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Help Topic: Medals & Warnings

Medals are given to those who are consistently helpful and/or make a positive contribution to the community - they appear beside the recipient's posts, and can be hovered over to reveal additional information on the award. Medals are awarded by moderators and administrators only.

Warnings may be issued if you violate the forum rules. There are 3 different types of warning:

  • Reminders - These are issued for light violations, and are an informal reminder to the member that a harsher punishment may follow if the behaviour persists.

  • Verbal Warnings - These are issued as a formal warning for a first-time or minor offence.

  • Temporary Bannings - This disables your posting ability for however long the moderator sets it. Avoiding this ban using a second account will often result in the ban becoming permanent.

  • Permanent Bannings - If you consistently break the rules and ignore previous warnings, a permanent ban will be applied to your account.

  • Your Member Log is a log of all your warnings and commendations. Only you and the staff can see this.