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good optimization tips

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  • stealthsniper

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Posted 14 June 2003 - 09:43 PM

NOTE: For Low-End Users ONLY!

Hey everyone,

If you are a user with a low-end machine, you may find these tips useful, as I have. I am a low end user, also.

#1: If you use WinXP:
Some may tell you to switch compatibility mode to Win98, but dont! It works much faster if you switch compatibility to Win2000! NOTE: if your game crashes after the intro when using Win2000 compatibility, relaunch the game and IMMEDIATELY while its loading the logo movies, start rapidly pressing the Spacebar and you will skip over the intro, leaving you with NO PROBLEMS! †:D

#2: If you experience choppy gameplay and you have Display Options to the minimum:
You may be disappointed a small bit, and maybe even a bit untrustworthy of me, but PLEASE trust me! If you would like to boost your FPS quite a bit, go into the game directory, open the Audio folder, select EVERY file, Right click and select "cut." (Do NOT cut the Audio folder!;)
You guessed it, now take the audio files and back them up somewhere NOT in your game directory, such as in a folder in "My Documents."

Now, your game will be entirely muted, no SFX or Music as a result of doing this, but it PLAYS LIKE A DREAM! :D

Hope this was of help!

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Posted 15 June 2003 - 06:41 AM

that second tip is rather useless, dude, think before you make stupid threads simply to increase your post count or whatever your motavation is. but who would want to play a game without sound?

  • stealthsniper

    24: Vice City Is Here Early! Go Read Episode 3!

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Posted 15 June 2003 - 05:41 PM

...and you think MY post was pointless. all you did was flame it and disregard it, you dont need to make replies if you dont like the topic...

dude, you are stupid. no, it wasn't a pointless thread. it works.

if you are playing a game and EVERY SINGLE sound effect must load and execute as you do things or explore the city, it will slow the game down.

and, why THE HELL are you in this post? note how mine says for LOW END USERS, and judging by your previous posts you arent. so, im not asking for your opinion, ppl can either do it, or dont, i didnt ask for anyone's opinion.

dont be a complaining baby who needs to flame everybody's posts..

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