save’ – Portland View
    Where you start the mission ‘Patriot Playground’

    ’Greasy Joe’s Café’ – Callahan Point
    The place where the car with the dead Forelli is in the mission ‘Dead Skunk in the Trunk’

    Staunton Island

    ’The Park’ - Belleville
    Near Ray’s bathroom stall

    ’Shopping Mall’ – Belleville Park
    Near the car-park and the park

    ’Bolt Burguers’ – Bedford Point
    Next to the church in that long street

    ’The Church’ – Bedford Point
    Next to the burguer shop mentioned above

    ’Construction Site’ – Fort Staunton
    The place where you finish the mission ‘Grand Theft Aero’ (be careful! Colombian Cartel turf!)

    ’Liberty University’ – Liberty Campus
    The college between the stadium and the construction site

    ’Football Stadium’ - Aspatria
    The entrance to the big stadium mentioned above

    ’Museum’ - Newport
    Next to the police headquarters (be careful, Yardie turf)

    ’AmCo Building’ - Torrington
    The skyscraper right in the middle of Torrington

    ’The Casino’ - Torrington
    The place where you start Kenji’s missions

    Shoreside Vale

    ’Francis International Airport’
    The huge airport you can see when you get off the bridge.

    ’The Hospital’ – Pike Creek
    Next to the police station

    ’Cochrane Dam’
    Another place you can’t miss, the dam where you finish the mission ‘The Exchange’

    ’Import/Export Garage – Cochrane Dam (district)
    Behind the place where the Yakuza Men are waiting for you and the Cartel in the mission ‘Bait’

    ’North West Towers – Wichita Gardens
    The place where D-Ice’s Infernus is in the mission ‘Rigged to Blow’

    ’The Park’
    The place where you beat the Purple Nines up in the mission ‘Rumble’

  • Mission Accomplished!
  • The Borgnine

    Congratulations!! tounge2.gif

    The Borgnine. A lot of rumours have been going on about what exactly this thing is. Very simple. When you get to 100 fares, you get the Borgnine. Where can you get it? Look next to the ‘Head Radio’ building in Hepburn Heights and you’ll see a company called ‘Borgnine Taxis’. So, there you go. See that burgundy cabbie? It’s the Borgnine. If you don’t see nothing, go walk around for a moment and go back, it should be there. If it’s not, walk around and go back again. Don’t worry if you wreck the first Borgnine you drive because there will be always one in the mentioned place. The cops coming when you take off with this vehicle is something that happens very often as well as the car alarms going on.

  • FAQ

    First of all, what’s a ‘FAQ’?
    FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions

    A taxi is a boat, right?
    No, it’s a car

    Will cheats affect this mission?
    The only cheats that will partially/totally affect the mission are the pedestrians cheats and the better handling cheat.

    What’s the name of the red taxi?

    renatoe sux!!!111!!1
    Fcuk you.

    Can I take the taxi mission while doing another mission?
    No. If you’re doing the taxi mission, you can’t take another mission even if it’s another R3 mission or a side mission and vice-versa.

    When the Hell am I gonna get the Borgnine??
    When you finish this mission (look in section ‘Mission Accomplished!’).

    Erm, I killed a passenger! cry.gif
    Don’t worry, you won’t fail the mission, just keep doing your business.

    Can I ask Darkel for help on this mission?
    OK, I’m not even going to answer that...

    Do I need to deliver those 100 passengers in a row?
    Not at all. You can deliver them anytime you want and it doesn’t need to be all in a row

    What's the 'any car is a taxi' trick?
    First enter a taxi. Then press R3 and hold it down. While still holding R3 press triangle to exit the taxi. Be sure R3 is still held down. Next enter any car you want by pressing triangle. When you are in the car release the R3 button and you will be doing taxi missions in a normal car.

    I felt that this guide wasn’t that much of a help...
    I’m truly sorry then sad.gif . There’s another guide about this mission that can be found here.

    ---TEH END---

    Feel free to PM me or email-me at [email protected] if you have any question, seen any typo(s), spelling mistake(s), I missed anything important in this guide or have a suggestion wink.gif . w00t!

    EDIT: Many thanks to Demarest and Napoleon9 for helping me out with their suggestions for this guide. biggrin.gif

    user posted image

    Originally written by: Renatoe


    iii. Vigilante

    Firstly, the side missions of GTA3 requires which you must beat to get the fully 100% completion (well, it's not compulsory, but it is useful of getting 100%), you think it's hard, but playing with it infamously will be quite so easier; so you've read the Ambulance guide, so here I go with Vigilante Missions!

    Activating the side missions
    To start a side mission, normally you'd must find an Emergency Vehicle (i.e FBICar, Ambulance and so on) and you would carjack it. Once you in there, hit the R3 button (PS2) or the Caps Lock or the Numberpad + (PC) to activate the Vigilante Mission.

    Let's get started!

    Cars available for this mission:
    *Police Car
    *FBI Kuruma
    *SWAT Van
    *Rhino Tank (Unfortunately, you can't get the criminal so far with this military tank, so switching the cannon turret 180° and keep firing will gain more speed, and the ability to catch the suspect.)

    The main story of this mission is to try catch up to the suspect with his speeding car, and eliminate him. It is usually always timed, depending on how far the criminal is at it's destination. Every 5th criminal you kill, the mission will automatically double the reward for your cash. Also, keep killing every 10th criminals, and you will receive a Police Bribe at every safehouse/hideout of yours. If you manage to get all half a dozen of the bribes, you will get a plus percent of your % completed thing in your Stats.

    Instructions of completing the missions

    You've activated the side mission, so let's continue on. Usually, a pink blip will indicate something on you map, showing a suspect + driving his/her car through-out the city.
    The dispatcher on the Police Radio will say currently that the Suspect is heading over which area of Liberty. This is just like EA's game Need For Speed, but though different comparison through-out the end.

    Hit the siren on and reach up to the blip on your GPS. Then you will see his/her car dashing through the roads with a blue arrow hovering over it. This is the car you have to bust. Either, ram the car much, or keep aiming the car doing the 'driveby' action with the Ingram (Uzi). Once his/her car catches on flames and is next to death, or rammed and badly damaged so much; the suspect will bail and you have the benefit to kill or run him over. Once you assassinated the criminal,

    Although there is obvious tips for this mission, to make it more common sense in your mind that you lost it:

    *Mostly the criminal will upgrade vehicles to a very fast and handling exotic, so still you can catch up to the vehicle with your Police car of it's quick acceleration.

    *You will not get more than one star in this mission so don't worry, you can keep dealing with it.

    *It will make things twice as hard if the districts of gangs hate you when trespassing their area, so please do them before they hate you.

    *Try taking shortcuts, using the speeding up and the handbrake combination, etc. Any more you can think of.

    *Sometimes your Police Vehicle will become more fully durable in the progress of this mission.


    *Don't ram other cars, especially the cops' vehicle so hard you make him drop his donut.

    *Avoid receiving the suspect's bullets that may harm your car, especially with a Bazooka, beware! It is OK if the criminal has a Sniper Rifle, because R* didn't design the weapon to use for everyone else.

    *Try not leaving the Police Vehicle, it won't fail the mission automatically, but will give you a chance of a minute to hop into a Police Vehicle before the side job ends.

    Originally written by: Diablo SV


    IV. Unique Jumps


    1) On the Callahan Bridge, going from Staunton to Portland, drive in the center
    going east until you hit the yellow and black 'ramp'. I'm not positive, but I
    believe you have to land in the grass below without hitting the sides of the
    bridge for it to count.

    2) Under the Callahan bridge in Portland; it's a grassy hill in the center.
    This one took a while to earn because it's very difficult to get up enough
    speed to clear both horizontal girders - otherwise it doesn't count. Hit this
    one going EAST.

    3) Near the center of town, by a subway entrance, there's a ramp that allows
    you to jump up onto the L tracks. To get there from the Callahan bridge: head
    north, then take a left at the Punk Noodles restaurant. Take the next right, and
    head north - you'll run right into the jump. Land on the tracks for credit.

    4) From the Callahan bridge, head east and take the first right(south). Keep
    going south until you get to the ocean. Look to your left to see a gravel
    pile, which is the Unique Jump. When you hit the jump, don't "cheat" it and
    land on the ledge to the left - it won't count. Hit it straight, fly over the
    water, and land on the dock on the other side. There's plenty of path leading
    up to the jump, so getting up enough speed should be easy in a fast car.

    5) Same area as the previous jump - as you head south, as you approach the
    ocean, follow the road as it curves east. When you get to the next curve, look
    right - there's a ramp set up against the wall near some construction cones.
    In order for this one to register you only have to clear the first building,
    not the second one.

    6) From the Callahan bridge, head east. When you get to the building with the
    busses, turn around, and head back in the direction you came from. You'll see a
    ramp on your left to jump a small building. Clear the building completely for

    7) As you enter the docks, turn right. There's a jump over some truck trailers.
    Clear all trailers for it to count.

    8) As you leave your hideout, take a left(south) and drive in the grass near
    the riverwalk. As you approach the elevated walkway, you'll see a concrete ramp
    just past it. Hit this ramp going north to jump the walkway. Clear the walkway
    for it to register.

    Staunton Island

    9) As you leave your hideout, take a right. Then take the 1st left(it's not on
    the map)and you'll come to a multi-level parking garage. Drive to the top
    floor; there's a ramp on the southwest corner. This one seems to be giving a
    lot of people some trouble. I've gotten it to register 2 ways - favor the left
    side of the ramp so you end up flying over the trees into the lot below. I've
    also landed on the sidewalk to the right of the trees, and got credit that way
    as well.

    10) As you leave your hideout, take a right. Then take the second left(first
    left according to the in-game map)which takes you down a hill, and curves to
    the right(south). In the southeast corner, after 2 smaller jumps, is the Unique
    Jump. Clear the water and land safely on the next dock for credit.

    11) As you leave your hideout, take a left, then your first right. Take this
    street east until you come to a T intersection, and take a right onto the
    highway going south. You'll come to a point where, in the center, there will be
    a small incline that allows you to get onto the center of the highway. It will
    slope down, between two trees, and through a small 'tunnel' up the ramp. You
    don't have to clear the Callahan Bridge for credit - slamming into the
    billboards seems to be enough.

    12) From the Callahan Bridge, head south. Almost immediately on your right,
    you'll see an internet cafe' with glass walls. Drive through the glass, up the
    stairs, and out the other side. (Thanks to Rossi_84) This one is tricky just
    because of the awkward approach angle. Land on the path past the first set of
    bushes on your right, and you should get it.

    Shoreside Vale

    13) As you enter Shoreside from the Shoreside Lift Bridge, take a left on the
    first street. Keep heading west, into the airport. Crash through a gate and
    follow the road as it curves south. As the road curves west again, there should
    be an airliner with the jump set up against it. I believe you get credit if
    you land on the wing, or completely clear it.

    14) Same area as the previous jump, but keep driving west, past the airliner.
    You'll come to a hangar on your left, with 3 yellow and white striped jumps
    next to it. Use one of these jumps to fly over the hangar. With all the hangar
    jumps, you have to clear the building completely.

    15) Same area again. Drive by the hangar you just jumped, heading south. You'll
    come to a hangar with the same yellow and while striped jumps on one side, and
    helicopters on the other. You just have to clear the hangar, not the
    helicopters, for credit. I received many, many emails on this one; thanks to
    all who wrote me.

    16) And once more, same area in the airport. East of the previous jump, there's
    yet another hangar and with 3 ramps by it. You know what to do - clear the

    17) As you enter Shoreside from the Shoreside Lift Bridge, stay on this road
    briefly and you'll come to a dirt path on your right, just before the first
    billboard. Take the path to a broken bridge, and jump it. Simply land on the
    other side for it to count, and it doesn't have to be pretty.

    18) As you enter Shoreside from the Shoreside Lift Bridge, stay on this road
    follow it as it curves heading north. You'll get to the top of a hill; follow
    the road west. Right before you get to the T intersection, take a left into the
    area on the corner. As you pass the building on your left, look east. There's a
    ramp against the wall. Make SURE you angle to the left so that you land in the
    fenced-in area on the building below or it WILL NOT COUNT! This one drove me
    crazy trying to figure it out.

    19) Same exact area as the last jump, but it's hidden in an alley in the
    southeast corner. Land *cleanly* on top of the 5-garage building below,
    roughly over the second garage from the left. You'll go flying off the roof
    due to your speed, but you'll get credit.

    20) As you leave your hideout, head south and drive down the grassy hill to the
    road below. Now, follow the road north, up the hill and through the tunnel.
    Eventually, the road curves to the right - but to the left is a dirt barrier.
    Hit it, jump the river, and land on solid ground for it to register.

    Originally written by: rickster77

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    Ghost Town Pics:

    user posted image
    Ghost Town

    user posted image
    Mr Wongs

    user posted image
    Ghost Town Street

    user posted image
    One of the Two Securicars

    user posted image
    Ghost Town

    user posted image

    user posted image

    user posted image
    Purple Esperanto

    user posted image
    Alleyway Entrance

    user posted image
    Inside the Alley

    I hope those are helpful.

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    Were your pictures from the PS2 version? Because the quality sucks

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    yes they were, the weapon icon is grey, the pc version is yellow

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    I can't do mission Give Me Liberty...I can't see pink dot bored.gif

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    QUOTE (DarthTemplar @ Dec 30 2007, 15:55)
    Were your pictures from the PS2 version? Because the quality sucks

    You can tell because the weapon icon is grey.

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    The Esperanto and the Mr Wongs cars in the ghost town are beta models

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    I wasn't sure where to ask this but here it goes I was playing one day and I noticed that when I was targeting I was using my m4, If it's a glitch can someone tell me how to do it again

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    QUOTE (gtaplayer333 @ Oct 1 2008, 21:49)
    I wasn't sure where to ask this but here it goes I was playing one day and I noticed that when I was targeting I was using my m4, If it's a glitch can someone tell me how to do it again

    What was unusual or unexpected? I don't see anything strange in what you said


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    I don't know if it's mentioned anywhere, but what about car mission glitch which allows you to perform any car mission (taxi, ambulance, so on..) in any car? As for me i like to complete taxis using Banshee - almost always getting speed bonus + much funnier. Also the ambulance car is very unstable so beating ambulance missions in Kuruma or Patriot way better too smile.gif

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    what i meant by targeting is targeting with an automatic lock on like you do an ak47 but i was using an m4

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    Posted 05 January 2009 - 06:05 PM

    That tutorial was great, thanks alot guys!

    • MePlayingGTA


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    Posted 18 June 2009 - 03:30 PM

    Thanks a lot for tips! So I can complete the missions in any order, just Kenji missions must be done before Donald Love if I want 100%? So is this the effect if I do Kenji missions too late: I have passed the last mission (The exchange) but I didn't reach 100%. I have done everything belonging to the 100% checklist. The stats just show there would still be some missions left.. But I'm totally convinced I've done everything.

    • rubba_dukie

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    Posted 09 September 2009 - 09:37 PM

    QUOTE (Teme84 @ Jun 18 2009, 15:30)
    Thanks a lot for tips! So I can complete the missions in any order, just Kenji missions must be done before Donald Love if I want 100%? So is this the effect if I do Kenji missions too late: I have passed the last mission (The exchange) but I didn't reach 100%. I have done everything belonging to the 100% checklist. The stats just show there would still be some missions left.. But I'm totally convinced I've done everything.

    In one of Donald Loves missions you kill Kenji so if you havent done all Kenjis missions by that point you wont get 100%

    • 808


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    Posted 20 March 2010 - 02:25 PM

    What a f*cking piece of sh*t this game can be! I've almost sworn to kill myself because I have collected all packages from Portland then moved to Staunton. I colected more from Staunton untill 40 or 50 something then I died and had to reload my last saved game at 40 packages. Collected them again and now I am at 67 packages without the one from the suspended bridge and I'm supposed to have 69(actually 68 without the one from the bridge) but I can't f*cking find the last one from Staunton. Checked every place and looks like I'm stuck and I'll have to start all over again. MOTHERf*ckER!

    • stef_92

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    Posted 21 March 2010 - 10:58 AM

    this can help you: http://grandtheftaut...b.com/maps.html

    • 808


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    Posted 21 March 2010 - 02:10 PM

    I have a guide with pictures already, the problem was that I didn't remember which one I forgot. I collected them again from the beginning today.

    • stef_92

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    Posted 22 March 2010 - 03:17 PM

    QUOTE (808 @ Mar 21 2010, 16:10)
    I have a guide with pictures already, the problem was that I didn't remember which one I forgot. I collected them again from the beginning today.

    Something similar happaned to me long time ago. I got in trouble like you: I've collected 99 oackages (damn! I've even used a map) and I got stuck at the 100th. I've searched again and again. Finally I stardet new game and collected all the packages again.

    • 808


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    Posted 22 March 2010 - 05:47 PM

    That's probably a bug few people know of. I remember dying at 50 packages and something and I used to save at each ten packages I collected. I got wasted and I loaded my last saved game and that's when the game probably mistaken me to have picked up one more package. I was at 68 when I finished picking the ones from Portland and Staunton but I had to have 69.
    So yeah, it is very likely to be a bug.

    • 47bruce

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    Posted 21 May 2010 - 12:45 AM

    thanks for the great guide..from cousin cookie.gif

    • sadknife

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    Posted 25 June 2010 - 01:48 AM

    Uh yeah about that I have a Major question that I have no idea about how do I open up the map in gta3 plz help me!

    Claude Speed.
    • Claude Speed.

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    Posted 25 June 2010 - 08:10 AM

    GTA 3 doesn't have a menu map. Only the games after III have this feature.

    Arsen Vitiuk
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    Posted 17 July 2010 - 01:59 PM Edited by Arsen Vitiuk, 22 September 2011 - 07:05 PM.

    Rewards for side missions:

    Goal: complete Lvl 12
    Infinite run: pass the mission
    Health: rescue a total of 35 patients
    Adrenaline: rescue a total of 70 patients

    Vigilante :
    Goal: Waste 20 criminals on each island
    Police Bribe: for 10 kills each

    Interesting: Get the rocket launcher with plenty of ammo any way you want (from your save points by finding 100 packages, purchasing it from Phil or by entering cheat) and start a mess in the city. Wait until you have 6 stars and snatch a tank (Works only if 'A Drop In The Ocean has been complete). Lose your level any way you want and start the Vigilante. The alternative ways to have the Rhino are to get it from Phil's Army Surplus either during 'Arms Shortage' (will be locked, you'll have to push it to the garage on foot) or after 'The Exchange', or get it from the Emergency Vehicle Crane if all required vehicles have been delivered. The thing is, you can just ram the vehicles with the tank and they will instantly explode. A much easier way to accomplish the mission. The problem is you'll be losing in terms of speed, but that can be compensated by rotating the cannon backwards and firing off to accelerate.
    Also note that as long as you take out criminals by ramming them, and not using the tank's cannon, your wanted level will not be increasing.

    Goal: extinguish 20 fires on each island
    Flamethrower: Complete the mission

    Goal: deliver 100 passengers to their destination
    Borgnine Taxi: Borgnine Taxi Company in Harwood

    Interesting: you can deliver the passengers one by one or in a row. If you deliver 5 in a row, you'll get a bonus. String as many passengers in a row as possible to increase your money. happy.gif

    Toyz'N'Stuff vans
    Goal: destroy as many gang cars as possible.

    Interesting: To accomplish the mission, you have to destroy at least 1 car. However, the more cars you destroy, the more money you'll get!

    Special vehicle missions
    Goal: Collect checkpoints before the time runs out.
    Reward: Money.

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    Posted 15 October 2012 - 06:41 AM

    Hello guys. For someone who is still intersted in completing GTA 3 100%, I found a cool website about checking what you did. Here is the link:
    http://jeays.net/gta...3-checklist.htm biggrin.gif Hope you enjoy it!

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    Posted 28 June 2013 - 10:00 PM

    GTAFanLuca, that seems like a pretty cool checklist which will help many new players I'm sure!

    • KelvinLe99

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    Posted 08 October 2013 - 03:32 PM

    Hey, I want ask some thing that Sub-Missions:Taxi Driver 100 Fares / Paramedic Level 12 / Vigilante (20 on Each Island) & Firefighter (20 on Each Island), need complete in one run or can continue do at anytime ?

    Because I don`t think that so I can the mission on one time.

    • Andreaz1

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    Posted 08 October 2013 - 04:16 PM

    Taxi Driver, Vigilante and Firefighter can be done at any time. Paramedic has to be done in one continuous run.

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